Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the Birds!!!

Hi Sweeties!!

What is “For the Birds”?  This laying around like a slug thing!!  I know, I know…it’s all part of the healing and recovery, but I have SO much I need and want to be doing!! 


OK…I guess I’m done whining.  Thanks for feeling my pain!

A pick-me-up!!

Mom's pics 021

Some pretty very “spring-like” hydrangeas!!!  I took this pic in Mt. Dora, and love the delightful memories of time there with my buddy, Jess and Maddy!


I can make cards while I’m just sitting around…



So that has been fun!!  And I am getting out a bit here and there, but tire easily and then my side muscles start to ache.  Hmmph!

I see the Dr. tomorrow morning for my check-up and am really looking forward to it!!  I just know he' is going to say that I need a week or two more of “slugging it”, so I’m prepared for that!!  He’s a great Dr., and God really blessed me with him!  I will listen and obey, don’t worry!!

It is chilly again here and overcast.  But the light of God’s love is warming me up real good!!

I hope your week is absolutely wonderful!!  I’ll be making the rounds visiting you all!!!

Blessings and hugs, my friends!! 

Have I told you recently how much JOY you bring me????



  1. I know it's frustrating not to be back to 100%, but your cards are beautiful and a great use of your "down time." Hydrangeas are my favorites and just looking at your photo lifted my spirits!

  2. Hi my sunny ray of Sonlight, Loved this hydrangea-so pretty, wonder if we can get it here.
    Glad you are taking it easy, you'll heal faster that way. I know you can do it!!!

  3. i can imagine how frustrating it is trying to get back to normal but your body just isn't quite ready.
    i can't wait for spring!

  4. Awww...if I only lived close enough to come visit and make some cards with you!! Adorable cards love the stamps you used!!

  5. So glad your on the road to improvment. God is so good to us, and provides all that we need.

    Jer 17:14 Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise.

    At last I have seen a snippet of your creations, they are wonderful!!! I want to see more pleaseeeeeeee....

  6. Hang in there Baby!
    You've come such a loooong way!
    It was so nice to have your company AND assistance last Friday. Hope you can come
    back this week!
    Your cards are gorgeous, just like everything you put your hands to!
    Love you lots =)

  7. The snow and ice passed us by and the sun has been shining for two days in a row. I can count our sunny days, this winter on two hands.

    I love that hydrangea and your cards are very pretty.

  8. becky, i'm glad to hear your progressing and getting better. taking it easy is a good thing :), hard to remember sometimes, though. i like your new topper - really pretty and bright! have a great week and let me know what the doctor says, love you! alice

  9. Hi dear friend, praying for you and thinking about you.

  10. Hi Becky!

    First, I LOVE your new header!! Soo pretty and creative. And as far as being frustrated taking it easy? Do I ever hear ya...It is hard. I have had to nip back soo much on what I want to do because of these knees you will never know. And yet, He has really used this time to work on me in a few very important areas. AND I also feel He loves me enough and understands me enough to realize that I occasionally need to whine a little bit, haha..I don't usually linger there long, and I know very well you don't either. You are one of the most cheerful, find the blessing, person I know. You are soo close to being right back to your usual energetic self. I will pray it goes quickly. And in the meantime, those cards look like a wonderful idea. I need to find more things like that to fill my time too. I love the idea of cards, but I am just not creative enough I am afraid, haha. Anyway, my friend, have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL week. Love you, Debbie

  11. Hi Becky....

    I so hope you're feeling lots better and the Dr. confirms that you're on the road to recovery!

    Your cards are BEE-U-TI-FUL.....

    Come on over and visit...........I have a little surprise for you!

    Lovies and Huggies,

  12. Well, would so much appreciate some time at home, instead of being at my office desk 10 hours a day, 5 days a week....glad to know you're recoverign and feeling good!
    Gracie at

  13. Hi sweet Becky!
    Happy-Happy Monday to you and yours.
    I Love the pictures you've posted, and of course the cards you are making are so very lovely. Sounds like you are feeling much better, but remember to NOT over-do! I'm so excited about the next 14 days....Love is in the air! I love-love-love Valentines's all about some of my favorite, the colors pink and red, flowers, chocolate...and did I mention LOVE!!!

    Continue to get well....

    Love and prayers always,

  14. How are you doing girly? Are you all healed up now? Surgery of any kind is the pits!

    Now...I must say I love the pics! Sound like you are feeling better and I'm sooo glad.

    Congrats on winning Ms. Spencie's giveaway!


  15. Becky, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me on my blog! You are so kind to have left such a sweet and caring comment! Thank you for becoming one of my followers too! I'd love for us to be great blogging friends too!

    I love the cards you made! They both are very pretty!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Becky, and thank you so much for keeping my Dan in your prayers too!

    Your blog is soo very pretty! I love all your fur babies! We have 2 puppy dogs and 1 kitty cat.. they are our babies now that our kids are all grown..

