Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Cottage/Bungalow Love!!!


As most of you know, I LOVE to take drives and look at homes and landscaping!  Me and Maddy drove to nearby Sanford and went to the historic neighborhoods and snapped some photos for YOU!!


Come enjoy the drive with us!! 

Some of the streets these homes are on are brick and so very charming!.   IMG_0341_2



The city installed vintage look lighting to add visual appeal.  So cute!!IMG_0338


 I wish I had gotten a better shot of this front porch.  It is decorated so nicely with sweet wicker sitting areas complete with table and lamps!



This next one is quite grand and it was hard to get a good pic of the whole house.  I LOVE the cross and sun above the steps, and this porch is awesome!  And OF COURSE, gotta love the white picket fence!!

So much potential for added loveliness here! IMG_0360_2


This one is perfectly charming and again the front porch is done so well, but I couldn’t capture it for you.  The front door is beautiful wood and probably original!  Wish you could see it better!



Another little beauty with some touches of red brick, pretty red door and a swing!  Would love to justa swing right there wouldn’t you?IMG_0344_2 

This next one is in process, and just waiting for someone to LOVE all over it!!  I love the side porch!  Perfect for an outdoor room! IMG_0345_2


I will leave you with this amazing beauty!!  Isn’t it just divine??!!  What a charmer!!  Love that balcony with french doors!!  Awesome craftsmanship!


Fun to have you come along!

Thank you for your prayers!  I am feeling better today!!  Big LOVIES to you all!!



  1. now this is my kind of town! i would love to live on any one of those streets. glad you are feeling better.

  2. I'm faint! I'm in LOVE with all of them!

    Love to you~


  3. These are my kind of houses! Love them!

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Madison and I have been bloggin' buddies for a while now. We met through my daughter's blog--Amber at Patchwork Angel. Madison is a very sweet girl--and very talented.

    Hope you have a terrific day!

  4. Lovin' those houses right along with you. I think I could feel at home in all of them. I don't envy the last person rehabbing that house--but I'd love to see it when it is done!

  5. Hi dearest friend, Glad you are feeling a bit better today-I'll pray the entire family is back to normal. Love, Love, love the houses-definitely my style. Have a blessed day!
    Love you!!!!

  6. The houses are great! I love the in process one! will you drive by again and show us what they do? thanks!

  7. Great houses! I love them all. Thanks for the little tour!

  8. Dear Becky, you really know how to make a girl jealous! :) All those homes are absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful drive.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

    Love and hugs!!

  9. beautiful old homes, i love them! i got lost in sanford once - about 1973 :)

  10. We have homes like those all over our little town. They are beautiful!

  11. Glad you are better, sweetie pie! Look at those houses! I'm going to have to hop off the interstate the next time I'm through that way. Loved seeing these...


    Sheila :-)

  12. Looks like you found most of these in a Beautiful Homes magazine...just wish we could peek inside too!

    blessings and hugs,


  13. These look like some of the homes in my hometown in Illinois:) It's a small town. The second one looks like our Pastor's home when I was growing up:) I spent alot of time there because one of their daughters was close to my age.

    Thanks for the lovely tour, Becky!! And I hope you get those fruit trees planted in the future:) Now I've got to get back to peeling apples for applesause.

    Oh you asked what I do with them--make apple pies and baking treats, applesauce and try to give them away to family and friends:) This year is probably the biggest crop I've seen! dumplings sound good-- did you ever see the Apple Dumpling Gang (disney movie) with Don Knotts and Tim Conway? That movie was a favorite when our kids were little:)

    Have a great weekend, Sweetey- and continue to feel better!:)


  14. What an absolutely lovely drive. Thank you for taking us along. What beauty.

  15. Oh Becky thanks for this great tour, it was a cold rainy day here today, and I just loved this little escape--an armchair vacation! So glad to hear you're feeling better.

  16. Hi Beck,
    So glad to hear you are feeling much better.
    I thought about calling today to see how you were then thought what if she is sleeping and
    you disturb her, so decided to wait a day and just pray for you instead. Looks like you and Maddie had a fun trip to Sanford. I love the historic district of any town, they are just so so so....... delightful and Norman Rockwellish! Makes me just want to step back in time and live there. Don't you just go ga ga over Thomas Kincaide paintings. Oh, I do!!
    I have one of his books called Simple Life,
    and I just adore it. The prose in the book is as delightful as the pictures, makes me want to move right in and live in that book!! If that were possible!! lol
    Glad you are fine, talk to ya tomorrow maybe.
    Love ya, Nellie
    P.S. I saw I had a new comment on my blog and when I went to check it somehow I had written the above message and left it on my blog by mistake. I must be really tired. so copied and pasted it here now. That was a surprise!!

  17. How beautiful! My kind of architecture, that's for sure! And I'm really liking the color gray!!

    Glad you are feeling better! Been thinking about you and hoping all is well!

