Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wreath Love!!

Good Morning My Friends!!

What a great morning to be alive!!

I thank you Lord, for this brand new day, and all the promise it holds.  May I glorify you in all I think, do, and say.  Please bless my friends, and grant the request that is closest to their hearts.   In the mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Well sweeties, here is the wreath I made for Jess. She loves sparkle and sparkle she got!!  There is a lot more than what shows up in this photo!!  I normally put a bow on my wreaths, but this just didn’t need one!


What do you think?  I love it and it sure makes the wreaths on my front doors look BLAH!!!  I may change them up a bit…if I have the time…maybe next year???  LOL!!!  Don’t think I need one more thing, but who knows? 

I DID NOT get the tree done, but got started on the rest and will finish it all tomorrow!!  I can’t wait to be done and just enjoy it all!! 

How are your Christmas preps going?  We are serving dinner here with a few less people than Thanksgiving, so I need to prepare my menu, too.

What does your family have for Christmas dinner?

Typically we have ham…yummy mouthwatering ham, and since my family tends to get in a rut…we’ll probably have…you guessed it…


Well gals, I hope your day is as wonderful as each of you are, and that you will share a smile with someone in need!!!



  1. beautiful wreath, i am not sure what we are having yet, prob. ham

  2. Morning Beck,
    Been up since before 6, slept out I guess, and I was hungry so got up and ate some toast and had coffee. Then came to check out blogs.
    Think Jimmy must be either staying home or working from home today, cause he was starting to feel pretty punk and woke up earlier with a burny throat which is how I started, so guess he is coming down with it now. At least I am starting to feel quite a bit better it seems. Am just praying Scott doesn't get it!
    The wreath is very very pretty, I am sure Jessica loved it!
    I just realized I think I might need to work on my wreath for outdoors, cause I think I had to take all the poinsettias off cause they were faded, haven't made it there yet!
    Still cleaning up, Dee came over for dinner last night and hung out so it was good to spend some time with her and Rosie girl!
    We just love those lil girls!! They are both such prisses! lol
    Hopefully, I will get started on our tree today as well. Hope you get your all done before your cat can drink all the water! lol
    Hope you have a good day hon,
    Love ya, Nellie
    I am bummed I got sick cause I really wanted us to have a ladies brunch here one morning, but oh well, maybe we might still have the time, will just have to see. More likely not tho! lol
    Take Care Sweetie!

  3. Oh and about what we are having for Christmas dinner. Party Chicken and rice and 24 hr. salad and possibly some beef tenderloin.
    I am gonna put the recipe for Party Chicken on soon. Sunshine wants it!

  4. Beautiful wreath! I just love sparkles too. It just adds a little something to everything. I love a little of it in every room just because it is a happy maker. I know Jess will love it.

    We usually have a huge crowd here the Sunday before Christmas, all my side of the family. But this year we had it early. I try different things but I find for a big crowd ham is best with sided dishes that are varied each year.

    Stick with that ham...it is easier and it will give you a moment's rest hopefully!

  5. Becky the wreath is GORGEOUS!! I love sparkly too for Christmas. Years ago my sisters and I had a little business and we made Fall and Christmas wreaths for sale. What fun that was!! The making of the wreaths, not the business, haha...but that's another story. I got your e-mail and I will answer it today when I have more time. I have too much to say to write it quickly, haha Imagine that!! We ALWAYS had ham as well for Christmas dinner. But 3 years ago we switched to Prime Rib. Now I can't get my kids to consider going back...they start talking about that prime rib in Oct.! haha My husband does it up so all I have to do is potatoes (we throw in baked and then have all the fixings to chose from) and I put green beans in the crock pot, and toss up a BIG yummy salad with a little of everything, and we are all set. REALLY good, but not much work either. Oh, I forgot we always have my pumpkin bread with the meal too, but I have already made that of course. And then of course there is the pies, and all the baked goodies to graze on all day long. WOW suddenly I'm hungry. Better stop thinking about that meal. haha Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL day my friend. I can't wait to see your house all done up. I just know it is going to be a stun...



  6. Oh, I love it, Becky! You did a super job!

    If you love ham, go for it! If it makes the crowd happy, they will love it all the more!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Beck ~


    The photo doesn't do it justice...and against my green door it just pops with sparkle and love.
    What a wonderful treat, thank you so much dear friend.

    As far as Christmas menu we usually alternate between turkey and ham. However, my mother would periodically serve her homemade lasagna...very festive.
    We are spending the day with our kids and Katie's in-laws so there will probably be 10 of us here. Be still my hopeful heart.

