Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feelin' Feverish

YAY!! I got the gift of a brand new day here
on good ol' planet earth!! If you're reading this that
means you did, too!! Thank you Lord!!


And today I just have to say that I have the
fever ya'll!! YEP, I'm a little woozy, and just can't
think quite straight, you know???


No, no.... Don't you flu here!!

I've got the FALL Fever!!!


When you come down with the fever, you
just have to start doing somethin'....light a
cinnamon or spice scented candle, put out
a fall leaf candy dish...c'mon...I know you get
the fever too!!!

So, when I came home the other day, feeling
a bit feverish and woozy from the "fall of it all"
I of course noticed that some of the stems in
my summer flower pockets were
really faded, and had lost their ZING!!
So I just had to do something!!!


I will transform these pretty little
pockets into their FALL splendor!!

So, since we're trying to save $$ and pay off
some bills, I shopped at home!

NEVER pay full price for silk flowers!! These
lovelies were purchased at a minimum of
40 % off and some at 70 % off!

You can sign up to get flyers from Michael's and
JoAnn and they include coupons, plus they'll
email them to you. Also, you can usually go
to their websites and print some out as well!!

Let's see what I found!!

Ooooo Ahhhhh! Just look at these pretties!!

Oh and these, too!! They're anxious to
find their new home and smile and greet
all who enter!

If you haven't ever designed your own floral
arrangements, I really encourage you to! It's
quite satisfying! If you are doubting your ability
to pull it off (like I used to) get a book on it, or
do what I did and just start looking closely at
premade arrangements everywhere you go.
I have learned more this way.


I even went to this place called Floral Supply
Mart and just watched the floral designer do
her magic! That's how I learned to make stems
any length I desire like this:
These little wooden and wire picks come in
different lengths and can be found at WalMart,
Michael's, JoAnn etc. After I wrap the wire around,
I wrap some floral tape around it to
make it a bit more secure.


Then I add them and just "play" with it them
until they look just so!


Next I give it a test run in it's new home.
Hmmm...what do you think?

I think I need to shorten the stems of the
yellow thingys a bit, add some small splashes of red,
a couple more little yellow thingys,
and a bow of some sort!!


Well, ya know what that means?? I checked
my ribbon stash and didn't find what I need to
make these babies sing, so I am off and
armed with coupons to see what I can find!


I'll post the completed transformation tomorrow!!


Until then, ya'll be good, and spread some of
your sunshine around, ok?

Love and hugs,


  1. You tricked me girl! I started praying for you as soon as I read "fever". :)

    Boy I wish I could get my hands on that beautiful basket of flowers. Enjoy your fall fever. Love you.

  2. Well, I think it is lovely like it is...but you know best. I loved the hint of how to get silks cheaper...and I will do that! You are SO creative! :)

  3. I'll take that kind of fever any day! Fall Fever....ahhhh

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  4. becky - your flowers are beautiful! you did such a good job arranging them. i'll check back tomorrow to see more!

  5. Hi girly,
    Love your arrangement already. Course, a nice
    bow always adds a great touch, hope you find
    some gorgeous ribbon you love.
    I am pooped today, cause right after Diane left Dee came over and was here till 10:30,
    but it was a totally fun day. The fruit salad
    and the devotional were both great. Thanks so
    much for doing that, it made things a bit easier for me.
    I have mostly been doing paperwork and bills all morning and I can't believe it is already
    3:30, where does the time go???
    Going to see Sharon tonight, it has been a while since I have seen her, so am excited
    to visit with her and hear all about the wedding.
    Hope your day is full of special unexpected
    Love ya, Nellie

  6. Ohhh, so pretty!! We're having a mini heat wave here - up in the 80's for a couple of days so we're off to the beach at my folk's house - Autumn is postponed a little while in this neck of the woods :0)!! The light is changing though - it's on the way!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Hugs (and I'm glad you are not really sick :0)!!!),


  7. You did a beautiful job! I love the arrangement, and I wouldn't cut down the yellow wild ones, I like them just the way they are, they add that perfect touch of imperfection!
    But that's just me, I don't like anything that looks too perfect or too 'done'!

    I don't think I'll be getting Fall fever just yet, although a lot of blogs do have me thinking along those lines, but we had so much rain May and June, and it was cool until just recently, so I'm still savoring a little of the warm weather and the sunshine. I feel like we had no Summer this year!
    I do love Fall though, it's my favorite time of year!
    All the best,

  8. The leaves here are already starting to turn. That's pretty unusual. I'm not ready to start pulling out the fall stuff quite yet--I'll be hanging onto summer until I have to let go;-)

    Love your arrangement!

  9. Looks so good! I'm so ready for fall. Today was a perfect weather day. A little cloudy, cool and you could almost smell it coming! Does that happen in Florida??? I'll get my fall things out after Labor Day. Hope you had good success shopping!

