Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ahhh…Fresh Air!!!


After being housebound due to the weather and surgery, yesterday I decided to take my girls and head over to a favorite local state park…Blue Spring.  Some of you have seen it before, but if you’re anything like me…can’t get enough of it!!

We were only there about 50 minutes, but oh how sweet those 50 minutes were!!

The temp was in the low 60’s, the sun was shining warm on my face, and was surrounded by clear blue skies….Ahhhhh….just what I needed!!

Come take it all in with me!!

This is the beautiful run that flows from the spring.


This sign greets you as you take your first steps onto the boardwalk that lines the run.  There are observation decks built out over the water so everyone can enjoy an up-close and personal view of the run and the wildlife that make it their home.


The water is crystal clear, and such a lovely color!  If a tree falls into the water and doesn’t block the whole run, they leave it right where it fell, as they did with these two palm trees.


Little Miss Em is jumping for joy because she is here and they have a big field she can run in.  You can see her feet off the ground!  She is so much fun to watch!! 


Spanish moss and this cute little fern adorn the trees. 


The manatees make this their winter home, and they are such a delight to see!
There were only 24 counted today, but at peak they have counted almost up to 200.  This is the only one that was close enough to get a photo of.  I don’t think this one is very old.  It was just resting still in the water.


Miss Em trying to see what was down there on one of the observation decksIMG_1472

Hmmm…is that a log in the distance???  UH….NO!!!  That’s a GATOR!!  And using  my professional gator spotter eye I would say that he sits a pretty….8-9 feet long!!  Just about medium sized!!  Yes sweet friends; in Florida if there is water…there are gators.  We do actually even swim in the run a little closer to the spring head, and we are perfectly safe.  They are actually quite bashful and don’t like a lot of activity.  Imagine that…them scared of us!!  HA!!!


Right smack in the middle of this pic is another gator rather well camouflaged.  Can you see him?? 


Little Miss Em “I want to sit in the shade”!  So sit she did!!


 This is just the natural beauty of the Florida I love at it’s finest!


My oldest Sam and her Little Miss Em on the way out!!


Hope you enjoyed the fresh air and the lovely scenery! 
It truly just delights my soul to be outdoors and surrounded by the handiwork of our mighty God!!

Have a joyful Wednesday, and spread some of your sunshine around!!


  1. What a lovely place. Very green and romantic looking, except for the alligators! LOL I'm so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery! Take care of yourself and I hope the muscles in your side heal quickly. Hugs, Elena

  2. Beautiful Aunt Becky! Seeing these pictures makes me want to move,today.:)The high here is 18 degrees.Glad you are feeling better,and great to see pictures of Em and Sam!!! Love you!!

  3. glad you were able to get outside for awhile! it's a beautiful place. except for the gators. that's the one thing I hate about going to Florida. the gators and the snakes. of course we have plenty snakes here too, lol.

  4. Simply gorgeous! That emerald green water is just beautiful. Thank you for makes excited that Spring is just right around the corner! Your little Em is getting so big and I think she looks very much like her Grandma.

  5. Gorgeous pictures!! Love the manatee pictures beautiful clear water! Nothing like fresh crip air and the sun.

  6. I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy the Florida Sunshine! Beautiful pictures Becky!

    Have a lovely day dear friend.

  7. What a beautiful place!! And I love temps in the 60's or low 70's, perfect weather for me! Sounds like you're doing much better. Hope you are! Been thinking and praying for you. Life here is okay. Still having problems with my work computer. I called someone to come out on Monday to help me. They're a little pricey, but I need the computer to work in order for me to work. Haven't been able to "chat" with my hubby the past two days. The connection to Afghanistan is awful. Hopefully tomorrow. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Becky! I wish I had been with you!!! I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy it. I hope you get some good sleep tonight!

  9. Hi sweetie, Loved the photos-you know I love the water and the gators(especially Florida's glades)...such a blessing to connect with you yesterday-you are the best friend a gal could have. Love & Hugs.

