Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall In My Neighborhood


Would you just look at that gorgeous blue sky?  Is it any wonder that I LOVE my life in Florida??!!  I was born here,  have lived in 4 other states, and the only one I LOVED enough to say that I might move back to is Alabama…LA…lower Alabama!! 


Yep!!  This is my neighborhood all dressed up for fall!!  Beautiful green everywhere!!  Me and Maddy went for a bike ride in the cool morning air yesterday, so I decided to give you a glimpse of fall in my subdivision!IMG_0395

I do not know the name of this tree, but it busts out with lovely golden blossoms to give us a bit of fall show!!  When the wind blows it looks like it is raining yellow as the blossoms are small.   I LOVE
trees of all kinds as you’ll see!!

There is a little birdy singing his heart out up there in the middle on one of the top branches!  Birds bring me great joy, and I love observing them from time to time.   A different one flew off when I stopped my bike and I snapped the next photo. 


Isn’t this a cool shot?  Birds can look so unusual from the underside!  I wonder if the white areas are some kind of protective design? 


I love the shape of this next tree!  It is just so perfect and pretty!


This tree is called a bottle brush tree and is one of my all time faves.  We had one in our yard down in Miami when I was growing up.  When Maddy was younger she forgot the name and asked if it was the toilet-scraper tree!!!  LOL!!  The blossoms are bright magenta and shaped like the old baby bottle brushes.  This one kind of resembles a weeping willow.


This little tree cracks me up!  We call it the mushroom tree.  It is quite large and the people have always trimmed it like this!  Now that’s a job in itself!


A view down the road the entry is on.


Heading back towards my culdesac.  It’s up just past that gray house in the far center.


Riding up to our humble abode!  Yep…that’s my little vrrrooom Camry!  It’s a 1998 and I love it!  I’m pretty low maintenance, ladies, and once it’s paid for I keep it until it dies!!


Hope you enjoyed coming along for a ride through my neighborhood!!  If I can ever get the right lighting for pictures, I will show you the “FALL” inside my home.

Have a wonderful Friday and a glorious weekend, sweet friends!  Get outside and enjoy the FALL OF IT ALL!!!!  We need at least 20 minutes of sunshine a day to keep up our vitamin D and build our immune systems!!

Love ya!!




  1. Hey, I was happy to see the bottle brush tree. I haven't seen one of those since I left Florida and we had them everywhere in Homestead. Takes me back..... enjoyed the tour.


  2. First....I love your new header on your blog favorite season.
    I I enjoyed the ride in your beautiful neighborhood...I too love to take in EBERYTHING when I am out...these past months I have been having to get my Vitamin D in a capsule every week.....
    I would gladly come along with you if I was able..
    love and hugs

  3. The mushroom tree is hysterical!!! And here's a few silly questions, what does the temperature do in the fall and even winter?? Can you still have flowers blooming? I have no clue!! And have always wondered.

    Enjoy your day!!! And weekend!

  4. Hi Becky, Both of us posted on the outdoors today-isn't that cool! I loved seeing your neighborhood and the only things better would be to be on the bike ride with you. Have an incredible weekend my friend.

  5. Oh, I love seeing where you live!!! What a sweet neighborhood!! I haven't seen a bottle brush tree since I was a little girl in our yard in CA. That brought back tons of memories about where I grew up - there were palm trees in my old neighborhood as well. Now we have maples and LOTS of fir trees here in WA.

    Please if you think of it - continue to pray for Gunnar - he develpoed an infection and he won't be getting out yet - so Cinnamon is still stuck there halfway home!!

  6. My favorite thing to do is a neighborhood drive! I go for cheap entertainment! but you need to look around ya know! And I am a HUGE fan of ALison Krauss! well done on that!Have a great day!

  7. Becky, You live in a lovely neighborhood. And your house is FAB!!!

    Isn't it wonderful just to go around and see what is around you at a slower pace. I have to do that at times also. Otherwise we just end up missing everything. Love all the trees! The bottle brush and mushroom trees are just FAB!!! Thanks for sharing dear!!!

    Off to make cookies! We are doing a full blown baking thing today for lessons. The girls are giddy! So am I!!!

    I hope you have a most wonderful weekend Becky!!


