Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr., I’ve Got What?????


Hello Sweet Friends!  I have been missing the past few days because I wasn’t feeling well and ended up in this:


The Doc said my appendix needed to come out, so it did!  What was really cool is that God was so in it all!!  Like I have said, nothing is as sweet as abiding in Christ!!!  Hubby was hunting up in North Florida when he got the news, jumped in the car and made it to the hospital near Orlando 5 minutes before I went into surgery at 1:30 a.m. this morning!!!  How cool is that?  God knew how badly I wanted him there with me!!  My surgery was finished in an hour, and guess what??

I am back at my house and all cozy, warm and comfy surrounded by my family!! Isn’t that awesome??  Praise You Father!!

The hospital staff was amazing!  I was laughing and smiling with the ER staff, and the fun just continued with each staff member I dealt with! 

My hospital stay was brief, but I left feeling truly blessed by God for making this physically painful experience fun and heartwarming!

My nurse was so wonderful that I am going to make a gift basket to surprise her, and my daughter Sam told me that when they gave me morphine before surgery I told the surgical nurse, who was also amazing, that I was going to make some cookies for her!  I even asked her what her favorite one was and am told that she said chocolate chip!!  So, she will be getting some chocolate chip cookies!!!

I just praise God for His goodness to lil ol’ me, and would delight in knowing that you will pray for my speedy healing!!

Love and hugs to you all!!  You’re the best!!


  1. WOW Becky...and again I guess I just have to say WOW...I am soo glad that all went well for you and you are safe and cozy at home and that God kept you in His Hands and your husband made it time for the surgery and just all of it. Just goes to show you, only God knows what circumstances our lives will hold. Since I cannot be there to be pray with you, let me pray for you right now...

    Heavenly Father, I just lift my precious friend Becky to you and ask Lord that you might touch her body and bring complete healing quickly and with as little pain as possible. I thank you soo much Lord that her husband was able to make it there in time for the surgery, and that the doctor had the wisdom he needed to know what needed to be done, and that you guided his hands during the process. Lord I thank you for the care she received from all of these sweet, caring nurses who helped make the experience one that she can remember with a smile and knowledge that they cared about her. I thank you Lord for Becky's loving, happy spirit that no doubt touched all those she can in contact with. Thanking you in advance now for her total healing, In Jesus Name I pray. AMEN

    Praising God tonight that you are well!! Call me if you want to "chat" this week while you recover.

    Love and hugs to you,


  2. Oh my word Becky!!! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better now. Take it easy dear and don't do a thing. I'm so glad that the Lord was watching over you and got you where you needed to be, at the right time. Thank you Heavenly Father fro watching over our Becky.

    Love and hugs to you dear. I'm saying a prayer for a speedy recovery for you.


  3. wow! i can't believe your home already. glad it went smoothly for you. how scary though!

  4. Oh, my goodness, Becky! I'm so sorry you had to be in pain and go through surgery, but I'm so happy God Blessed you through it all with Angels to surround you!
    May He continue to Bless you with His Wall of Protection.
    Good health to you!
    Love and Prayers,

  5. So sorry that you had surgery...but very happy that all came out well and your hubby was by your side!! Praying for your fast recovery!!

    {{{Big Soft Hugs}}}

  6. wow, Becky! I'm so glad you are back home and surrounded by your loving family-- and praising God!:)
    I'm pretty sure that the hospital doctors and staff thought that you were an especially nice patient too!! What a blessing you were to them and they to you:) Funny how that works!
    Doctors and nurses have to deal with ALL kinds of people and I'm sure they adore the nice ones like you!!
    And be sure that I am praying for you!! Get better soon!
    Take it easy, girl!


  7. wow! i'm glad you are back home. take it easy, let your family wait on you for awhile and take care of you! God is so good, He definitely has His hand on you. love you! take it easy :)

  8. Oh Becky...I am so glad you are OK. Very awesome that your husband made it to your side just in time...I know I feel more relaxed when my husband is near. It is great that you were able to go home to recover. I think we recover better at home anyway! You know..I am not even sure what the appendix does? Does anyone know? Please rest and allow your body to heal... let your family take care of you. I will be praying for a very speedy recovery.

    I too will be praying for your speedy recovery!
    I am pretty sure that I too will be having surgery in the very near future. I have been having a lot of pain in my right knee. It keeps catching and locking and when it pops...oh gosh! So I saw an Orthopedic this past week and he did an MRI. Turns out I have a torn my Medial Meniscus. That is all I know right now as I have only talked to the nurse. I go Monday to find out what we will do to fix it. I am told the surgery is very fast and simple. I am so ready to get it over with!

