Monday, July 12, 2010

Meadowbrook Farm~~A Must See!

Meadowbrook Farm is a picturesque, serene,
delightful place!  The great thing is that
 the owner, Teresa, is also a

So... her readers get to make regular trips to  
Meadowbrook and see all of the beauty 
captured through Teresa's lens.

And she definitely has an eye for beauty!

She granted me permission to share some photos
with you, but I had the HARDEST time just picking
a few!!!

If you love an old farmhouse turned new,
green pastures, country ponds, 
majestic mountains, and just enjoying simple
pleasures, you will want to visit regularly, too!

Teresa also takes the most amazing photos of babies!
OK...I'm done talking...
Just scroll and enjoy! more you see a pattern developing here?

I am head-over-heels for vintage everything, love nature,
and living more simply. can scroll now!!

They affectionately call their home "The Junk House"
This is before their amazing renovation.

This is the beautiful after, complete with white picket fence!

Meadowbrook greenhouse

The  absolutely stunning view 

The bright and cheery dining area

Teresa also shares some great recipes!

Lovely pot of deadheaded blooms


Teresa and her hubby's favorite spot.  I can certainly see why!

Had to stick this one in here...I have a thing for pears!!

She has a bunch of gorgeous photos of Savannah!

And of Charleston!!

I saved these little wonders for the final photos...
Aren't these some of the most precious baby photos ever???

Hope you'll go visit (click on name) Meadowbrook Farm!!
You'll be delighted that you did!

Don't visit without saying HI to Teresa, now!!
Everyone greets everyone in the country!

Thank you Teresa! This was a fun post!!

Have a blessed day sweeties!


  1. Morning Beck,
    what a fun post, and what amazing
    photography this lady does. Will defintitely be visiting her soon.
    Loved her and hubbies favorite spot,
    oh my, would that we a delightful view to enjoy! Amazing things they
    did with that farmhouse too.
    So neat!!
    So how are you this Monday???
    Sounds like you had a good weekend,
    now tell me what you did??
    We wound up having company from Friday night till this morning.
    It was a great and divintely appt'd time we felt.
    Have a Wonderful dreary Monday,
    it was pouring here not long ago,
    and thundering again so think we
    will be getting more soon!!
    Dreary for us, but the lawn and landscape is springing with joy!!
    lol!! My heart is feeling pretty
    full today as well, it was a good weekend.
    Love ya, Nellie

  2. Wow, I think Meadowbrook Farm might be my new favorite place to visit. What a beautiful place and beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. WOW! Beautiful photos. Looks like a great place to visit.
    YES!!! i am in the great state of Florida. We are staying in a beach house in Atlantic City. Is that anywhere near you?

  4. Hi sweetie, Loved these photos-in fact went by last week and couldn't find any that you had posted-you must have an in.
    I pray you are doing well-I'll connect with you this week.
    Love and hugs,

  5. Absolutely serene!
    Would give my eye teeth to live there. May be getting rid of the puppy this week. Going to talk to an allergist this afternoon.
    My, never a dull moment.


  6. Hi Becky! Oh, now I wanna go there! What a lovely place! I'll go see her and tell her you sent me!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Hi Again Sweetie,
    Just so you know......for some reason I have tried to go to this meadowbrook farm blog and the raised in cotton and it said it can't find them, so maybe you should put a link
    on your blog if possible. Cause I am disappointed!! Oh Poo!! LOL

    Just thought you might want to know.
    Love ya, Nellie belle

  8. Wow! What a great place. We should all get to visit there.

    Thanks for sharing....

  9. Love it! LoveIt! Love It! Beautiful photos of everything! The dining room was gorgeous! Loved those colors!! I will visit her blog! Have a great week!:)

  10. This metro-plex city girl really enjoyed these...just beautiful.

  11. Hi Becky!
    Thank you so much for such a lovely post and for sending so many new friends my way!
    I'm so glad to meet you, Becky!
    Have a great day,

  12. oh, how fun was this! I already am a visitor at teresa's place and it is just wonderful. thanks for sharing this with us all!

    how are you my friend. i am praying for your health issues. lifting you up to our Lord each day.

    love to you - beth

  13. Hi Becky--this is a great post--fabulous pictures. It's like taking a little vacation right from my chair here at home. I can imagine how beautiful it would be to actually be there.

    Hope that your week is off to a great start!

  14. What a lovely farm. The greenhouse is calling my name :-)

  15. Oh yes... right up my alley, too! Of course, I was inclined to like it right away because of the name. Meadowbrook Farm was the setting a Bobbsey Twins book. Plus, I just like pretty names.

    Loved everything. I think that dining area could be an inspiration room for me!

  16. What lovely photos of an amazing place! thank you so much for your visit today. I truly appreciate your comments and for standing with me in our quest to be salt and light for our children! Blessing to you Becky!

  17. That is a beautiful blog, Becky.

    So glad you shared this with us.

    I MISS YOU! I wish you would come up to St. Augustine. Call me if you get a chance because I can't find your number. I have something to ask you.


    Sheila :-)

  18. Becky, what SUPER photos, did you take all of them? And the baby pics, those are precious! Very nice makeover with that home...delightful! :) ~CC Catherine

  19. Hi Becky,

    Thanks so much for stopping by the cottage and leaving such an encouraging comment!

    I love visiting Meadowbrook Farm. Her photo's are just amazing. Have a great evening!


  20. ....stunning...can't wait to go over and visit!

  21. I accidently put my comment for this one on the previous post, Becky. This place is wonderful. I am on my way there now.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing these! What an amazing place and an amazing photographer! Blessing to you today. I pray you are doing well:) Hugs, Elena

  23. Isn't Meadowbrook an awesome place to visit! I've been following for a while now. It would be so awesome to have a place of my own like that.

    Hope things are well Becky. Here's to a FAB week!


  24. Hi Becky!
    Isn't this a wonderful home they have created for themselves and their family??? How beautiful. And she is such a talented photographer...such cute babies!

    Thank you sweet girl for sharing this with us on YOUR journey to a simpler way of life...


  25. Hi Becky!
    Isn't this a wonderful home they have created for themselves and their family??? How beautiful. And she is such a talented photographer...such cute babies!

    Thank you sweet girl for sharing this with us on YOUR journey to a simpler way of life...


  26. Oh my...these photos are a feast for the eyes and soul. I want to go sit at her lovely table and take in the view... what beauty!
    Thanks for sharing her lovely blog, Becky.

    How are you dear friend? Hope you are enjoying some wonderful times on your favorite beaches!:)

    I've been just on and off the computer lately- quite a bit going on since our anniversary and all---also a bug got into it and had server problems.
    Hopefully everything fixed now.:)


  27. Thank's to your visit to my blog, now I've discovered two delightful new to me blogs, yours and Meadowbrook Farm. thank you so much.

  28. Such beautiful place and photos! thank you for sharing.


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