Friday, July 9, 2010


Do you run hastily day to day from one thing 
to another, maybe even in your ministry to others, 
and end your day exhausted, frustrated,
 and desperate for some peace and joy?

Over the past several years God has shown me
the importance stealing away from the hustle
and bustle, and setting aside special time to
bask in His Word, and to meditate on His truths.

Time in solitude with Him is to our spirits 
what dew is to the flower.  
Refreshing and nourishing!
{and makes our cheeks rosy}

I believe it is in these times 
 that we deepen our spiritual roots,
receive God's peace, grow stronger, refocus,
are prepared to impact our world for Him,
and to joyfully meet each new day, 
regardless of life's circumstances.

May you take the time to
and drink in
the goodness
of GOD

Love you lots!


  1. Hello dear friend. Yes, I'm still alive! :) It's been a crazy busy summer thus far! I have much to blog about, just not much time to blog about it! I've had a bit of writers block also, so I've just set back and not pressured myself because I don't want to burn myself out. I love your post about serenity....thank you. I needed that this morning. We've been so busy running to and fro, there is rarely time taken to enjoy a peaceful quiet time with just me and the Lord. I talk to Him continuously during the day, but it's usually "on the go". I know that "Be still" is in the Bible, and I need to heed it more often. Just wanted to check in on you and say hello and I think of you daily, just don't take the time to tell you so. I pray all is well in your neck of the woods, or beach! :) You light up my life. God Bless you dear friend.


  2. Beautiful! And oh so true, we all need to stop and look, see and hear what He is saying. Thanks for such a beautiful post.

  3. Wonderful post. Sometimes it is so hard to be still and listen, though.

    Hope you are doing ok!

  4. Becky!!!!!!!
    What a gorgeous picture and you can't know how I needed this reminder today.
    I can run around like a chicken with my head cut off and still not feel like I get anything accomplished.
    Sometimes I notice that even when I'm soaking in the word and reading and studying and spending alot of time doing so... I feel guilty. And we should never feel guilt reading Gods' word!
    Well... I'm gonna read your post before this one and then go BE STILL....
    smoochy holykisses xoxo

  5. Yes, this was my morning prayer as I went for my walk in the sprinkling rain...just trying to stop my brain and be quiet before. It was amazing, when I got quiet while walking I could acknowledge Him in everything, the raindrops, the bird singing, the grass, the smells.
    I am trying to learn
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. You know my friend that is one of the hardest things to do, to be still and know that he is God. We always want to lend a helping hand, and ease God on his way this is good, thanks, Barbara

  7. Why is it that this one is so hard
    (for women especially)? Be still...
    stop striving... and know.

    Thanks so much for slowing me down.

  8. Great post Becky! It is a reminder that I need as I have not been taking as much quiet time as I need.

    ~ Tracy

  9. Afternoon Beck,
    Great know how I feel about all that, I am soooooo with you.

    Hope you are having a dandy day!!
    Ours has actually been fun, believe it or not we had fun at the laundromat!! Had to take a comforter to wash it and we watched about 4 episodes of Raymond and then they had Martha stewart living magazines. Told the girl there if I had known it was gonna be this much fun I would have come sooner!! Are we easily entertained or what??? lol
    Then we got a!!
    Aren't we bad!! lol
    Have a good weekend,
    Love ya, Nellie

  10. My dear, back in the days when you knew me, constant running characterized my life. In the name of ministry I ran like a crazy woman and was exhausted and chronically unwell. My home was often in disarray (unhealthy, fast food meals because I didnt' have time to cook--- un-dusted (which led to allergies)---laundry not folded but left in the dryer or laundry basket ), and I was constantly stressed out.

    The Lord brought me to a place of realizing that taking care of my home and family IS a mininstry unto him and that it really IS okay to be less busy. When I am less busy and have time to be still, I am not so stressed and frantic....and my home is filled with more joy.

    I know our society doesn't embrace slowing down...and that living that way is counter-culture...but I'm much happier and healthier when I dont' run myself ragged.


  11. Hi, Becky... I hope that all is okay. I don't have your number to call you, but if you get a chance, give me a ring. I miss YOU!


    Sheila :-)

  12. As always, My SWEET Becky... a perfectly perfect post....and let me tell 'ya.... I've run amuck in the taking time department...and God KNEW I needed this reminder.

    Love you bunches!


  13. Hello Becky, a quick note to let you know I am thinking about you. Your post is so meaningful and I agree with every word. Lately I haven't had a minute where I could just think about my blessings and have time to just relax and talk to GOD.

    I'll have to say goodnight because I haven't done my PS post. I can't let Beverly down.

    Love you my dear friend.

  14. Hi Becky! This is such a great reminder. I get so busy myself at times and am not still enough to hear God talking to me! Thank you for this post.
    Be a sweetie and have a wonderful weekend,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I've often said that God gave me 6 kids so I would get my priorities in order. It's amazing what you cut out when you have twins after having 4 other kids. It sure made it much easier to say "no" to things that didn't involve my family.
    What a wonderful post.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  16. HI! Becky, this picture says it all; Beautiful and so serene. Loved it, and that is what I am working on myself, just be quiet and rest in Him. Although last week I kinda failed the test!, when everything seemed to be going haywire around me!,but Thankful He keeps pulling be back! Have a good wk-end!

  17. I use that phrase often.... "Be Still and know that I am God."

  18. *sigh* What a wonderful message...thank you. I crave the quiet and I am very selfish with my time alone with God.
    ps--loved your comment today! You made me smile:)


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