  10. I'm so glad you made it out today! That's a beautiful park, Becky!

    And speaking of out, I gave you a little shout-out on my blog for a much overdue thank you for a blog award you gave me last year. I saved them all up, and did a post about all of you sweet folks. So know that I appreciate YOU!


    Sheila :-)

  11. oh oh...those pictures are beautiful...I think I would enjoy seeing the manatees...I am sure the Vitamin D from the sunshine is just what the doctor ordered......I would guess it feels wonderful to be feeling somewhat normal...

  12. Hi Becky

    These pictures are just GORGEOUS and sounds like you had such a nice relaxing time out in the beautiful outdoors. Isn't it wonderful to be beginning to feel like your old self again? I'm afriad I might find Gators kind of scary, but my grandson Jeffie would love them. Glad your feeling so much better. Praise God! Hugs, Debbie

  13. You have a charming blog! I love all your pictures...they bring back so many happy memories for me.

  14. Hi Becky--thank you for sharing your warm, sunny day in the park with us. It's just what I needed, a breath of fresh air! I just love manatees, but I've only seen a few in real life. They seem like such gentle creatures.

    Keep enjoying that Florida sunshine for me--a "wintry mix" is expected here in NC by the weekend...sigh.

  15. Oh Becky!! We just studied manatees in school today!! We talked about how cool it would be to go to Florida and see them!! We learned that they kiss each other when they meet up - what very, very cool animals they are!!! How awesome that you get to see them!! I showed your pictures to my kids and they were thrilled!! So glad you are feeling well enough to get out and about - God is indeed healing you!!!


  16. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!
    Spanish Moss is a favorite of mine!
    Really great photographs!
    Feel Good!
    Love and Prayers,

  17. What a beautiful post, Becky! It is a gorgeous day in FL and the scenery is just lovey! I am glad you got out with your girls. That little Miss Em is adorable~as always! Keep getting better~take it easy! Here is how to make the hearts that I posted in my comments but wanted to put it here too!

    Hi Becky! I am glad you liked this fun idea. Making the hearts for you blog is very easy. it is an html thing not a Mac thing so it shoud work jsut fine for you. Where you want the heart you simply type:

    & h e a r t s ; with no spaces in between. It will not change into a heart until you publish it or preview it. When you want to make a red heart just highlight and go to your tool bar and make it red or any other color. I also make mine a little bigger than normal.

    Do note though that you cannot bold the html code and get a heart. If I want my whole sentence in bold just don't bold the ♥ part. Have fun making them! This only works in Facebook and blogs as far as I know. It doesn't work in e-mail.

    Love, Bon

  18. Please forgive my typing, Becky! Honestly, it is like I just don't see my keyboard dyslexia until I print something. Whoops!

  19. Hello my dear sunshiny friend. Your very words are full of that florida sun. We are getting snow tomorrow. I love it though. Our daughter and family are coming up on sat. to ski. Snow here would be fun for the grands.

    I am so sorry I haven't been here sooner. I am finally down to the last pink Saturday visitor. I saved the best for last and that would be you my sweet friend.

    Your post today is wonderful and it so gives me lots of Florida memories. However, please don't swim near those gators. That scares me girl. They might be hungry you know!!! We did something really fun a couple of years ago and went to a place where you can swim with the manatees. The biggest thrill ever, I tell ya. It is great to know you are up and about and DRIVING AGAIN. Hooray. Love the photos of little Em. She is adorable. I am so glad you had such a lovely day.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  20. OH Aunt Becky I want to come and visit and do just that!!! It would be so much fun to let Emily and Karina play too!! I will have to get with you and plan a little trip. Love you tons and so glad you could get out and enjoy our amazing weather!!!!

  21. So glad you are able to get out and about now Becky. Gorgeous pictures of Blue Springs! I have not been there in a while. Looks like I need to take a little trip when things settle down.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    ~ Tracy

  22. i love blue springs and the manatees, it has been so long since we have been, but it is beautiful.

  23. Hi Becky,
    I'm so glad you were able to get out and have a little fun. The park is beautiful as are your girls!


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