Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretties and a Talented Friend!


 Well Hello Bloggy World!!

How are all of my chickie friends doing out there?

I am still in recovery mode and having to take it easy, but doing well!!  I drove for the first time in 2 weeks and that was definitely LIB-ER-A-TING!!!  Praise You Father!!!

And today was an absolutely beautiful Florida winter day!!  The palm trees swaying in the cool breeze…windows down just cruising along…even hit a couple of yard sales and found some treasures!!   WOOHOO!!!!!

More on those treasures at another time!

Today I want to share a beautiful piece of artwork designed by a wonderful bloggy friend…

TAMI over at Aunt Mimi’s Creations, and her selling blog A Girl’s Gotta Nest!!  Don’t you just love that name??  So true isn’t it girls?  We just love prettifying (YES, I made it up!!!) our home sweet homes don’t we??

Well, I purchased this from her last year, and it is one of my favorite home decor items!  It was mounted on a heavy board, so I found a little gold-ish frame, used some pretty scrapbook paper for a background, and mounted her lovely artwork right on top.

Isn’t this delightful???


It’s current home is on my antique cherry dresser and it looks so great there, but I love it no matter where I put it!  Here it is with a rusty tin cup, and vintage jar and buttons.  Love it!


I smile every time I look at it!!  Thanks for sharing your talent, and for the joy it brings me, Tami!!


Tami and her hubby have relocated and she is getting back to creating again…YIPPEE!!   She pays close attention to detail, which is HUGE with me, and on top of it all is a delightful person!!

See her blog button?  Right over there just below my followers…I know she’d love you to drop by!!

Have a joyful day of praise and worship sweet friends!!

Love ya MORE!!!


  1. This is just LOVELY! What talent!

    I always love to see how God blesses the hands of others.

    Thanks for sharing BeckyGirl...


  2. Just lovely - love the bird, the print music sheet and the bird nest.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. Hi Becky! What a beautiful piece of work! So happy for you and I hope how you've framed it!
    Have a beautiful Sunday!
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Becky,
    I am so glad that you are feeling better. Driving after being confined for a while is liberating!
    I love the Valentine's ideas you have. I just saw some cute coffee mugs at our Starbucks that I think I am going to give my older girls. The mugs had different text/internet lingo on them, and I want to give the the one that says LOL! They think that is so funny, and they actually say LOL the letters, when they think something is funny. Silly girls! Plus they drink coffee every morning.
    Wow, I digressed! But I loved the Valentine's ideas. I am not crafty, but I can copy when I see the idea, so thanks!
    Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

  5. Hi Becky..
    I LOVED this...and you've displayed it so lovely. Glad to hear you are moving right along. YAY...nothing like getting your independence back with driving...Sounds like you had such a nice day, I would have loved to join you at some yard sales! I can't wait to check out your friends blog. Thanks for the heads up. Have a wonderful week...Love you, Debbie

  6. I am so happy that you are feeling so much better and able to get out today!!

    Girl you made me are so sweet and such a special friend!! I really love what you did with it too, that is adorable paper!! Thank you Becky for all your bloggy sweetness!!

  7. So happy to hear how well you are doing, Becky. Your friend's creativity is nice of you to share her with us all!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. glad to hear you're healing well. out yardsale-ing and driving! woo hoo!
    your gift is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Good to hear you are feeling better and i have prayed for you. In fact your tale of your hospital trip really reminded me of myself on the occasions I have had to be hospitalized!

    Your friend's talent is delightful...maybe one day my painting will get to that point with the Good Lord's blessing.

    Love to hear you just talk about Florida as it ALWAYS brings back loving times that I visited my sweet mother at her home there...I can 'smell' the ocean air when you write.

    blessings and hugs,


  10. I love it!!! So glad you're recuperating well.

  11. Hey Sweet Becky!
    So glad to hear you are feeling better. Doesn't it feel good to get out and blow some of the stink off!
    Love, love, love the picture. I am working on a picture right now that has birds on it. Birds mean Holy Spirit or messanger. Isn't that neat?
    Going to check out your friend's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  12. HI Beck, Loved hearing that you are up and driving but remember you still require lots of naps and down time too. I love this bird print-so cute; I'll have to stop by Tami's.
    My sil just got back from Orlando and hated how muggy it was there-but at least it's warm!
    Have a joyous day today!
    Hugs, Nor

  13. Love it, Becky! It looks perfect! :-)

    And I'm glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Sending you warm hugs and prayers of praise for your recovery!


