Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Is In the Air!!!

Whew…January 18th ALREADY!!!  Less than a month to prepare for Valentine’s day, and for us crafters….that’s not much time!  Especially since I’m still working on thank you cards from Christmas!!  OY!!!

I paid a visit to my BFF Martha and she had some great ideas, and so did Better Homes and Gardens.

Here are some that struck my fancy…

I have never set a Valentine’s table, except our first year of marriage, but if I do I’ll use this idea scaled down a bit.   So lovely!


Paper heart flowers…you could also write in qualities you admire in the receiver on the petals, and they could be finished off with cute chenille pipe cleaners, too.  These are more for kids, but could be kicked up a notch for grown-ups!!


These little button surrounds are precious!  Wish Sam would let me dress Emily up in them!  They can be made from paper or felt!


The gift of living flowers wrapped in charming embellished paper bags!  Cheer in a brown bag!!

martha's ideas

And this I am definitely doing for my hubby!!  Too much fun!!  I’ll show you how it turns out!!


A different take on the “Love Coupons”  A timeless idea!


I am also going to give this a try.  It’s votive holders made with shaped and stiffened doilies!!   Candlelight…so romantic!!


Love the doily envelope!


And how fun would it be to pick up a piece of chocolate and read a sweet thought from the gift giver!!  This is a new fave, and I will do this with every box of candy I give to anyone in the future!!  A “Things I love About You” box of candy!!  Who wouldn’t love that??


Let’s get to creating some fun things and spreading some lovin’!!  The good Lord knows we all have people we can bless with some extra lovin’!! 

I’ll share some more “SWEET” ideas tomorrow!!  Remember that showing someone you care doesn’t have to break the bank!  These are all inexpensive and fun!!!

Love ya BUNCHES!!


  1. Very cool ideas, Becky!! Thanks for the inspiration! ButI hope you are typing this from your bed young lady!!:)

    Hey, any ideas for decorating a Valentine tree? It would save me lots of time taking the whole tree down this week;)

    Love ya like sister!


  2. Good to see you. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the doily stuff.

  3. SUCH cute ideas Becky. I LOVE them. I used to make something every year for Melody to wear on Valentines day. I would start scanning the patterns and fabrics right after Christmas. How fun this was and some of them were quite elaborate, haha Then when she got older we would shop together for something fun and festive to wear. Last year was the first year we didn't do our little tradition. = ( I missed it. She called me up yesterday and as we were chatting she said, "Oh mom, I have the best idea for a Valentines outfit and we spent the next hour on line together looking for cute little skirts and tops. New tradition I am thinking. I also have a Valentine's baby to dress for her birthday party. I had a ball with that. Even little red shoes with bows and white polka dots. Soo sweet. The candy box idea you share is a good one, and I think I might be doing that. Soo glad you are doing better. Thanks for the ideas, Hugs, Debbie

  4. "What the world needs now is Love, God's Love!"
    Great ideas! Blessings to you always.

  5. Very nice ideas. Thank you for taking the time to cut and paste the photos to share with us all! You've got me thinking now and in the mood for L-O-V-E!! That and the Snoopy and Woodstock valentines stickers that is!


  6. Cute! I especially love the embellished paper bags and the votive holders!

  7. Great ideas! I especially love the table setting and the plants in the brown paper bags! And I love anything doily! Sweet! And the picture is adorable! Please post yours!
    These were all wonderful and so are you for sharing!

    Hope you are well now!
    Love and Prayers,

  8. Those are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing Becky. I'm sure the girls will want to try some.

    Hope you are feeling better dear. Here's to a FAB week for you!


  9. Just love all those idea's.

    The 18 th Jan 2010 was my 40th and my husband and son made my day so special.

    Spread the love people. xx

  10. Hooray, Becky is posting sunshine again. I am so happy you are on the mend. Don't be in a hurry.

    I do LOVE the great Valentine's ideas. the table is soooo pretty. I am already thinking of valentines too. My sisters have lots of valentines (vintage) for sale and I took photos of a bunch of them. I will start posting on Feb.1st.

    Tomorrow my cousin Bob is leaving and I hope I can get some visiting and housework done. We have been playing for almost two weeks. He is 54 and has never learned how to use a computer. When he is here I feel guilty when I am trying to visit or anything. Consequently, I have been up LATE every night doing my posts. Sigh.

    Keep on mending and I don't mean the sewing machine, so we can have a great visit in March. :)

    Love you my sweet friend, Jeanne

  11. Hi Becky,
    I am now totally in the spirit of Valentine's Day. I loved your ideas and I hope I can incorporate a few of those in my festivities. Thanks and have a great day.
    :) Maryrose

  12. Congratulations on your 30 years of marriage! It's a breath of fresh air anymore to see a couple stay together these days. With God in our lives, He gives the love in our hearts for our spouses. Your blog is lovely.
    Thank you so much for visiting mine and coming on board as a follower. I'm coming on board with your's.

  13. Hi Becky, Those ideas are just wonderful! I too like to make Valentines special without breaking the bank! Besides handmade things are so fun and special to receive:)

  14. Hey Becky! Love all those ideas. Think I will be using some of those for my friends and family AND my sweetheart of course. Always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate and craft.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, Such fun ideas!!! We have some fun Valentine traditions - We have a candlelight dinner every year but it includes all the kids - they love the whole idea (complete with lace tablecloth and music) We serve heart shaped pizza and heart cupcakes and everyone has a tiny frilly wrapped gift on their plate (something small like baseball cards for the boys and a bracelet for the girls) I love to play it up for Valentines Day - less pressure and just fun!!! So glad to know you are feeling better - and that it is warming up!!!


  16. Nice blog, I am amazed to see the floral centerpeice and envelopes . They all looks awesome on your blog. Keep on posting some more blogs like this.

  17. Some very good ideas!! It was fun to browse here! Cathy

  18. Hey dear friend! All looks wonderful. I stopped in to say Hi and give you my love. I see Valentines and I just left Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wow time is flying by already :) Love you.

  19. Thank you for your sweet note! I love to visit your blog~ your Valentine picks are WONDERFUL! Hope your day is perfect~

  20. Very cute ideas. I've missed stopping by your blog to see you, Becky.


  21. oh, the doilies! I picked some up yesterday to embellish a quilt, but they were too big ~ I wonder if they would be small enough for this?

  22. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....loved these ideas.....especially those little hearts for that little sweetie's blouse. Why in the world didn't I think of that when my girl was little? Toooo clever.

    Now, sweet Becky........of course I'll send you some potholders should you not be the winning girlie.......I'll have to dig that bag of stuff out.........I made those awhile back. I actually use them for potholders AND for coasters.......I'm always dragging one around to set my cup on. :-)

    Huggies and Happy Saturday...


  23. cute cute ideas....when my children were at home Valentines dinner was meatloaf baked in a heart shaped pan...topped with some kind of tomatoe or spaghetti sauce of course..before school they had candlelight breakfasts...with a small treat by there bowl or whatever....
    I too love Valentines Day...


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