Monday, January 4, 2010

Even If You Don’t Make Resolutions…


Here is one for us all: 


{Feel free to use this image}

Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else”.

Such wise words.

God made each of us so uniquely individual and that is just how He likes it!  It is so easy to look around blogland, the workplace, church, the mall etc… and come away feeling that we just don’t measure up somehow. 

We think oh she or oh the so and so’s…they just have the perfect life, or look perfect, or are perfectly talented, or have the perfect children or home or…oror!!!!

Well, in my 51 years on this sweet earth, I have never met anyone who does!!

So that takes us right back to BE TRUE TO YOU…  The you that God created you to be and loves so dearly!  The one who He delights in seeing rise from bed (bedhead, drool, and all) each and every morning.  Be that YOU!!!

Because YOU are a precious gem in God’s big ol’ treasure chest!!

Love ya BUNCHES, and am praying that your week is one of victory in Him!!



  1. I love this post! It is so encouraging!You have been such a blessing to me thank you!

  2. I LOVE to come by here and get my daily dose of sweet Becky! And today is no exception. I've said it before, but it is worth repeating, your upbeat and blessed outlook on life is soo catageous. (don't think that is spelled right, but there is no spell check to check, haha...but you know what I mean) I really wish I lived close enough to come over for a cup of tea and a good long chew. I took a small break (6 FULL days) off of my diet and I have to get back on the program today and I am feeling kind of whiney (sp? what's wrong with me today?) about it. Time to get busy on something so I won't dwell on it. Goodness knows there is a long list of things to chose from. Have a WONDERFUL day my friend, and thanks as always for all the sweet thoughts. Love and hugs, Debbie

  3. Thanks for the reminder Becky!
    I love this saying too:
    Be what you is and not what you ain't.
    If you ain't what you is, you is what you ain't!

    And I think the YOU God made is plum wonderful!

    Happy day to you. (It's 27 cold degrees here in Mississippi!) Brrrr!

    Love ya,

  4. Becky!
    Good Morning!
    What a lovely dose of Daily Inspiration!
    I really needed your upbeat, positive brand of humor this morning..and as usual, you delivered!
    Thanks my friend for being so uniquely YOU!!!
    warm hugs..laughing smiles..Loui♥

  5. This post is a great way to start the blogging week.

    ps Please send warm weather up here to the corn. It is COLD!


  6. Hi, Becky! So glad I stopped in today. I was totally inspired by your wonderful image and I did borrow it because as I posted about my Resolution Challenge I realized that keeping my resolutions is all about being true to me! I pray you had a wonderful holiday and are off to a grand and happy new year!!!!!
    Blessings, Carolyn

  7. What a great post! Thanks:) Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year!!! Karen

  8. I love this. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. I needed them today.

  9. great advice to share this lovely morning! so very true.

  10. Thanks, Becky! I know that to be true in my heart, but it's SOOO easy to become distracted by what others are doing!

    Keep inspiring us!

  11. Hi Beck,
    So good to talk with you today. This was a very good post, and so true. We need to be happy with who we are, and not be comparing ourselves to anyone else on this earth. The Lord should be our measuring rod. There will always be somebody better off or worse off that ourselves! and comparing only leads to beating up on ourselves or jealousy. So not a good thing, and you are right no matter how things look, no one has it all together, we are all a work in progress, some might be years ahead of us in the process and some way
    behind, but we are all a work in progress!
    Have a great week hon,
    I am excited about your new adventure to come and will be praying for you.

    Love ya, Nellie

  12. That is an awesome reminder - thank you!!!

  13. Hi girl, So glad I can comment now. Love this post-such a timely reminder! Hope your day and week is filled with bunches of blessings and hugs.

  14. love you, too, becky! thanks for these words and kind reminders. God bless and have a great week :)- stay warm!

  15. You are such a wonderful encourager. I say Amen to all you have said. Take care sweet sister!! Love, Elena

  16. Hi Becky,
    This is soooo good , just loved it. How true! Have a joy filled week.

  17. Now THAT is one powerful message, and I think it is great! Loved this, Becky. It was very edifying. And it's true. God does love us where we are and sees us with all of our potential as well. :-)



  18. You are so right Becky! No matter how hard people try, there is only one person who can walk on water. And we know who that is. :)

    I think I can guess on which of my "no resolutions" you are with me on. Smart girl!

    I'm so glad to have you as a bloggy buddy. You are such a bubbly spirit to have around. Love ya gal! And lets talk about that absolutely wonderful sunrise pic from the post before. Love it! That's how you start the day off right. Thanks for sharing that.

    Hope you have a FAB day dear!

  19. Hi, Becky! So glad you stopped by my place today because it lead me right back to your place! I love your blog; hope you don't mind me being a "follower". Your post for today is very uplifting and I really needed a little uplifting today.....and everyday, really. Come back to my place any chance you get and I'll be back to see you soon. Have a great week!

  20. How true is that Becky, but we often forget it! Thanks for reminding us all.
    Gracie @

  21. Sweet post!

    I've been going through something lately, not comparing myself to others so much (well, I do that on a Christ-like basis, and I never measure up!), but just thinking about my New Year's Resolutions and even my blog, it's all so ME and that's not at all a servant's heart.
    I don't know how to become less and have Him become more, or I guess I do know but don't have enough of a servant's heart to sacrifice.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed your posts so much and I just wanted you to know that you have enriched my spirit life.
    Love to you,

  22. Hey Beck,

    Where did you get the Judy Garland quote?
    I grew up listening to her music (my folks had several albums) and she is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the encouragement to be the best women that God created us to be...each so totally unique! How tickled I am that HE blessed my life with your friendship.
    I am a wealthy woman indeed.

    Love you!


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