  18. Hi Becky,
    So glad you are feeling better! What a beautiful town. It's always fun to see the old neighborhoods, so charming. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I'll come and love all over that one with the side porch!! Then I could be your neighbor!!! I adore the home with the vine over the porch and the wooden door!! I can see we have similar taste - I would have picked the very same homes to photograph!! I hope you are feeling better - I prayed for you!!! Have a wonderful Friday!

    Lots of love

  20. I think they're all GRAND OLE LADIES... but my fav is the shabby one. ;)
    Oh how I love the spanish moss hanging from those trees.
    Looks like you and Maddy had a wonderful day together!!! So tell me... are there any antique stores round there?!!!!

  21. Those are beautiful homes. It is so fun to see the neighborhoods where you live! Have a wonderful day! Elena

  22. Good morning Becky. I have been in Sanford but I have not seen these lovely homes. I love the old homes and the history behind them. If we only knew about the lives of our ancesters it would be so interesting.

    We are heading for Florida this AM to see the Gators play football. We have season tickets and so do some of our children. We have been going for nearly 20 years. Fun in the SUN.

    See you on Monday.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  23. Hi Becky

    Well I think I may have discovered yet another kindred spirit, haha I LOVE this blogging world where it is possible to "meet" people from all over....I LOVED taking this drive with you. It is definitely one of my favorite things to do as well, and if it includes looking at houses, well now I'm really giddy...My daughter Melody and I have made one of these kind of drives more times than I can count. I love the fact that everyone seems to have a front porch out there. No one in California (that I see anyway) has this wonderful thing. I have ALWAYS wanted one. It just makes it soo homey. I read back on a few other of your posts, and we seem to have soo much in common. Your daughters are beautiful, and how very fun to have 4 of them!! I would have loved to have had another daughter. Yes, you are quite fortunate to have all of yours living so close around you. NEVER did I see it coming that mine would not be. It has been sooo hard...I can't describe how much I miss having her around in my everyday life. She married and moved out all at the same time as she lived right here at home when she went to college, so she had ALWAYS been with us. For several years it was just her and me and her daddy to, as the boys are all quite a bit older than she is. I am sooo glad you stopped by my blog and gave me this opportunity to meet you. I am adding you to my fav's and I'll definitely be back. Don't know what you were sick with, but glad your better...I had that nasty flu going around, and I am definitely glad to be feeling better too... Have a WONDERFUL week-end and many blessings to you, Debbie

  24. Becky
    I followed you over here from Lea's blog and I am glad I did. It was nice to see photos from my old stomping grounds. I grew up not far from Deland and always loved that little town. I see it hasn't changed much in all these years. Thanks for the tour and the memories,


  25. Oh girl, they are all so beautiful with such character!! I do have to say that I love, love the house with the huge fern on the front porch and the one with the ivy oh my, I think I need to move down there!! LOL!! ;o)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  26. My sweetest Becky...

    Oh my goodness........swooooooning.....I would LOVE to live in this yummy little town. How welcoming and adorable those lovely homes are. What a great tour...thanks so much for sharing!


  27. What lovely photos you shared. I love every single house! I was over at Karen's blog and saw your comment and traveled over here, that's how it works!
    How wonderful you're up to 30 years of love. We are at 21. I can't imagine 30! can't wait. Have a lovely evening.
    Here is the link to my personal blog. I have a blogger but it's just for this and that, nothing with meat and bones.

  28. Thanks for taking us on a car ride around town!
    Maybe you'll be coming with me on a ride around Kansas soon! We can have virtual blog tours for show-n-tell. I am still in awe of the beautiful colors of the fall folliage and just say "WOW". Now that I have my camera back in my mittens I might have to get into some mischief!

    Smiles, Nancy

  29. Hi Becky, Just loved looking at the lovely old houses! Have you ever been stopped by anyone and asked why you were taking a picture of their house? That would be my fear! lol Enjoyed the hometown feel! Have a blessed day! Linda

  30. Oh so wish our home was a cottage! I just love those homes! They are darling. Thanks for sharing!


  31. Hi Becky,
    What a great post, i love to ride and look at homes too, I loved them all, but the one that was waiting for someone to to come and love it is my favorite, as I have always wanted to remodel an older home.
    The picture you took, is awesome, it seems God sent that cross just for you and us to enjoy.Awesome.

    Now let me wish you and your dear husband a belated but happy Anniversary, may you have many more precious years together. I also loved what he whispered in you ear, no money or present can take the place of heart felt sentiments. Now tell him he is in good company as our daughter who we visited shares his birthdate, and please wish him a belated Happy Birthday too.
    The photo of your family is beautiful , you both are so blessed, I would love to have added some more daughters to our family. And the one of you both is beautiful too. Now please tell me what you both have been doing to lose all that weight, you look wonderful. I need some HELP! and advice.
    I am sorry this comment is so long but I am trying to catch-up! Have a blessed Sunday!.
    Hugs, and Blessings,


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