    I will definately be coming back and visiting with you again!

    Take care now and so wonderful meeting you..


  16. Hello Dear Becky,
    I am so happy to be able to read something you have written. I am glad that you are continuing to recover. You posted one of my most favorite blooms the hydrangeas, but have the worst luck in getting mine to bloom.
    I love your header so bright and cheerful. I thought I would try and find something to change mine this week. I might call you for help. lol I am so ready for spring and warm weather, and I am going to try and rush it by making my blog springy. lol.

    I was thinking when I first read this post, what a sight you and I would have made sitting somewhere preferably in the warm Florida sun on the beach, with our iced tea in hand comparing our aches and pains.

    Being sick and especially in pain is not fun!!! And the healing part which takes awhile is hard for us both I know, because like me I bet you would rather be
    Oh! well my sister says all the time "Sue this will pass." Can you here the whining in here? lol. I will take any break I can get from this pain, yesterday was a good day and today is good too.

    I love you girl, and hope to one day really be able to sit and talk! You are so special to me. More than you know!

  17. Hi Becky, I came by from Bellemere Cottage to wish you a speedy recovery. "slugging" it, as you say, can be harder than working all day!
    Best Wishes,

  18. Hi Becky!! I'm sorry you're feeling a little cabin fever! But you take care of yourself! Your little cards are darling!! Hope your Dr. appointment is good news. Oh, I wanted to tell you to milk this for as long as you can. I'm sure you need a couple more weeks of rest - no cooking, no cleaning, no exertion whatsoever! :)
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;)

  19. So thankful that you have a lovely hobby to occupy your time as you recuperate! Hope your appt. goes well :-)


  20. Becky, You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to recover. I know it takes time for your body to mend but I think slowing down when we are sick, helps us take time to reflect on things we might not of if we were busy. Your cards are just precious. I hope all goes well with your doctor's appointment. Take care sweetie! Hugs, Elena

  21. Sweet Becky, sure do love you! Love your new header, love your fab photography and would love to hear you are up and running...but not just yet. Take it easy unit the time is right. Then fly like the wind!

    Hugs! B

  22. G'morn, Becky ~ I know exactly how you feel, recuping is for the birds, isn't it ... get well quickly.

    Your creations are wonderful, you are so talented.

    Pop over for our giveaway ..........

    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. Becky:
    Love those cute cards you made, The hydrangeas make me long for spring! I love the snow, but could use a break from having to drive out on those icy and snow-filled roads.

  24. I know it's hard, but just take it easy until you are all better dear. We don't want any mishaps.

    Love the cards you made. Keep it up. At least something is getting done while you heal. :)

    Crossing my fingers that your appt. went well.

    Love and hugs!

  25. BeckyYyYYyYYyyyyYYyy!
    How ya feelin tonight MIss Becky?
    I hope you're having some better days now and start feelin perky again real soon! Meanwhile, gotta tell ya your cards are awesome! Is the chickadee stamp from stampin up? Love them!
    You're so talented....
    Just poppin in to say howdy and hope you start feelin better.
    SMOOCHY holykisses dear girl!
    Love lea

  26. I love your new header! So beautiful, so spring like and great for Valentine's Day!!!

    Sorry you're still achy! Must be so hard for you to tire so easily and make yourself rest. Your cards are so beautiful! The ones you sent me were just as pretty! You're a very talented lady!

    I'm doing good. Having a few good days in a row where I'm not so sad. Really working on letting the Lord shine through me even though my heart is aching, I want people to see my Lord and NOT my suffering. That was our pastor's message on Sunday and it really hit me.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. Hope it's a good one.

  27. Good morning Becky, I am glad you are slugging around. That is what you need to do. Besides how often can we have an excuse to chill out. Not often in this house. HA!

    My company left yesterday and this morning I am loving a bit of quiet. My cousin Bob is still here but he is off to visit my sister for the day. I miss my daughter and grands but complete chaos happens when they are here. Quiet is good for a short while. Then I am up and running because being still for very long gets to me. I can so have sympathy with your forced inactivity. It is so great to know how much you care for your Dr. and that you are following his orders.

    Your cards are darling. That has to be fun quiet work. Good for you. I love your quote from your previous post as well. I too love quotes but haven't used them in a while.

    Have a sunshiny day and keep resting. We are getting another storm. I wonder if it is heading South. Before I forget to tell you...I LOVE your sweet header.

    Love and hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  28. Little Juniper should give you a hug for me! :)
    Your cards are so sweet!
    Thank you for your visit and extra kind note! You're a treasure :)
    Wishing you rest and a fantastic doctor's report~

  29. Oh Becky, I'm so sorry!! I can't imagine how hard it is to have to take it easy for so long!! Just having to be down for the few days with this flu bug we had about drove me nuts!!! I am praying for full strength to return quickly to your body!! God has great plans for you I know - He's just giving you time to gather your energy!!


    P.S. I LOVE that chicken card!! So vintage farmhouse!!


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