Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thanksgiving Countdown!!

Happee Saturday, sweet friends!!

Can you believe that tomorrow is November 1st????? I, for one, cannot!!  Where has the year gone???

As one who can allow things to stack up a bit at holiday time, my goal this year is to DE-STRESS the holidays at our home!!


Sounds good, huh?



WELL…I am going to do 1-2 posts each week dedicated to this end!  They will include decorating tips, planning help, and of course menus and recipes!!

We have a crowd over here each Thanksgiving (although last year we snuck over to Texas!! hee-hee!)  I want to make an extra effort to make this Thanksgiving especially lovely and visually appealing without added stress!!


Let’s get started!!!

We don’t do Halloween here at our casa, but LOVE decorating for fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Lots of people have just been too busy to get their fall decorations out, BUT there is still time!!!!

Pumpkins and gourds are great to decorate with, and add so much to an entryway or vignette, and are a real guest pleaser!!

Here are some neat ideas from Better Homes and Gardens for a bit more primitive use of these seasonal wonders!!  BHG is a great online resource for lots of neat ideas!!  You can click the link, scroll through the slideshow and get instructions on how to do these if you’d like!

Simply painted with cute folk art designs


 I absolutely LOVE this idea!!  So whimsical and silly!  Make a LACE FACE!!!


This is really neat and so original!  Just nail small pumpkins to a board, and make quilt designs with a black sharpie!! 



A close up of the designs


Another adorable face made with metal jewelry findings!!  How cute would it be to make a few of these in different sizes and line them up??!!  Those grandies would love them!!


An assortment just displayed randomly on shelves
with big eye appeal!



And last but not least, this beautiful paper cutwork pumpkin!  Might want to use one of the flameless candles in this one!


Taking the stress out of the holidays helps us to focus more fully on their meaning, and to really enjoy the presence of loved ones and friends.

Preparations need not be extravagant to be welcoming and help set a tone for these special days!!

Love n Hugs to you!!!


  1. Those are fabulous ideas. Do you ever go to The Olde Green Cupboard? I used to work there. They have wonderful primitive, neat things.

  2. Great ideas!
    And I am so with you about de-stressing the holidays! I've have scaled back so much over the years and continue to do so!
    It makes it all so much more enjoyable!

    Have a great weekend!
    Thanks for the tips!
    Love to you,

  3. Hello Becky, I am all for de-stressing the holidays. I, for one, am taking a huge change to save stress. We are going to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving and Kissimmee for Christmas. Our daughters can't wait to entertain US for a change. I will still decorate because I can't help myself. LOL. But not as much as usual.

    I love your fall ideas from the magazine so much. I especially love the lace and jewelry faces. Very different and clever.


    Love ya! Jeanne

  4. Hello beautiful Sister! I don't do halloween over at my casa either and I love the first photo! I really have never thought to decorate for harvest although I love seeing those decorations that others have. I do enjoy simple Christmas decorations in our home. I will be popping in on your for ideas.

    Love and hugs.

  5. we don't celebrate halloween either. fall & harvest of course! Thanksgiving and Christmas definitely! i can't wait until Thanksgiving. I have so much to do! LOL. woo hoo!

  6. De-stressing sounds really good after this past week! I'll have to come up with something for the few pumpkins I "saved" last night. Love the ideas you shared. I just might have to use one of them. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend Becky! Can't wait to see what other ideas you come up with & share!

    Love & hugs dear!

  7. Hi Becky, don't decorate or really "do" Halloween here either, but my house is all about Fall right now. Pumpkins, arrangements, candles etc. Soo fun. I love your idea of the lacy face pumpkin. It's darling. The grandkids are all coming over here tonight as the church harvest celebration they usually do was cancelled and they wanted to dress up anyway. So off to Grandma & Grandpa's they go. I am excited as always to see them. Might show them off to a neighbor or two as well. Will be careful with candy though cuz lots of grandkids and lots of candy don't really go together well, haha I am soo excited for Thanksgiving too, though this morning my heart is kind of sad as Mel told me she is not spending the whole day here as they had planned. She is going to see Mike's grandparents on the day as well as Mike is really wanting to see his grandparents. His grandfather has recently been diganosed with terminal lung cancer, so of course I totally understand his need to see him. There are also new babies on his side etc. as well. It is just so hard. I do understand, really I do, but it doesn't make it any easier. It's just now how I saw the day. They will be here for 4 days, but the other days will be spent at his mom's, and some of their friends. Mike has not been back in a year, and I do get it. They will stay here, and I will see them too of course, but it is just hard for me. I would appreciate a prayer or two that I might have a cheerful attitude, and not make Mel feel bad. It occurred to me this morning as I was in the middle of my pity party that I might give this all to the Lord. So I have, now I just have to not snatch it back. haha Your blog was cheery and fun and it is just what I needed, so thanks....I will be watching for your food tips. I like to have and try new and different things along with all the traditional favorites. Have a great week-end Becky.....blessings to you, Deb

  8. all these pumpkins are beautiful, but i really like that last one the best! i'd love to have one like it - what fun! happy fall, becky! (i love your new topper)

  9. I awoke this morning thinking "Wow, two months from today will be New Year's Day 2010". Iow, I will turn around twice and it'll be here, lol!