  9. Whoa! That was fast! I am glad it went smoothly and you are back at home already. Get better fast!

  10. Sooo glad your hospital visit was short and had a good outcome! As a nurse I can tell you that those ladies will really appreciate your gratitude! Praying for your speedy return to full health!

  11. Hi Beck,
    So glad to hear you are doing okay! I was worrried about you coming home too soon. Can't believe you are already blogging!! You are too funny! So glad that your experience was such a good one, and we are already praying for a really quick and easy recovery.
    Call me if you need anything! Will probably give you a call tomorrow to check on you.
    Have a good nights sleep sweetie,
    Love ya, Nellie

  12. Praying for you Aunt Becky!Thankful you are back home,get well soon!!! ((hugs))

  13. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through surgery, but I loved reading about how God intervened. How sweet that your thinking about sharing blessings with the nurses as soon as you got home too. I think I'd just be thinking about pain medication :-)

  14. Becky, I am so sorry that you have had to go through this! And leave it to you to make it a good experience by bringing your sunshine to others. I am praying for your speedy recovery and that you will stay warm down there in Florida.

    We are finally home and near a computer that is more reliable than the brand new laptop the kids had that struggled with Italian Internet issues. I missed being able to keep up with you while I was away.

    Love you, Beck, get well soon!

  15. that is great that everything went well, make sure you ge a lot of me time and take it easy, get well soon!



  16. Hey Sweetie ~
    Welcome HOME!
    I'm praising God for His healing touch on your body and His faithful provision through the whole ordeal. I'm so proud of Sam and grateful that she could help when I was unable to.
    As everyone has said "Rest, relax and let others spoil you!"
    Love you lots!

  17. Hey girl, I can't believe this happened and that you are already home. I echoed the prayer of Debbie. What an incredible woman you are-here you are blogging already. I know you blessed the socks off the nurses and doctors. So glad R was there with you. Hopefully all your family will pamper the daylights out of you or I might just have to come take care of you. Hugs to you; I'll be praying that you'll up back to 100% quickly.
    Love you.

  18. Wow! What an ordeal, but you almost make it sound like a party! I'm sure you were a joy to have as a patient. What a great attitude you had to praise the Lord in the midst of your pain!

  19. So glad you are doing ok. And blogging about it alreadyd LOL! Wonderful story :-)

  20. Wow, Becky, you must be feeling pretty good if you're blogging already. So glad the Lord was in all the detail of your appendicitis and surgery and that you're back home already.

  21. Thank you, God, for being with Becky....
    I'll pray for you my friend...
    Loving thoughts, Debra

  22. I'm so glad you're ok! Praise God for giving you a medical staff that took such good care of you!

    Now, just lay back and let your "staff" at home take care of you.

  23. Oh! My Goodness Becky,
    So glad you are home and doing well, Yes, thanking the Lord with you for His protection and for sending such wonderful people to care for you.

    And how just like you to be thinking of everyone else except yourself! Girl you are one of a kind, Just what am I going to do with you, now here are your orders... Rest, Rest, Rest, and let someone else take care of you. Much prayers going your way!

    With much love,

  24. So glad you are OK! So wonderful your husband made it there for you. I know it means a lot for them to be at our side. Terry had his out a few years ago, before the week was over, I had to hold him down from doing things. I hope you mend fast as he did. Blessing to you.
    I also love how your going to do your daughter room, I love mine to look like it. lol The snowman donuts are so cute!!!! DO NOT BAKE THOSE COOKIE FOR SEVERAL WEEKS! MY orders! lol
    Get Well Soon, HUG to you! Katherine

  25. OH MY GOODNESS GIRL! I wish I had of known before now... I've been away from the computer all day. I'm so sorry you got sick, but I'm so thankful that you had good care and that you are home now on the road to recovery. You take it easy, and use this down time to enjoy some things you otherwise might not take time know, like a good book or movie, or nap! I will pray for you continually. Keep me updated. Oh how I wish I were closer, I'd bake you something special! You take care.

    Love and prayers always,

  26. Hi Becky,
    Isn't that something, that happened to me about 4 years ago, emergency appendectomy. I thought I was too old for that, felt like I was about 12! I am so glad everything went smooth and you are recovering with loved ones around you. Will be thinking of you!

  27. Ohh my dear friend, may God continue to bless you and comfort you.
    What a wonderful testimony to people around you.
    God is good indeed.

    Keep smiling my cheerful friend.

  28. Oh My goodness Becky...
    Bless your lil heart! I'm so thankful you're okay. Praying you heal speedily. I can't get over how fast they got you back home. Is that hospital a drive thru?!!! ~You take extra good care of yourself... and Maddie girl give that Momma of yours a big ole hug from me k?!


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