    Sheila :-)

  14. Thank you Becky for your kind and sweet words. It's never easy to lose anyone, but young, and that is young the closer I get there, it is hard. I'm so glad you are doing great and you had it taken care of. Thanks for stopping by, you are so sweet. Blessings, Debbie

  15. Great post! Great talent! And I love how you complimented Tami's beautiful creation with your own creativeness! Wonderful job!

    So glad you are feeling better!
    Love to you,

  16. Hi, Becky!!! You sure got a pretty when you went shopping. And you did great when framing it. I have this young lady's blog on my list to follow and am hopeful to find myself a pretty little decor item soon. Thanks for sharing this info with us. Hope you have a great week coming up and just get better and better every day!

  17. I really like your little piece of artwork. It's so fun that you're using and enjoying it all over the house--those kinds of finds are just the best. I'm delighted to hear that you're doing so well and out crusing the yard sales--you go girl!

  18. Becky your so sweet! thanks for the kind words you left on my post about my girls room! im glad your feeling better! it does take along time to recover doesnt it? make sure to post your girls room when you do get it done i would love to see it!God bless you!

  19. WOW! Beautiful!!

    Praying for you dear sister. Love you.

  20. Hi Miss Becky! Thanks for popping by.... I love this little precious piece of artwork. I bet it does look great anywhere! :)
    Getting back your right to drive is pretty major. We don't realize how much freedom we have until we lose it!
    Have an awesome week!


  21. Dear Becky,

    I am so thrilled that you are feeling so much better and getting out a little. I love this picture and also how you mounted in on scrapbook paper. You have such a lovely creative touch to the things you do and I love your taste and the things you have surrounded yourself just match you so well. This picture is just so filled with nature and music and peace and happiness.

    I would love to sit down and chat with you as you mentioned. Maybe we can do that one day. Jim and I are thinking of an eastern seaboard vacation in the fall. You just never know if Florida might be a part of that as I definitely would love to go to Charleston and a few other famous places in the south.

    Have you made any jewelry lately? I still remember that beautiful bracelet you made last year. Laura and I made a few bracelets in Italy. She is a crafter that youngest girl of mine. Oh, how I do miss her!

    I will visit your friend's blog! Take good care of you for me!

    Love, Bon

  22. Glad you were able to get out and about! I remember when you purchased that pretty picture from Amy. Very pretty! Enjoy your day Becky!

  23. Dear Becky, I am so glad you are feeling better and recovering! The garage saling sounded wonderful. I can't wait until it warms up enough her to go garage saling here! I love your picture that your friend made for you. It is just precious. Have a blessed day dear friend! Hugs, Elena

  24. Oh wow that is very pretty! I am going to pay her a visit...I always enjoy visiting your bloggy friends...they have such pretty and creative blogs.

    You know...I haven't been to a garage sale in ages! I need to change that...

    The weather has been absolutely beautiful over here in SE Texas...but I heard that it is about to change. This has been one heck of a Winter. I'm not complaining however...even though the freezes are is really a good thing...Kills many pesky bugs such and fire ants and fleas...and will help cut down some of the weeds.

    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling is good that you are being patient and allowing yourself time to heal. I am doing my best to do the same...and I am truly feeling much better.

    Have a wonderful week my dear friend!

  25. Simply beautiful! I love it! I'm glad you are starting to feel better :)

  26. my blog gone? I just logged on and it says it doesn't exist. I thought maybe it was just a blogger problem...but everyone elses blog seems to be fine.

  27. I'm trying to get caught up with my blog friends, when my son allows me to have the computer. I've missed you. Are you staying warm up there?

  28. Whew, it is working now. That was scary!

  29. That is definately a lovely picture to admire and I love how yo have it together with other vintage looking treasures. I will have to go over and visit her blog! So how are you feeling my friend? Seems like recovery would be a good month before you don't think about it everyday.
    Hope you are healing up nicely! I know you'll be heading to the beach a.s.a.p. and want you 100% for that day of glory! Hope it's warming up for you over there! We are flying to California on Friday because my nephew is getting married this weekend and I hope to see 50 plus degree weather and some sunshine! If so, Dan and I will be in our t-shirts enjoying it!


  30. Oh Becky it looks so beautiful in your home!
    I just love her so much and she is one of the most talented ladies. All her work looks so classey and never cheap.
    Good thing you saw this item first hehe. Maybe I can do a special order =)

  31. Birds and classical music always go well together in my book!


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