    Looking forward to the ideas you are going to share.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Becky!

  10. Hi, Becky! Loved seeing these cute decorations. I don't decorate for Halloween, either, but I love a cute pumpkin. Can't wait to get on the Christmas bandwagon, though, because that's what I really love.


    Sheila :-)

  11. Hey Beck,

    I love your Birdie Heading!
    And that photo of wild flowers is sooooooo relaxing.
    What is it about white pumpkins this year?
    Or are they white gourds in pumpkin shape?
    Don't think I've noticed them before and they are certainly in fashion right now.

    Can't wait to see ALL of your handiwork at the Banquet! We can always count on you for the LOVELIEST Centerpieces!!!
    Thank you for generously using your many gifts.
    Love you lots!

  12. Hi Becky! I'm determined to have a wonderful Christmas despite hubby not being home. I'm still planning on having the whole family over Christmas Day and we'll get in touch with Phil on the computer and everyone can chat with him a bit and we'll try and make him a part of the day.

    Love the pictures you posted. What great ideas people come up with!!! Looking forward to all your posts in the coming weeks!!

    Hope your weekend was great!

  13. Dear Becky, Thank you for some many wonderful ideas. I can't wait until Thanksgiving too. We are having our dinner at our house. The first time for us as we always go to Rich's folks but they are going to be out of town. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend dear friend! Hugs, Elena

  14. Hello Dear becky,
    I love the fall decorations, and am looking forward to all the tips that you are going to share, my favorite one is the folk art. We don't do halloween either but like you enjoy decorating for fall.

    Again I can't tell you how much your words of encouragement meant to me the other day, You will never know how much I appreciate your love and support.You have been and still are such a blessing. And Missy don't be surprised if you hear a ring real soon.
    Love you,

  15. Yes, yes, let's de-stress! Ha. I'm up for simplicity in the holidays, with lots of time for talking and enjoying each other's company. Love the pumpkins, very cute!

  16. I'm planning a Thanksgiving dinner at home with some friends, so maybe your ideas might help me with it! Thanks.
    Gracie at

  17. Happy fall, Becky! I love these ideas :)

  18. Hey Sweet Becky!
    Thanks so much for sharing the fun and neat ideas to decorate with.
    I too don't decorate for Halloween, BUT I do love fall decorating.
    Hugs to you. Have a blessed week.

  19. Oops. Forgot to tell you how much I love your new header. Love that verse too.

  20. I have holiday-itis already. I'm like a little kid and get so excited planning and purchasing, comingup with new recipe ideas and the aniticaption of it all! I think sometimes the anticipation is the best!

    Smiles, Nancy

  21. Those pumpkins are all so cute!

    I'm all for de-stressing the holidays! Last year ours was pretty calm and I'd like a repeat this year!

    Looking forward to your tips!

  22. Just wanted to say you won the blog candy on my blog, get in touch when you can to sort out posting details.


  23. Hi Becky!
    I've been meaning to stop in and say hello for a while, and finally got to it!! I LOVE your blog. How did you find mine? Please visit me again...Those pumpkin photos are wonderful.
    Love, Debra

  24. Very cute ideas!

    pk @ Room Remix

  25. Let the de-stressing begin! Love the pumpkins, Becky!

  26. Hello my sunshine girl. I am missing you. I know your next post will be terrific just like you. Keep on de-stressing. I am trying to do the same. Love the song. My heart does belong to Jesus. Sunshine everyday!!!

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  27. Becky, yesterday I went to The Olde Green Cupboard. Did I tell you I am spending the week in JAX? My daughter lives just a few blocks from there. I just read AllyJo's comment. I have many wonderful items from that store.

    Hugs again, Jeanne

  28. Hi Becky!

    Yep, I'm with Halloween here either. I love those pumpkins...I can't remember who did it, but a little blogger did a pumpkin with sunflowers for the was a hoot. :-)

    De-stressing? I'm in! HELP! I'm such a procrastinator, so I'm always trying to finish things up at the last minute! YIKES...

    Huggies and Lovies,

  29. Becky, I'm back to tell you I have something on my post for you. If this is stressful don't even think about it. NO STRESS ALLOWED HERE. BIG smile.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  30. Hello my dear friend! I know it's been a long time. I took a little...OK a long break from blogging. I'm back with a fresh mind and heart.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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