Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Do you ever let a little doubt 
swim around in your head?

My faith is very strong and yet I still sometimes
feel that maybe God is overlooking a 
particular struggle or trial I am in the midst of.

Fortunately, in my heart I know better than that, but
the doubting doesn't feel good at all.

I am going to see my sister in a little over a
week, and really need to see a Dr. before I go.
My sweet hubby has a Dr. he loves, and wants
me to see him, but he didn't have an open
appointment until after I get back.

AND they said that people rarely cancel appts. with him.

In crept the doubt.

Who do I go to Lord?  Do I just wait til I get back?
Will I be ok while I am away, or end up in an
emergency room hours from home?
Please, Lord, I need some wisdom here.

He says He will give wisdom to His children when
they ask for I always ask.

I called this morning to see if they had any 


I talked with sweet hubby and he said to call back
and make sure they make the appointments for all
of the offices; maybe I could get in with another office
if they don't.


Well, ok Lord.  I'll go wherever you want me to go,
or wait, just let me know which it is.


They had the rare thing occur.  A cancellation!!

I am seeing hubby's Dr. on Monday!!


I love you Lord, and I thank and praise you
for loving me, and showing me so perfectly
that you are always looking out for me!

And I thank you, dear friends, for all of your love and prayers!

Big Toasty Warm Florida Hugs!!


  1. So glad to hear you are able to see the doctor before you go. Thoughts and prayers wishing that it's nothing serious dear.

    Here's to a great rest of the week Becky! god is watching over you.
    Big ole' hugs for you!

  2. Praise God!!!
    I was just reading this bible story to my four-year-old the other night and God gentle reminded me that He cares for it does the birds of the air and the clothing of the flowers.
    May you see His hand on your appointment, may you take every thought captive and rejoice in the Love of your Heavenly Father and His healing hands,

  3. Doesn't it just blow you away how God takes care of things when we give them up?

  4. Isn't that amazing?!? How neat you got that call and now have an appointment before you go. Push that doubt out of your mind!

    Hope you are doing okay otherwise.


  5. I'm so glad it worked out so you could have this appointment Becky! Know you can look forward to your visit with your sister with a much lighter heart!

  6. He is good, Becky. Very, very good.


    Sheila :-)

  7. Hi dear one, Thanking God for His provision today in seeing the doctor next week. I'm praying he will have wisdom from above for you. I'll try to connect with you before next week.
    Hugs & love,

  8. You know, Becky, some would call that a coincidence. Some would say that a cancellation just "happened." But we know better, don't we? God orchestrated that opening for you.

    I'll be praying for your appointment. Hope it goes well and that your health issue is resolved...and then, I pray for a wonderful visit with your sister.

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Woo Hoo! GOD knew all along that HE would make a way for you. I too pray for wisdom for this doctor and that your time with your sister will be a great blessing!
    I also had answered prayer about the Proverbs 31 Conference at month's end. HE made an opening for me in the speaker's track that wasn't there. Hooray! What a Savior!

  10. Well praise God he is so awesome, in when we doubt him, he is still busy in the background making arrangements for us to be helped, amen, God is good, yep all the time.

  11. HE is awesome! I'm glad you get to go spend some time with your Sis!

  12. Becky! I have read and read and read through your posts and I don't know what health issues you are facing but I pray that they will be resolved soon. I can testify that God is in control! With my recent husbands stroke and heart surgery, they said he should not be here...HA HA HA, and he is! because he has so much more work to do on this earth! I pray that every thing works in your favor. Know that you will be well and have a wonderful visit with your sis. hugs and smiles across the miles...linda

  13. Praise the Lord! God is so good. I pray everything goes well and you have a good doctor's appointment on Monday...and I hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister! Rest in the Lord. He will take care of everything. ~Karen

  14. Praise God. We have a Mighty God :)

  15. Becky,
    You are making me worry about you girl...
    But, I KNOW you are in GOOD hands...

    Have a wonderful evening,

  16. I am so happy that you got appt. and so blessed that you shared today with us that God is watching over us and how He cares for a every little thing about us! I know it, but it is so great to be reminded of it over and over.

    I am praying for you dear friend- for your health and for peace as you wait for this appt. AND have a wonderful time with your sister!! My sister came last week for a visit--so fun.

    And remember your bloggy sistas are always there for you, Sweety!

    Hugs and more hugs,

  17. Hey Becky!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yep! I'm a Florida Girl too! I'm further west though.... Tampa Bay area. So glad you dropped by - and keep me posted on central Florida meet-up! That would be a blast!

