Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yo! Yo!!

Oh she did it this time!! She got me all a flutter
with her fun little yoyos and now I think I may have
Dun...dun...dun...YOYO FEVER!! OH NO!! I'm
sure there will be projects galore!! Maybe she and I
will have a YOYO race!! Oh maybe that's just taking
it a bit too far!! Or maybe not!

The she I am referring to is no other than my sweet
friend Deby over at Apples of Gold! Let me tell you,
this gal has a heart of gold!! She is preparing to have
surgery tomorrow and I hope you all will pop over
to let her know that you will pray that all goes well
for her!!

Love and Hugs, Deb'! You're being bathed in prayer!!

JOY For Our Journey tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful evening!!
Love ya,



  1. ohhhhhh...Becky....hugs....(((((hugs)))----look at those yo-yo's...wooohoooo...I am impressed...are you challenging me on this...hmmmm?????...LOVE....a good challenge...and thank you my dear friend for this prayer have no idea how much I appreciate this...
    lots of love

  2. Praying for Deby's surgery now dear sister. Love you.

  3. YoYO's are the big thing now! Love them. Can't wait to see what you do with yours. I'm heading over to your friends blog now to see her projects and to see what I need to pray about.

    Thanks for being a great blogging buddy!

  4. I'm praying for Deby too --- it's so comforting to know that others are as well --- that we have a sisterhood in blogland --- all seeking the Lord's strength and glory.

    Blessings to you today!

  5. I just visited Deby's blog and left her a note. Hope you are having a good Monday, Becky☺

  6. Hi Becky. I happen to love those yoyos. fun to make and great to use in a crafty way. My sister has a vintage yoyo bedspread and a cover for her pillows that match. Pansy colors, purple and golds. Her theme is all about pansies so it was a great find.

    I will go to Deby's site now. Thanks for the heads up.

    Love ya back...Jeanne

  7. sending prayers to your friend :)

  8. Looks like a fun project. Love those. I will be praying for your friend. Off to visit her blog.
    Have a blessed one! Hugs from Texas.

  9. Hi Becky,
    The beach looks so lovely,and what fun to make yoyo's. You must show us what you create with them.
    Have a great day,

  10. I love Yo Yo! They are so lovely! I would love to make some placmats out of them. I did a few yo yo years ago! No time now! Have fun can't wait to see them.


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