Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Vintage Finds!!


When me and Maddy headed out to our favorite little shop in Deland a few weeks back, I found a few treasures that just made my heart leap for JOY!

First up is this vintage French sheet music, and vintage hymnal.


The music is wonderfully tattered and losing it’s binding…hence it’s charmIMG_0730 

 It wasn’t marked with a price so I “stole” it for $1!!  More soul delight!!IMG_0731

 I wonder what wonderfully talented musician’s hands turned these pages through the years…Won’t be too long until it’s 100 years old!  Maybe many different hands…maybe even a small French child…OH, can’t you just picture it??IMG_0733

I do not play an instrument myself, but I love looking at musical notes!!  I think they’re so pretty!!



Next is this lovely vintage hymnal!  I have it opened to my most favorite hymn of all…  IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!! 

The edges of the pages are golden with age and add so much to it’s vintage look!IMG_0727 

Love this embossed lyre, too!IMG_0741 

 1935…I wasn’t even a twinkling in my Mother’s eye yet then!!  In fact, she was only 6 years old when this was published!! IMG_0740 

And lastly, this wonderful linen map of my home state, Florida and the islands in the surrounding Atlantic ocean and Caribbean!!  I LOVE this!!  I don’t know if it is really old or not, but it sure has tons of visual appeal and a vintage look!



Love this little mermaid!  IMG_0737

And this little compass!!


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this, but it may become a pillow.  I may be starting up on online pillow boutique!  We’ll see!  Pray for wisdom for this decision for me, OK?

Hope you enjoyed my pretties!!
Have a glorious weekend and spread some of your sunshine around!!



  1. Dear Becky your finds are just beautiful! I love old music too! That fabric map is so charming. I will pray with for the your pillow venture. I'm sure you would be very good at it! Have blessed and fun weekend. Love, Elena

  2. Hi, Becky... love your finds! Are you going to frame that sheet music? I see that done frequently with vintage sheet music.

    That hymn is one of my favorites, too, and isn't it fun to find a hymnal of that vintage???

    Love your linen map. I think that would be a swell pillow.

    Will pray for you to make the right decision about the boutique.


    Sheila :-)

  3. What wonderful things you and Maddy found--and what a fun hobby that the two of you share. My tween loves looking at antiques and collectibles with me and it's such a special time.


  4. I think I was just as excited as you while I was reading this! Great finds!

    I love old hymnals and sheet music!

  5. Hey girl, you scored!
    Looooove the french sheet music.
    I'm soooo smiling!
    Holykisses xoxo

  6. Hi Becky,
    Great finds, I loved them all. My dh's favorite song is" It is well with my soul." I know you might think this is silly, but I love the smell of old vintage things such a books. I especially loved the linen map. Will help you pray bout this decision. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Hi Becky I love your vintage finds. One of the best parts of finding these little treasures is the excitement we feel when we discover them, don't you think? I love It Is Well too. My kids and I love the Audio Adrenalin version!

  8. Great vintage finds, Becky! With the hymnal, it does make you wonder about who used it through the years:)

    Have a great weekend!!


  9. Hi dear friend, Love the goodies you found...oh my how nice they will look in your nest. Hope you have an awesome, joy-filled, sky high weekend and that His blessings fall on you and yours.
    Big hugs today,

  10. I love what you found!!! Especially the hymn book! I love the old hymns! And miss singing them. Seems we're getting away from singing them in church now and that bothers me.

    Hope you have a great weekend! We started our construction project a few weeks ago and things are a mess in the house, but it's an exciting mess! i'll post pictures soon!

  11. Forgot to thank you for your prayers for Michael. The blood work looks like it came out pretty good. Went back to the specialist and he's pretty convinced it's his allergies.

    Thank you for praying!!!

  12. Wonderful finds! The hymnal is very cool as is the old piece of sheet music. So fun. It is well is a beautiful song. I have to watch it with music or it could pretty much consume my whole living space! Hope your weekend has started off well.

