Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!


Happee Sunday, Gals!!  Hope your week was full of the JOY of the Lord and that you’re pacing yourselves and just drinking in the goodness and delight of this holiday season!!

Doesn’t this silly little guy just make you SMILE??!!!


OK, can we talk?  I have to be honest…last week early on was a challenge for me emotionally and hormonally!  I was missing my Mom and hit a low hormonally that just wasn’t pleasant AT ALL!!

On top of that, the nasty ol’ ENEMY of my soul started to try and mess with me too!!  Fortunately, with prayer and wonderful, encouraging, godly, prayerful friends interceding for me, I OVERCAME it all and am back to my JOYFUL self!!!  Praise You Lord!!!  Big thanks to Jess, Nellie, and Nor’!!

My precious friend, Noreen, is a lovely godly lady I met through blogging.  We had an instant connection, and I know we will be great buddies for life! If you haven’t stopped by Life’s Blessings for a visit , you’ve been missing out!!  I hope you’ll go over and share some Christmas love with Noreen!!! She has such a sweet spirit and spreads the love of the Lord around blogland with her thoughtful, kind, warm friendly ways!  Love you, Nor’!!  You are an incredible blessing to me!!

I really want to share some of my Christmas tree decorations with you today.  You see, I have always wanted a beautiful themed tree with white lights that I can just FROU FROU all up!!  Well, I am proud to say that I do have a themed tree, and it is “My Family Christmas Tree” and just delights my soul!!

This tree is chockfull of my childhood Christmas memories, ornaments that my children made through the years or dear friends gave me.

Here is our tree (minus the star ‘cause i keep forgettin’ to remind hubby to get it up there) and some of the ornaments and decorations we treasure:


 Our tree is far more simple this year than ever, and I really like it!  I can’t stomach the price for extra large tree skirts, so I went to Joann and purchased a big ol’ piece of red felt, and just wrapped it around the base.


The 3 older girls made these heart shaped ornaments about 14-15 years ago.  Two made snow scenes and the oldest made this nativity. 


Mom’s ladies' group at church beaded all kinds of things and I have several different sizes of bells.  Just love them!


Mom also made these little soldiers from clothespins. Cute!


I absolutely ADORE this glass bead garland.  This tree is truly vintage and my Mom’s garland is just perfect!  I am on the hunt for some more to go with it!

The little sleeping Jesus ornaments were a giveaway at Secret Sisters one year! So simple and adorable!


This one is for YOU KAR!!  Didn’t know if you saw it last year or not, but it’s one that my Mom’s friend gave her because she was such an awesome knitter!!  Mom loved it, and so do I!


Mom knit the hats for all of these little Santas, and made sure each of us kids got one!


My Mom was a lovely, peaceful soul, and she loved hearts of all kinds.  The  simplicity of this dove with the heart reminds me so much of her traditional, simple, caring ways.
I hope my children will remember me the way we all remember our special Mom!!


A sweet vintage Messiah ornament Mom loved and bought. 


A reindeer made from Mallory’s hand tracing when she was in grade school.  Too cute!


A vintage styrofoam star is one of several different styrofoam ornaments me and my older siblings decorated when I was around 5-6 years old, I think.  Precious!!

If I ever do have a themed tree it will HAVE to be a second tree!  There is no way I would give up the family heritage and treasured memories of my FAMILY TREE!!

Love you sweeties!! Be sure and take the time to make some wonderful memories this Christmas.  It will be 2010 before we know it!!



  1. your tree is absolutely beautiful! i keep saying now that my daugher is grown with her own child i will give her all of the ornaments we have, which are all family and they all have special memories,but you know i just can't bare the thought of not having our family tree anymore. ((hugs))

  2. I LOVE your tree Becky...and it is soo similiar to mine. I am always wanting the "themed" tree too, but can't bear not to have my old favorites and the ones I have recieved over the years and the kids made etc. I love what you said and I will call it that from now's my "family themed" tree.

    Glad you have worked yourself through your emotions. Boy, you sound like me. Harmones play a big role rather we want them to or not. But you know what, the Lord made us that way and He understands even if no one else seems to. And I am sure it is a hard time a year without your precious mom, and He understands that too, so let Him comfort you. How wonderful that you have a lifetime of joyful memories to sift through and remember until you see that face again someday.