  10. Whoa! I thought you'd caught the flu or something when I saw your blog title...:) Yay- it's a fun fever, no Tylenol needed!

    I love your homemade arrangement! Great job! I am like you- I tell my DILs that at creating something I'm not so good, but I can copy almost ANYTHING!:)

    Happy Thursday!

  11. It's nice to see your creations. I love Fall. I hate orange, but I love Fall!

  12. I've got the fever too! I think your arrangement looks wonderful as is, but I know you'll have to tweak it until it's just right - I do the same thing!

  13. That's pretty, I HAVE THE FEVER TOO!!!! I can almost smell the cold front I'm sure is on the way soon..... I think I may need to rummage through the garage and get my fall pretties ready. Blessings to you.

  14. I did light a scented candle during school today-apple and cinnamon- I have been itching to make pork and saurkraut too, but it is still a bit muggy for it yet.

    love your floral design. I noodle around with it to, I make our wreaths which I like cause they can be whatever I like them to be.

    Can not wait to see what ribbon you find:-)

  15. Hi Becky,
    I think the fever is spreading through blogland... who knows, I may be catching it next. Love what your did with
    your flower pockets. The colors are so pretty, just when I start thinking Fall we get a heat wave (or is that a hot flash?) Can't wait to see the ribbon tomorrow and what a good shopper. Until tomorrow.

  16. Thanks for stopping by at the Rooster Party. Believe me there's the post could have gotten too long. I love fall too, I am so ready for it. Love all the silk flowers, can't wait to see your arrangements. Debbie

  17. Oh, I actually got the valance at a yard sale. Debbie

  18. ewwwwww! can't wait to see the finished project!


  19. Lordy, it's so hot here still I can't do anything but hope for Fall soon, lol. I love what you did, very pretty.


  20. Boy girl did you spread the fever to Becky now all I want to do is fluff my nest instead of finishing I've got trim to touch up and boxes to continue moving and all I can think of is fall. Love this post!!!
    Hugs today.

  21. Becky, I have to admit some Fall stuff has been creeping right into my house too. I have been giving some thought to making some floral
    arrangements too. Last year a lady that was a client of mine was downsizing from a huge house. You know the type where the entryway is as big as a bedroom?? She had this floral all in the fall flowers that I am not kidding is as big as my washing machine. It must have hundreds of dollars of flowers in it. She gave it to me. I said yes when she offered it because I thought I'd take it all apart and make some cool things.

    So it is taking up a huge space in my warehouse and I just need to get at it. Thanks for the inspiration to tackle it. I cannot even lift it so I will have to have Jim help me get it home!

    Have a wonderful day...wish I could have heard your devotional at Nellie's. I know it was fabulous, just cause I know you!

  22. What a gorgeous arrangement Becky - you have an incredible eye for what looks well together, and how to blend things seemlessly to make them look professional and posh!! Hope you have had a good week my friend and that the weekend ahead is relaxing and peaceful for you all, love Fiona x

  23. great job! i totally have fall fever too!

  24. Hi Becky, fall fever huh? Me too and tomorrow I am posting my first little fall fever centerpiece. I saw some leaves turning and that's all it took. I LOVE fall. So rushing it a little is fine with me. Your post is very cute and I enjoyed it very much. Love your sense of humor Becky. I am looking forward to your finished fall bouquet. I like it already.

    Hugs xoxo...Jeanne

  25. Those are beautiful Becky! You are very talented. I love to do arrangements when I have time:) I worked as a professional florist for 5 years and I just loved working with flowers! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. Love, Elena

  26. oh so lovely....I do the silk flower *thing* too...and FALL Fever is starting sister bought me from Bath and Body works the new "Pumpkin Patch room spray and candle" that cool or what...sure brought lots of cheer to this reclining lady.....autumn is my favorite I am always ready for it...and with God's grace and prayers I will be back walking in that will be so cool.....

  27. Love it! Hey Aunt Becky! Mom and I were just talking the other day about our own Fall fever. Isn't it funny that when a lovely cool breeze blows your way you are immediately desirous of all things Fall. Today I bought one of those cinnamon candles you mentioned and then tonight I just had to make the most yummy chili I have ever had in my life! It's the one with sweet potatos that mom makes. It not only made the house smell like Fall instantly. It tasted insanely good. I had to take pictures of every step of making it because I am going to devote an entire post on my blog just for it. Have you scene the movie "Julie and Julia" yet? It's so great. Mom and I went with another friend of ours to see it last week and we laughed and laughed. I think it's worth buying. Anyway, I'll end here and know that I love you and am thinking of you and dreaming of Fall too. Getting my decorations out soon!! Love, Kris

  28. Becky, Hi, Love your arrangement. I love the yellow flowers long, but then I love things to look as if you just picked them from the garden. So pretty love it! Want to come swing with me today?

  29. Wow! The arrangement is beautiful!


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