Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Joys!

Don’t you just LOVE all the little joys that fill your days?  You know, things you love to do, items in your home that make you smile because of fond memories they hold or things you just really enjoy!! 

I’m sharing a few of mine today.

I so enjoy making my own cards.  I make all different kinds, and had the JOY of getting together with a lovely friend on Saturday and making Christmas cards.  We made cards from about 9:30 a.m. til 3:30!!  I haven’t done anything like this in so long, and it was sheer delight!

I can’t show most of them because I don’t want the recipients to see them before they arrive in their mailbox, but here is one I made for my older brother, Randy.  He loves to hunt just like my Randy, and lives in St. Louis, so I thought a snowy scene would be cool. (no pun intended!  HA!) :o)


I smiled from ear to ear ya’ll when I pulled this adorable gingerbread house Maddy made out of the box!!  It’s the one she won 1st place at the county fair with, and can’t you just see why??!!  We found the little gumdrop tree at JoAnn last year, and the little Santa in the car is a vintage ornament that Randy (my brother) gave us a long time ago.

I keep this set up low on a little serving cart so the kids who come here can enjoy it, and they love it, too!!


Maddy did such a great job with the detail! 


And I bought this poorly painted silly little bit of whimsy years ago at Big Lots for $6!  It has been an endless source of delight for my kids and all the little people who visit!
You wind it up on the bottom and the little penguins skate and slide all around to the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas!  It is so much fun to see their little faces light up!

It is all usually part of a snowy scene, but I left off the snow this year.

IMG_1303 IMG_1304

And this is one of two birdies that make me smile!
I think I got them in Mt. Dora last year.  Definitely faves of mine!


Well sweeties, I hope you take the time to truly savor the sweetness and JOY of this Christmas season, and that you share your JOY with everyone you see!

May God make His face to SHINE upon you!



  1. Thanks for visiting this morning. I enjoyed my visit here with you and seeing some of your treasures.
    I pray you have a wonderful day!
    Christmas Wishes~

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas joys with us. I love 'em all! :) Have a very bright and merry day! Love, Liesa

  3. Super, super impressed that you make your own cards and I am in love with that bird from Mt. Dora!

  4. Maddy did a great job on the house! And kudos on 1st place. Way to go on the cards. I didn't feel into that this year. Maybe next. The penguins are just too cute! But the bird is gorgeous. Love it! Thanks for sharing some of your fav's with us Becky.

    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Becky

    As always you have made me smile. I LOVE all your little Christmas joys and treasures. I am mighty impressed on your homemade cards. What a special thing that would be to receive. I am taking 3 of my grandkids for Christmas pictures today and to see the "snow" that they make at the new and gorgeous outdoor mall here. We are going to get pizza at this little restuarant there that is soo good, though I am bringing Jenny and having a salad....not time to splurge on a meal yet but it is coming, haha. I am soo looking forward to this day and just enjoying everything through their eyes. Soo much for them to see. Isn't the Lord good?? Have a merry and wonderful and happy day....Hugs, Debbie

  6. very cute! i love all your little special details. and that gingerbread house is tooo cute!

  7. Hi there, Love-I mean love-all of your decorations especially Maddy's gift of love to you and of course the penguins are so adorable. I love visiting your home-you make me smile!!!!
    hugs, Nor

  8. What a wonderful way to spend a day - making cards! I know the recipients will be thrilled! The gingerbread house is "sweet" (in so many ways)! And I love your last line: "The Lord make His face SHINE upon you...."

  9. Your blog seems like such a happy place! Glad I found it!

  10. Written with Joy and happiness as normal. Maddy is so talented and that card you made is so lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Love Clare xx

  11. Oh, I love Maddy's house, too, and all of the little special things you love. Thanks for sharing, Becky!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Very nice little (and not so little) joys! Beautiful!
    And I love your cards! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled and so touched.
    Your decorations are beautiful and I love the gumdrop tree!
    I've been looking for one!

    Love to you,

  13. Hi Dear One,
    So gifted are you, best yet you did this with a great friend, therefore making more memories. I love all your decorations,so adorable.

    Our dear ones will be in tomorrow night and we are so looking forward to spending fun time together.

    Here is wishing you and your dear family the most blessed CHRISTmas,

  14. I love the handmade card and all the wonderful Christmasy things that bring back sweet Christmas memories!:) --and make the house feel so special at this time of year!

    Thanks for showing us your special things, Becky:)

    Happy Wednesday:)


  15. beautiful! i love to look at your decorations, you are always so creative. maddie's little house is great, i can see why she won, for sure :), why no snow? i'm from newfoundland and i love the snow :)

    becky - look at my blog and read my last post called "Flat Alice Meets Pioneer Woman." if she is someone you follow, you might enjoy my friend's post i put on my blog :)

    merry christmas!

  16. I love that gumdrop tree!!! And the rest of all your cute decorations! Tell Maddy she did a great job on the house.

    And as a recipient of your BEAUTIFUL cards, I can tell you that they are so pretty I've had a hard time using them!!! But don't worry, I sent one out the other day to a friend!

    You are very talented and it shows in all you do! Hope you're having a great day and getting excited for Christmas!!!

  17. Hello Becky, all your darling Christmas treasures make me smile too. The card for your brother is darling. Did you know Randy is a family name in my family too. My father, brother, nephew all Have the sweet name of Randy, (Randall) The most wonderful men and name. I am glad you had so much fun making cards. Blessings pop up in our lives so often and many times unexpected.

    Christmas love, Jeanne

  18. I enjoyed looking at all of your ornaments and other Christmas things. The handmade cards are absolutely beautiful....what a labor of love!
    I hope your next several days are good!

  19. Hi Beck,

    Just popped on and am delighted with your post and all of your favorite things!
    Madison's house is beyond precious!
    I love the music and your ornament header.
    You just "ooze" with the talent to beautify the world around you!
    Much love ~

  20. What beautiful treats precious friends!! Love the card you made.

    You are such a joy Becky and a dear sister in Christ. I pray a wonderful JOY filled CHRISTmas for you and your family.

    Looking forward to sharing with you in 2010 Sister! Love you.

  21. Dear Becky I just loved seeing all your little joys. Making cards sound like so much fun. Hopefully in a few years I will be able to make cards with Mary. Maddy did an awesome job on the gingerbread house! I have little joys too. I shared one of them on my Christmas cactus and how it makes me think of my mom! Have a blessed day dear friend! Hugs, Elena

  22. what precious memories you have, making your own cards is one thing I have always wanted to do. I feel inspired:-)

  23. Your cards are just lovely and the little birdhouse is so sweet!

  24. Way to go Maddy!! Your gingerbread house is beautiful!!! Love your decorations Becky!!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend!!!
    Holykisses xoxo

  25. Hi Becky, My mom and dad live in Jupiter, FL, so that's where I am this week.

    Loved seeing all your little Christmas joys. I have a battery-operated skating pond that I bought years and years ago that has given us endless pleasure over the years.

  26. Hello Becky, thank you for your sweet comment. We are leaving for Fl. tomorrow so I will be taking a blog break. Enjoy the chilly weather. I remember when we lived in FL. we loved those cold days.

    May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

    Christmas love and hugs, Jeanne

  27. Becky, I'm dropping by today in case I can't get by tomorrow or Friday to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Sending you love across the miles and praying blessings on you and yours.

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)


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