    Can't wait to see the rest of your decorating.
    You are such a Blessing to so many.
    Love you.

  8. Becky, What an incredible friend you are to so many. I love your joyous heart-it warms my spirit this morning. Also love your new Christmas look and oh yes-your tree is gorgeous. I can just smell it now! Love, hugs, kisses and prayers to you.

  9. I'm glad your computer is back up and running! That is a beautiful wreath - you have an eye for making great arrangements! The tree in your previous post is beautiful as well!

  10. Hi Becky!
    Love your sweet blog and your sweet spirit as well. I usually burn a candle in my collaged columns, but this time just a little drop in light...like the ones used in villages.
    Merriest Christmas,
    Deb @ Garden Party;)

  11. You did a great job on that beautiful wreath, Becky! This girl doesn't climb ladders and our Christmas decorations are above the garage, soooo, haven't decorated yet--maybe when we're snowed in tomorrow:)
    Yum ham!! We'll have ham AND turkey. 15 of us this year-God is so good!!--well guess the baby won't eat ham:) Gotta have plenty for leftovers for the crew too!
    Ben and Lisa (and little Sophie) are coming on the 20th-Jan 2!! Long visit this time!!Yay!!:)
    And Daniel,Jess and the boys (I love saying that:) will spend the night here Christmas night too. Grammy heaven!!:)
    So glad your computer is well again!!

    Love ya!

  12. That wreath is AWESOME! My prep work is pretty much complete - now just got to get all these presents bought!

  13. Becky!!

    Girl your wreath turned out soooo beautiful! You are so good at floral arranging. Ohhh how I wish you could teach me to do that!

    My hubby has been receiving spiral cut hams for Christmas the past few years and we love them so much. They are soooo yummy. Then I like to use the hambone for a pot of beans afterwards. Mmmm it's raining here and a huge pot of beans and cornbread would be perfect today. lol
    Have a wonderful day dear Becky!!!
    THANKYOU for the BLESSING!!!
    Holykisses my friend!
    It IS great to be ALIVE!

  14. Hi Becky! Beautiful wreath you made!

    Oh, yes, ham. It is my favorite! But, us northern folks like our ham sweet... sweet... sweet!

  15. it's beautiful! it would look absolutely perfect on my front door too :) hehehe.
    I think we usually have ham too. Or ham & turkey. I can't remember! lol. we go to my parents house. my mom does all the cooking and i do all the baking :) i bring lots of desserts!

  16. Hi Becky,
    The wreath turned out so very pretty! We are going a little non-traditional this year (I'm a non-traditional sort of gal) and I have not yet figured out my menu. It should be fun though!

  17. I love this wreath! It would be perfect for my front door...so when should I expect it to arrive? lol JK
    We generally have a Ham for Christmas...just our little family and some of the kids friends.... and for New Years my husband does a Brisket and we have the traditional Black eyed peas for good luck and cabbage for prosperity. :)

  18. You did a beautiful job on the wreath. I need to make one for our door. Maybe next year:) I think we will be having turkey for dinner. Have a blessed day decorationg! Hugs, Elena

  19. The wreath is beautiful, it's very festive looking! You did a great job on it! Very creative!
    Have fun decorating and show us it all when you get a chance!

    And enjoy your dinner, my family is big on turkey so we'll have that either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and then we'll have roast beef on the other.

    Love to you,

  20. Hi Becky,
    Wow, I love the wreath! it's perfect. We have not even started decorating yet, this weekend the kids are comming over to help.
    I look forward to seeing more of your Christmas decorating.
    Take care and big hugs,

  21. I like your wreath. This is the first year I'm going to do one all on my own, we'll see how ti will go....
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  22. Morning, Becky! Oh, the wreath is so beautiful! I'm not through decorating myself. I'm moving so slowly this year! Well, guess what? We'll probably have ham too! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Hi Becky, Your wreath is beautiful, and will look so pretty with the ham! You've inspired me to stick to the ham...funny how we try to think of something new, but end up with the same tried and true menus?

    Your wreath has really inspired me. I have a "blank" one sitting on the floor, and I don't know what to do with it. I have lots of left over "picks" and berries, plus ribbon, so I'll try to do one similar to yours...if time allows.

    I'm like you...get it done so you can sit back and enjoy it...it only lasts for a few weeks, so time is of the essence!

    God bless,

  24. Hey sweet Becky! The wreath is beautiful and so sparkly!!! Love it.

    I would say ham is my favorite.

    Your blog looks so pretty. Love your header.

    You are such a sweetie and a blessing to many!

    Hugs, Tara

  25. what a lovley wreath very festive indeed:-)


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