Thursday, December 10, 2009

SIMPLY Wonderful/Teacup Lane!

Good Morning, sweet friends!!

I CANNOT believe that there are only 15 days
until Christmas, but I am plugging along, pacing myself and SIMPLIFYING!!!

Simplifying is definitely the way to go!  I am so into the whole LESS is MORE thing, and putting the emphasis where it belongs…on JESUS and the free gift of salvation He offers to the world. 

This Christmas,if we each just focus on being the hands, feet, and mouths of our loving Savior, I wonder what MAGNIFICENCE would result!!  He can use us to rock this world if we will just listen and obey!  So, what do you say?  LET’S GO INTO THE WORLD TODAY AND SHAKE THINGS UP FOR JESUS!! 

I have to tell you about my new friend, Sandy over at Teacup Lane!!  I visited her blog recently and commented on the wonderful dishcloths she had crocheted.  I loved her blog and followed it.  The next thing I knew she commented on my blog and told me she wanted to make some of her wonderful dishcloths FOR ME!!  What a delightful, thoughtful and kind gesture!!

Here is what arrived in the mail soon after…


Aren’t these just simply delicious?
And she gave me this snowflake, too, which is the very first one she has ever made!! 


What a neat pattern!  Oh I forgot to say she even asked me what colors I wanted!  Now is that special or what? 


A close-up of the snowflake!  LOVE IT!!!!


It looks lovely on my tree, and fits right in with our vintage ornaments and glass bead garland from my childhood.

Thank you so much, Sandy.  You have no idea how much you blessed my heart!!! 

Please go meet Sandy, sweeties!!  You’ll be glad you did!!

Love to you all!!
Splash the JOY of Jesus all over the place today, ok??



  1. Your gift was so pretty, what a talent she has. I wish I was that patient, but alas no. Ha ha. She must be a very sweet lady to make them for you like that. I will have to go over and meet her. You sound like you are having a cheerful day, thanks for speading the joy.


  2. Its so tru our emphasis should be upon Jesus and what He came into the world for.
    Yet again my dear friend you have put a beaming smile upon my face. You just ooze love!!

    Your gift is so pretty and so unique I just love it. And with all the business of recent time I have realised I have not posted you Blog Candy you won!! So sorry will do asap.

    Your friend
    Clare xxxx

  3. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady...and yes..yes..on the simplicity.....and the REASON we choose to celebrate this Season...OUR season..not some random HOLIDAY...but a Christian season....
    you go girl !

  4. Hi Becky,
    What a sweetie you are to post photos of my gift! Dumb me - I forgot to take pictures before I mailed it. I really had fun making them for you - my new FRIEND! I must tell your readers I don't have patience - if I couldn't sit in front of the TV and crochet, I probably wouldn't do it. It's a nice hobby for those long RV trips we take 'cause I can crochet in the truck as we go down the road. And I love to crochet out on our screened porch (in nice weather). Now I must go back to my Christmas decorating. Oh, I almost forgot, the snowflake looks lovely on your Christmas tree. I've made two more since yours. Have a great day!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. That is so neat, Becky! What a sweet gift.

    And I am a little stunned that so few days exist till Christmas. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  6. wow, those are gorgeous and that snowflake-wow! very pretty. i'm going to go check out her blog.

  7. How very cool! The snowflake is so pretty and looks wonderful on your tree!

  8. Oh Becky what a blessing that surely was...And I loved them as well. Soo pretty. I love crocheted things. My sister's daughter just had a baby and she made several receiving blankets and crocheted around the edges of them all. Made them so special and lovely. Your attitude and love are soo contagious. I am always lifted up when I visit you. I feel like I could dance now. Have a wonderful day!!



  9. Very Nice!!! Love the snowflake! Hope your Christmas plans are going well! We're doing good. Spending the week taking care of things and Christmas shopping! Have a great day!

  10. Oh what a neat thing for her to do. She is very talented and I love the snowflake. It looks so pretty on your tree! I agree about simplicity and remembering our Lord most of all:) Have a blessed day as you prepare for Christmas. Love, Elena

  11. Hey Becky!
    I tried to comment and think I goofed it up and accidentally wiped it out. Hopefully it doesnt post twice. lol
    Your tree is so pretty! And the snowflake ornament that your friend crocheted is awesome! I've never seen one like that! WOW; how special!
    I'm anxious to visit her blog.
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!!
    Holykisses xoxo

  12. What a treasure your new friend is to send you such treasures!
    I love anything crocheted, it's an art that I so admire!
    Love to you,

  13. Good Morning Miss Becky!

    I'm so happy for you! What a delightful surprise.... and such a love gift!....because you're so darn special.

    Now, about Shakin' it up for Jesus!....Oh how I LOVE that.... :-) I'm on it!

    Hugs to you dear one....

  14. Hell Becky,
    What a beautiful ornament, I love hand made gifts, very talented lady. I must check her blog out.
    I have been busy cleaning and decorating for Christmas, and trying to stay on course with my walking and trying to changing my eating habits. sloooow process. LOL

    I also checked your last post, you did a beautiful job with the wreath!

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Blessings and hugs,

  15. Don't you just love new friends??? Those are beautiful and I loved what you said about making Jesus the center of our Christmas. I get way to caught up with other things.


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