  13. Hi sweet little Becky....

    Oh what FABULOUS finds....especially the hymnal. I love that hymn too...AND I love to tell the story....I'd have brought that one home with me too. I went to The Funky Junk Sisters sale tonite...they had four beensie little bibles tied together....twenty dollars. I stood there and debated....then I thought I'd go back and get them and didn't remember until I got home. I so wish I'd have gotten them. Darn. I almost NEVER pass up a bible or vintage Christian items. I adore them.

    The linen was a super-duper find too! How special.

    Now, about making pillows for Etsy.....I vote YES! How lovely. I'm encouraging you!

    Big hugs.........have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Oh Becky I just loved all of this!! How fun..I love your thoughts on whose hands have touched thast music and whose eyes have read those notes. That hymn book reminds me of being a little girl. The books on the backs of the pews looked just like this. I love that hymn too!! though my all time fav has got to How Great Thou Art. All this has put an extra smile to my happy heart this morning. Have a great day..Debbie

  15. I love looking at all the old books, writings, etc. also. And the smell! Awesome! It always reminds me of when I was little sitting in the library at school getting lost in the books. FAB!

    About the linen. Personally, I would add a wee bit of embroidery to it and turn it into a pillow for yourself. That would look so pretty! And it would always remind you of the place you love so much!

    Hope your weekend is going well dear! Just super here. Everyone is fed and full, clothes are all clean, yada, yada, yada. Now it's back for some more yarn time! :)

    Love and hugs!

  16. i love the music, becky! i had an aunt who died when she was 92 - this was about 25 years ago - and i got some old music sheets from her stash. my favorite is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but she had some a lot that were older than that. so...i really like the piece and the hymnal you found :). thanks for sharing them with us!

  17. Oh Becky, what wonderful finds!! What fun to treasure hunt with your daughter!! I love thrifting with Ruthie!! We find stuff to laugh about and find treasures for each other - it's a special time as I'm sure it is with you and Maddy!! I think a pillow would be a really fabulous idea for your linen map!! Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!! Have a wonderful day of worship tomorrow!!!


  18. I love your treasures! Great finds!

    I like the idea of another commenter who said something about framing some of the music notes. I've also seen where some bloggers have used these music sheets to decoupage furniture and it looks beautiful.
    I think I might find it hard to pull apart an old book though. But if it's put to good use, and many people can have access to it's beauty in another form I guess it's well worth it.
    Enjoy your beautiful finds!
    Great post!
    Love you,

  19. Hi Becky,
    Lovely finds and the book is beautiful.
    Enjoy your day and keep creating.

  20. Becky, beautiful vintage finds. Don't you just love wondering about the history of things like this? I do for sure. What treasures you have found.

    I am thankful to be catching up again with blogs of my sweet friends. Honestly running too fast over here but no options right now. I hope you are well.

    Love you,


  21. Ohhhhh...great finds sweet friend. I have several hymnals (they were all in the family) but nothing as sweet as this. AND I do love to tell the story and it is always well with my soul. God is good to me like that.

    (((hugs))) I'll buy pillows from you if you start.

  22. What fun finds, I love the sheet music... I wonder where all it has traveled to and from? Awesome idea on the pillow online store. I'm always looking for interesting, different throw pillows. Great idea.
    Love you,

  23. I'm late getting here but I sure enjoyed your awesome finds,'s extra special when it touches our hearts in someway, isn't it?

    blessings and hugs,


  24. Hello Becky, I have missed visiting you my sweet friend. Life is busy here in the mountains. We still have company too. But life is good!!

    We will meet our puppy on Friday. We can't take her home yet but seeing her will be so much fun. New photos on Saturday. Cheri Carmin your mommy and daddy are coming soon. Are we totally smitten or what? Laughing here.

    Love your sheet music finds. How fun to think of the history behind that music. I love the hunt for vintage goodies. Enjoy your sheet music. Frame some of it.

    Sending sunshine to you Becky. Which is a pretty good trick, since we haven't seen the sun all day!!!

    Hugs,xoxo, Jeanne

  25. oh Becks you did get some great the hymnbook...and don't gasp...but with the aged looking pages I might be tempted to put some in a picture frame and hang them up.....
    thanks for sharing...


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