    I hope your celebrations all go well. Enjoy them my sweet, happy friend.



  3. I love your tree!! It reminds me of our tree, filled with homemade ornaments that all mean something to us!

    I'm sorry you were having a bad week! It is a hard time to be without our loved ones, especially your mom! I hope and pray that as Christmas draws near you will be filled with happy memories and can celebrate the season with the memories you've made during the years with your mom and the rest of your family. I'll be thinking of you!!!!

  4. Love the "knitty" ornament Becky! Thanks for sharing that with me. So cute! I love how your tree turned out. Perfect with all the special ornaments.

    I know how you feel about your Mom. I had one of those days again about my Dad. Just didn't want to do anything. I just had to think of happy times with him and it made it better. I'm thinking of you dear!

    Have a great day Becky!

  5. Your tree is beautiful and bursting with memories.
    Glad your feeling better, give me an email if you have a particular prayer needed.

    Clare xx

  6. Hi Becky,
    I've never done a 'themed" Christmas tree either. I love all my ornaments and I have many passed down from my parents and my in-laws and couldn't imagine not having them on the tree especially now with their passing. My Mom did the same thing you did - many, many years ago she bought several wide yards of red felt to use as bedspreads for my brothers beds and after they left home she used one as the skirt around her Christmas tree. I have it now and use it every year. It fills in around the tree so much better than the store bought ones. Have a nice evening!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  7. Hey Beck~

    That heart with nativity has got to be my favorite! Although all of the others are priceless. The glass beads are so special!

    Praise GOD that you are feeling better.
    Keeping our thoughts on the joy that awaits us can really help.
    Love you lots.

  8. glad you're feeling better now! your tree looks awesome. so sweet to have all those memories shining brightly every time you go in that room. i agree with you on the tree skirt. they are so ridiculously expensive. i won't pay those prices.

  9. Becky, I know how you feel. I miss the ones who are not with us at Christmas, and I'm sending you hugs across the miles.

    Loved all your ornaments! They are so special, but then so are YOU!

    Glad you're doing better, precious, and I hope the season truns out to be the best one yet!


    Sheila :-)

  10. I love all your ornaments and I love it that all of them have a special meaning for you!

  11. First your Tree is gorgeous.


    I can only imagine how much you must miss your mother. My relationship with my girl is like the one you've been blessed with your Momma.

    Today our message in church was on heaven. Strange for Christmas the pastor said, but very fitting. It is sooo glorious there...mountains and crystal rivers....and of course, Jesus. I hope it soothes your spirit knowing your Mother is dwelling with the Most High.

    You are a dear soul my friend. Precious to all who know you.

    Love from my heart~


  12. Becky, I just spent the longest time writing you a comment and I am afraid I might have lost it. I will wait to see if it will show up. In short your tree is gorgeous with the special ornaments you treasure the most. I love your closeup photos of your hand made treasures by family you love.

    Thank you for the sweetest comment and sending me some of your sunshine to light up my day.

    My visiting has suffered greatly because of being out of town so much these past two months. I have truly missed you.

    Love and hugs and happy days, xoxo, Jeanne

  13. Dear Becky, I am so glad you are feeling better and that the Lord restored your joy. Your tree is just beautiful!! I love all the ornaments with memories behind them. So special and pretty. Have blessed and joyous day dear friend. Hugs, Elena

  14. To My Best Friend Forever, You and I are soul mates-kindred spirits and I love you! I laughed when I read about your tree skirt cause girl it could be kidding...I have a small handmade skirt that I did years ago but our tree is always way too big so I just got loads of matching fabric from Joannes to make it bigger.
    I really think we're
    Love you so much. Nor

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  16. I am so glad you are doing better this week. I miss my mom too. We were blessed to have wonderful mothers! Your tree is lovely, it turned out so pretty.

  17. Hey Sweet Becky,
    What would we do without our precious bloggy friends helping us through our rough patches. We all have days like that, just as long as we don't hang out in those days to long we will be OK.
    Love your tree! That is what makes Christmas special in my home is the memories I have with each ornament I place on my tree.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. I will be on Christmas break in 5 more days! YIPPEE!!!