    Sorry about posting here, I didn't find your email...

    OH! and we seem to be about the same age, and we've been married the same amount of years too!!!

  18. Hi Becky! Thank you so much for stopping by and becoming a follower! :)

    Yes, I don't even want to think about how many shirts I have "decorated" with Clorox Cleanup too! Maybe we could bring "tie-dye" back into fashion! ::chuckle::

    A central FL bloggers get-together sounds awesome! I know of probably a half dozen bloggers over in my area (but I'm sure there are more!) and I have never had the opportunity to meet any of them personally. I, too, had thought about trying to organize something but I just simply don't have the time (or energy) right now with trying to renovate a new home (the house in "Hooterville," as I refer to it) and move. If you get something organized, please let me know! I would also be glad to spread the word to the bloggers I know.

    Hope your appointment goes well so you can enjoy your visit with your sister completely doubt-free.

  19. Hi! Becky, Thanking God with others that God had already made this appt.even before you knew it!! Yea! The pic was beautiful, and the message was even more beautiful! Hope all goes well,and you're off to a great time with Sis! To God be the Glory, for great things He has Done!:)

  20. Oh Becky isn't it just soo awesome to see God work out the details in our lives like this? We KNOW He is capable, and we KNOW He cares for us, and yet it blows us away every time we see it. PRAISE GOD...He has everything in His hands. Praying for you Becky. HUGS, Debbie

  21. As I was reading this, I was so hoping that it was going to end the way it did!!

    It's ALL in His capable hands. We know with with our head and believe it in our heart, but when we SEE it with your eyes, it just makes you want to dance, doesn't it?

  22. God knows we have doubts...he made us this that we can turn to Him and increase our faith! Remember... He knows each of the hairs on your head...gray or not! No worries...He is there! Hugs

  23. It is good to hear you were able to get an appointment before you go to your sisters. We've had these "mysterious" happenings, too.:-) Praying for you, Becky!

  24. hey Becky! Thanks for the idea of the bacon in the recipe-it sounds fabulous!!!
    Your story reminds me of a time I sat in the dr. office with my daughter and looked at the ceiling and thought, "Lord. Are you really even here???" The visit turned out much better than I thought and my prayer is that you will know His presence throughout your medical journey!!

  25. So thankful that you have an appointment. God truly is in the small stuff (even though being sick isn't a small thing).

    Hugs from the hot and humid corn--Heidi.

  26. Hi Becky,
    Please let us know what the Doctor has to say... OK.....
    I worry about you.. You are in very Good hands...
    Big, Big hugs~Elizabeth

  27. Oh God is good!!! We also are trying to connect with a doctor for my son - I hope He does the same thing for us!!! I love all you pictures you have posted recently. Thank you for visiting my blog - I always love your cheerful comments and you uplift me so very much. I pray for you regularly - you are a dear friend out there in blogland!!!!

    Lots of hugs,

  28. I hope you're okay! I know I've been pretty much absent from blogging lately. Just need to get my brain together to think of something to write that won't have everyone feeling sorry for me.

    I love, love, love, the pictures of the previous post. What a beautiful dinning room and the baby in the swing is priceless!!

    Enjoy your trip with your sister and I know all will go well at the doctor's!!!!

  29. That is so awesome! That happened to me with the OB doctor that I had when I was pregnant with Mary. He is a very popular Christian doctor and when I called they were going to turn me away but a cancelation was right there. I am so thankful for that, he was such an awesome and supportive doctor. I will be remembering you dear friend in my prayers that all goes well. Hugs, Elena

  30. Dear Becky, please forgive me for missing some of your posts. Today I have been thinking about you and that I needed to come and see you. Christina just arrived a day early to leave for camping tomorrow. She saw the lovely gifts you sent me and asked about you. I said I hoped you ere alright and we both agreed I should take a few minutes and say hello. I am so glad I did. Prayers are answered and I am thankful you kept your faith in prayer. Some times we do get little pangs of doubt and then boom. Something good happens to show us the way. Thank God you can see the Dr. before you go to see your sister. Peace of mind means so much. I pray all will be alright my dear friend.

    We are leaving for a week. I will pray for you daily.
    Blessings and love, Jeanne

  31. Thank you for that amazing testimony! Our God is an Awesome God!

  32. What an inspiring post. I hope all is well, and you have a wonderful time at your sister's too :-)


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