Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of Celebrating!!

Wow!!  I can hardly believe it!!  Today is the celebration of two hearts and lives uniting in matrimony and surviving  thriving in spite of all the ups and downs life has thrown in our path.

Making it to this 30 year mark would not have been possible if not for the grace of God, who brought us from death to life in Him.  Thank You Lord!!  All the glory belongs to YOU!


I did a post last year of our story and you can read all about it here:


This wonderful man is the cream in my coffee, the love of my life, my best-best friend, my confidant,
loves me and always has just for being silly ol’ very imperfect…ME, and we love each other more today than EVER!!

One morning last week after he turned off the alarm clock, he rolled over, snuggled against me and whispered in my ear…  “Have you ever thought about how long I have loved you?”  SIGH………………………….


Aren’t those just THE most dreamy words???  I can tell you they just filled this gal’s heart with such delight!!  My cup ranneth over!!

What a wonderful hubby he is!  I am so blessed!!

And he is also a warm loving father even in spite of the hormonal opposition, the next photo says it all!!  LOL!!!! and it doesn’t even include the menopausal one!!


He is the rock of this family, and after our anniversary today…tomorrow is his birthday!!

So today I celebrate not only my happy marriage to this wonderful man, I celebrate HIM, and how blessed we are to have him as the head of our family!!

I love you, Ran, and look forward with great anticipation to all the future holds for us!!  



Love you my friends!  Thanks for sharing in our happiness!!




  1. Happy Anniversary filled with abundant blessings and graces for today and for always. Congratulations!

  2. Darling Becky, I think that your original story of your heart pendant on Show-and-Tell Friday was the first time I visited your blog, and I was hooked from then! The story of such a wonderful and enduring love made an incredibly uplifting and inspiring story, and it has been the same way ever since. Much love to you and your squeeze, and your precious family, now and always - hope you have a wonderful anniversary and many, many more blessed years together x x

  3. Hi Becky and happy anniversary! What a lovely family you have and I'm thinking ~ what a wonderful hubby you have. You two look so precious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :

  4. Happy Anniversary! How exciting. 30 years!! and a big Happy Birthday to your hubby as well :)

  5. Happy anniversary! Beautiful family. Wonderfully moving post, such a sweet husband!

  6. happy anniversay 30 years wow, how wonderful. YOu have a beautiful family , such pretty girls:-) Bet they are all daddy's girls too. :-)

    Enjoy your day you two:-)

  7. Congratulations, Becky but with such lovely ladies, it's no wonder he managed so well! Think you were both a gift to each other!

    blessings and hugs,


  8. Hi Becky,
    A very happy anniversary to you and Randy! I just read your "Love Story" and I am sitting at my computer at work with tears in my eyes, I hope no ones walks by my office (LOL).I love a good "romantic story". I'd say you have true love and have set a wonderful exsample for your girls. Gary and I have been married 33years you are catching up to us.
    I hope you go out tonight and celebrate with a wonderful dinner.
    Big hugs,

  9. Happy Anniversary! God surely Blessed you both with many wonderful years together, and a beautiful family!
    God's Blessings for you to enjoy many more years together, and to create many more memories to cherish!
    Love and Prayers,

  10. Happy Anniversay. May you continue to grow with each other with God as your guide.

    What happiness is captured in the photos.

    Clare xxx

  11. Happy Anniversary Aunt Becky! I hope you have a great day and tell Uncle Randy Happy Birthday for me! Love you guys!!!

  12. Dear Becky and Randy, your love story is an inspiration to others. You both have made a wonderful life together for 30 years and that includes your beautiful daughters. A loving and sincere happy 30th anniversary. Happy Birthday to Randy as well. You know Randy is a family name in our family and anyone with that name has to be the best there is!!!
    You are both a blessing to each other, that is obvious.

    Wishing you a sunshine day and many more happy years together.

    Love and hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  13. Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!!! What a lucky girl you are! Randy is pretty darn lucky to have you also!!! Hope you had a Super day! Wishing you both many more with each other. :)

    And Happy Birthday Randy!!! Hope tomorrow is as great a day as today!


  14. Happy Anniversary, Becky!! Wow- a happy week all around with your hubby's birthday tomorrow too!

    I went back and read the pendant story - so sweet!

    And I noticed the scripture passage from I Cor.13 in the picture with your rings... those are sure the right words to live by for a happy marriage:)

    Your daughters are just lovely- just look at those smiles with their daddy!

    Happy, happy day my dear friend.

    Love ya!


  15. So beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary...and I love his sweet words to you.

  16. Happy Anniversary Becky!! I think it is so cool that you two got married the same year as we did. I still can't believe it has been 30 years for us as well. Hope you had a great day! You have such a lovely family.

  17. Hi Miss Becky and Mr. Randy,
    Happy 30th anniversary to you and your honey!!
    What a lovely tribute and love your last year story. How neat you gave Becky that necklace and that she has kept it all these years and better yet that you kept your promise all these years. Course, what is not to love about Miss Becky!!
    Hope you guys have the most wonderful time together and have a celebration sent straight from heaven to you both!!
    May you have many, many, many more Grand years ahead, with Jesus the best is always yet to come.
    Love you guys, Nellie and Jim

  18. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post!

    If my husband rolled over in bed and said that to me I would reach for a thermometer. You are sooooo blessed!