  8. Becky, I love your neighborhood! I was outside yesterday evening working in the yard. It was just so beautiful out there. I love the fall weather. Cool crisp nights and warm sun shiny days. I'm like you, I love to get outside and enjoy this beautiful world! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Elena

  9. Very pretty Fall banner on your blog!

    Thanks for the ride around your neighborhood with your daughter! This was fun!
    All the best,

  10. Hi Becky!

    What a yummy neighborhood. I love it. It just looks like a happy place to be. And, you home? How BEEEEE-U-TI-FUL! I think I could probably fit my whole cottage into half of the bottom level! :-) I had a Camry was quite a while ago and much older than yours! Gosh, that little car just went on forever. I think it was ten years old when I sold it and I still got 5,000 for it! What a deal.

    Have a lovely weekend sweet gal!


    PS....Thanks for the kudos on the slippie....:-)

  11. Yes, wonderful! At LEAST 20 minutes! We got ours today in this delightful cool, yet not too cool, weather we are having. The sun warms us up just enough to stave off a jacket, but the breeze is refreshing.

  12. that was a magnificent shot of the bird! i bet professional photographers would kill for a shot like that! your neighborhood is very cute. it's so green and landscaped nicely through out.

  13. Enjoyed the trip around your neighborhood! Trees can be so interesting. We have bottle brush in California. I think one of the homes we rented had one in the backyard if I remember right. It has been so long since we lived in that house. It was 1981-1986 that we were there. Uh-oh, we just felt an earthquake just now at 7 pm our time. Gotta check out the earthquake center to find out how strong it was.

  14. This was a great way to enjoy a bike ride from my computer chair. I loved seeing your lovely neighborhood. I am a big tree lover too and today our windows are all covered with plastic for painting tomorrow so I cannot see out. It is weird...I miss them. Several times I had to just go out and see them. I could never live in a basement~that is what this feel like! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I love your that Nicole Nordeman I am hearing? I love her song called Legacy. One of my favorites.

  15. PS. Your home is gorgeous...great windows!

  16. I'm back. It was a 2.9 center 5 miles west of us. The actual time it hit was at 7:01. My chair jiggled as I was typing the previous comment then I turned to look at the lamp clamped to my sewing table and it was swaying. A very strange feeling. Even though we live in earthquake area, we don't feel them that often. The last one I remember was in August 2006 for around here. That one sent us scrambling for the door frames and we found things that fell for a few weeks afterwards.

  17. Hi Miss Becky,
    Looks like a fun ride around the neighborhood.
    I miss riding bikes we haven't done it in such a long time. I think hubby is afraid to take me after my rather scary over the handlebars
    accident a few years back. Am looking forward
    to seeing your Fall pics, course, I have already seen them up close and personal, but I think you should share them cause your house looks gorgeous. You are a talented decorating and crafting guru!! lol About the guru part
    not the talented decorating and crafting!! ha
    Have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks for your great enthusiasm over another big
    step done on the tile! We like to use any excuse we can to celebrate.
    Love ya Chickie, Nellie

  18. love those trees that mushroom tree is funny, must be quite the job to keep it that way.You have a lovely neighborhood looks very peaceful. Wish I could peddle along with you:-)I am off to get the ingredients for your baked potato soup:-)

  19. Hi Becky,
    Thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your neighborhood looks wonderful. I love all the different trees, too cool. I cannot believe you got a shot of that bird, wonderful photo! Have a great weekend.

  20. Hi Becky...

    Aren't you just the SWEETEST little thing....Thanks so much for visiting. I'm so sorry about your Mom too...


  21. Hello!!! Just wanted you to know that, 'A' I lost your email address and 'B' I made the soup today and it was FABULOUS!!! Wanted to send you an email and let you know but this will have to do!!!! Thanks a bunch for the delicious recipe and sooooo easy!!!!

  22. It IS green! Love that blue sky. It's been gray here for days on end and chilly...40's right now. It was only 52 for a high today. We have Fall color really starting to pop. Thanks for the idea of taking a neighborhood tour! That mushroom bush is way funny. How fun to "see" your area...thanks for sharing.

  23. Good morning Becky. I am back from Atlanta and exhausted but helping my sisters move their antique business was a wonderful time with my darling youngest sisters. It was very hard work and my muscles screamed at me. STOP!!! LOL.I will post it on Thurs. or Fri.

    I saw that you went to Renningers in Mt. Dora. I have been there MANY times. That was one of my favorite places to buy for my antique business. My sisters would come down to Fl. and we shopped til we dropped. That hill back up to the parking area is a killer.

    Anyway, back to your wonderful bike ride. I am so familiar with all the trees etc. The yellow blooming tree is called a rain tree. Maybe that isn't the official name, but that is what I've heard people call it. Is that your home in the last photo? It is beautiful. Thanks for a great ride through your neighborhood.

    Have a wonderful day with lots of sunshine.

    Hugs, Jeanne


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