Monday, August 17, 2009

JOY For Our Journey~~Gushing Over!

A lovely picture isn't it? I like to think that
a waterfall in all of it's cascading, unstoppable
beauty and force is what God had in His mind
when He cried out:
"If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.
He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said,
out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."
John 7:37-38
Jesus doesn't desire us to dry up spiritually and be
like a parched, barren land that has
nothing to offer. So He says
"Come to me and drink". Drink in all of
Me...and then our hearts will overflow with living
water that He will use to nourish us and all
of those He has placed in our lives.

In other words...
We will literally gush over, with His lovely,
unrestrained power, and impact our
world for Christ!!
I don't know about you, but I sure love the idea
of gushing over for God!! JOY of JOYS!!

Can it really get any better than that?
Go...go now and drink Him all in!!!
And then go gush out onto someone, ok?
Love ya!!!
This photo is of Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah
Forest in the Smoky Mountains.
Feel free to grab this photo for your blog!!
And thank you so much for loving and praying
all over Deby!! I know she was blessed!!
Ya'll ROCK!! Seriously!!


  1. Oh, I hope Deby's surgery went well. I love the photo and the thought of being overflowing with knowledge and a relationship with the Lord! I am so thankful for the living water! Thank you dear Becky for sharing and God bless your day! Hugs, Elena

  2. Oh Becky,
    I wish for a moment I could feel what you feel inside. I believe in God and all of the blessing bestowed upon me, but you manage, through thick or thin to always be positive. I'd like to think I'm positive too, but some days are challenging. I'm always thankful for all of my blessing, my family and friends and everything that I have, but I know I could be a better Christian. I really believe you have to think about making the right choices throughout the day, to lift your thoughts to a higher place. It's so inspiring to see the joy that gushes out of you all the time and getting us wet! Out of all th people that have blogs, I managed to find you! There's a reason ya know!
    Thanks you for being you.{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}

    Love, BBF Kansas-Style, Nancy :)

  3. Sweet friend, I think you echoed the prayer of many of us-thank you for always encouraging us to draw closer to Him. Hugs to you tonight.

  4. Beautiful post!
    And I'm sorry I missed yesterday's one, but I have added your friend Deby to my prayer list and I hope everything is going well for her!
    Thanks for spreading His Joy!

  5. Gushing over with His power!!! Awesome!!!! Amazing!!! My day was a tough one so coming here was a lovely reminder to get my nose in His word this evening - thank you!!

  6. Beautiful thoughts, Becky (which are actually prayers), as well as that wonderful scripture verse!

    Love the picture and the fact that you are offering them to everyone...did you do the writing on the photo?

    blessings and hugs,


  7. what a beautiful post with such encouraging words!
    thanks becky~

  8. Wow...I love the sound of that. Gushing over for God! Off to gush out onto someone else.
    Have a blessed one. HUGS.

  9. Gushing over my Lord! That's what I need! Thank you again, dear friend, for uplifting me!!!

  10. Becky, Girl, I just love you! Honestly, I am meeting so many sweet friends that just live too far away! And yet it feels like you are just right next door. I love the waterfall~I don't think I'll see another one in my life without thinking of the living water of Christ and how we can all be instruments in His hands. I am grabbing it as a reminder. Thank you!

  11. So happy to meet a new sister in Christ! I'll be sure to stop by often to hear what our Lord is doing in your life. He is so good and His mercy endures forever!

  12. Amen! He is our joy.
    Blessings to you.


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