  19. Happy Anniversary Becky! This is a lovely tribute to your husband. My husband and I just celebrated 33 years, so I can relate to how blessed you feel.

    I love the photo of your family--your daughters are beautiful. I hope you have this one framed and on display at home.

  20. Becky, I just wrote a big long comment and lost it so if it comes up twice you'll know why.

    This is a wonderful post about you both and what a gorgeous bunch of girls you have. And to think he still has Emily and you~Randy is one lucky guy! I am sure he doesn't lack for pampering with all his girls. And I am more than sure he deserves it.

    You have a beautiful love story..then and now. If I had to pick one favorite pop song I think it would be You Are The Sunshine of My it. It suits you so are the sunshine in a lot of people's lives,girlfriend!
    Happy Anniversary and many many more.

  21. You guys are almost exactly one year behind my hubbs and me! Congrats to you sweet friend. May God continue to bless and bless and direct your every step.

    Isn't it wonderful to be in love with someone who love God? Yes! Yes it is!

    Love to you...(both of you!)


  22. Sweet and dear Becky....

    Oh my goodness......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! How very wonderful. And, I must say, it's a good thing you weren't in that picture as well......all that stunningness in one picture and then your beauty on top of it? Holy cow, how much can one gal take...?? :-) I'd have had to put on my sunglasses! I'm not surprised your children are so beautiful with parents like you and your hubbs.

    I hope you had the most wonderful day...when you have a darling hubby who still says such sweet things to you after all these years, I'm sure it was!

    My DH and I will celebrate our 12 year anni on Sunday.......

    Hugs to you dear one...

  23. Happy anniversary to both of you! Having celebrated our 25th anniversary this year, I can relate to your happiness very well.
    And happy birthday to your man too!
    Gracie at

  24. Happy Anniversary Becky and Randy!! What a wonderful blessing from God to be together for 30 years!! Love the precious pictures Becky!! Happy Birthday to your hubby too!!

    Blessings and Hugs ~T

  25. Happy Anniversary! What sweet words " long I've loved you."

    My hub and I have hit that milestone as well! Praise GOD.

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  27. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead.

  28. BECKY! WHAT A LOVE STORY! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! WHEN MARRIAGE IS GOOD... LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER ISNT IT? Thank God! My husband and I have been married 18 years and I have to say it does not even feel like it! We are blessed!Have a lovely weekend!

  29. Happy Anniversary Becky! That is awesome, 30 years. You are such a lovely couple and you can see the love and affection on your faces! I am so happy for you. Your family is lovely! Hugs, Elena

  30. Happy Anniversary, Becky! That is the sweetest post ever about your husband. I hope he knows he has the sweetest wife in the world, too!


    Sheila :-)

  31. A glorious good morning to you Becky. I came over to say hello because I am enjoying some wonderful computer time. Lately I have just not had time to visit as much as I like.

    I scrolled down to see what I have missed and I am so happy I did. Your beautiful little fairy is just so cute in her fairy costume. You captured her so well Becky. I love your fairy post. Our grands are the most wonderful gift from God. Her BIG smile gives me a happy heart.

    The cloud photo in the shape of a heart is awesome too. The sweet church is a common sight around here. Little churches everywhere.

    To quote you my dear friend. Have a sunshine day.

    Hugs and love, Jeanne

  32. WOW Beck!
    I rejoice with you sweet friend.
    God has truly done a great thing.
    May the next 30 years "blow your socks off!"

    Love always!

  33. Hi Becky
    Happy 30th anniversary to the two of you and happy birthday to your hubby, too!

  34. Hi dear friend, Even though I already wished you a wonderful day, you have to tell Randy that I think he is the best(after my sweet man); we are both so blessed!!! I pray you find a very special way to celebrate and that the Lord blessed you with many, many more years of bliss.
    Hugs, Noreen

  35. Goodness gracious...Happy 30th anniversary to you both! Your husband sounds like a wonderful husband and father!

  36. 30 yrs...that is awesome! Congrats...that's a lot of yrs of love. ; ) (that was precious of him to say) I thought 17 yrs was on up there.
    I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend celebrating, with his birthday and all.

  37. What a beautiful tribute to your husband! You both look so beautiful in your picture! And your girls are just adorable. I pray the Lord will bless you with many more happy years. It's obvious you've made Him a part of your marriage! Enjoy your time away!

  38. Happy Anniversary, Becky! Wow --- 30 years! My DH and I have you beat by only 10 months. Wishing you another wonderful 30 and beyond! Great post and happy birthday to your husband as well. I know you were the best birthday present EVER!


  39. Oh Becky what can I say..Gosh two people that have shared such a beautiful life together.Through this beautiful life of you and Ron are the beautiful children..How happy I am for you..You where one of my first friends when I started blogging..I never really had that many friends that I made but you are for sure a friend.Please continue to stop by whenever you can.I hope to built my blogging friends up this time..It is just so hard to try and post something that someone else is interested in..After awhile it just really takes its toll on you..I am going to give it another try.
    Thanks for coming bye with such a sweet message..
    Happy Birthday Ron

  40. Love to you and your beautiful your marriage and I just want you to know I can feel the love and happiness within you all clear over here in Kansas. May you be blessed with many, many more years ahead!

    Hugs, Love & Kisses!!!!!

  41. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a wonderful testimony!

    Blessing to you and hubby!!



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