  18. I forgot to tell you that I love your tree and all the special ornaments. They do make the best've got great pic's-I'll have to try to get some close ups.

  19. I love your tree!
    And I love all your sentimental ornaments! What a treasure! I can't think of a better theme for a Christmas tree!
    Thanks so much for sharing them and your memories and your beautiful sentiments with us.
    I fully understand your bittersweet feelings at this time. I feel the same way, and in fact, I had been very down these past few weeks for the exact same reason.
    I will keep you in my prayers.
    Love to you,

  20. Sweet Becky....

    Hmmmm....this was such a timely post for me.......I'm trying to stay "up"'s getting so close to the first anniversary of my Mum's passing....the day after Christmas last year....this will be the first Christmas without her.......and, her name was NOREEN!.....

    Big hugs to you dear one....


  21. Hello Dear Becky,
    This is one of the most heartfelt posts you have shared, I was so touched as I was reading of all the wonderful things your dear Mother made and shared. It seems she gave You and your daughters her talents and Godly example.

    Your tree is beautiful, family trees with ornaments made by loved ones and friends, are my favorite. now you see why I named my blog , Memories are always tucked away in our hearts. And you have so many.

    Noreen is a very special friend and I cherish her as well, and so are YOU!
    With much love,

  22. Your tree is beautiful, Becky! I love all the memories tied to ornaments from over the years.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your sad week...this is a hard time when you are missing someone so special. I am so glad that we have each other to lean on in these times- friends who get sad too, and can share and know that our wonderful Lord is right by our side pulling us through it- teaching us to lean on Him.

    I know for me it makes heaven even sweeter knowing that my dad is there.

    Thanks for this post, sweet friend. And thanks again for your uplifting ways that you touch my days with your words and smiles-- I can hear you smiling:)

    Happy Monday dear friend,
    ps- if you ever want a northern vacation- come on up- plenty of snow to go around!:)

  23. Your tree is absolutely beautiful Becky! I especially love the nativity your daughter made.

    You know I always think of you when I see decorations of birds. I have a friend who loves birds too. She leaves her Christmas tree up all year but when it's not Christmas she decorates it with birds instead of Christmas ornaments.

  24. Thank you for stopping by Becky! I haven't blogged in awhile. I love your blog, it feels so joyful and the ornaments are so lovely and bright!I especially enjoyed Mrs. Clause and her knitting :) Precious memories there. Merry Christmas!

  25. Beautiful tree! I love all the homemade ornaments. So special! I too "theme" my Christmas tree this way. The memories are priceless. Beautiful Becky!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous decorations! Christmas is a very hard time as memories flood us of those that are better blessed than we, sitting with Jesus.

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon
    **NEW BLOG**

  27. Hello dear friend.
    I'm sorry you had a low in life. I know those times come to us all, but they sure aren't pleasant. I'm just so thankful that there are friends and family to pray us through those times and that our wonderful Lord is so faithful and true.

    Your tree is very lovely and special!

    Do you mind emailing me your mailing address?

    Have a blessed day. Much love to a very precious friend.


  28. Hi Becky, this is Noreen's daughter... I just had to stop by... the words of kindness that you wrote about my Mom bless... thank you.

    I know my Mom counts you as a dear, precious friend and I am thankful that the Lord has brought your hearts together to challenge and encourage... God is good!

    Praying for God's blessing on your family this Christmas!

  29. Becky! I always feel like I get a big hug every time you visit my blog! I can feel the love right through the computer! You are a blessing to me! Thanks again for your sweet words!

  30. Becky~ I'm glad you are feeling better! Your tree and the ornaments are just beautiful. I have not "known" you long, but I can tell that you are a very sweet and vibrant person. A joy to know! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!! Karen

  31. What a gorgeous gorgeous tree- the kind I look at and fall in love with. Mine is nthing like that!..however it does look worse now than it did when originally put up as my 2 year old pulled it over the other day! BTW I came over from Clare's blog (she is my sis-in law)

  32. The tree is just beautiful Becky...I love each year taking out the decorations,,and remembering the time I received the ornaments..brings back such sweet memories.


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