Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes, yes, I am sooooo ready, aren't you?
For what? For FALL silly!!
You know, changing leaves, the aroma of
fresh baked pies, pine cones, acorns,
overflowing cornucopias, and the wonderful
coolness of it all!!
And I can't leave out the season of
thanks-giving!! Hearts aglow with thanks
for all of our abundant blessings!!
Don't you just feel it coming?
I do even here in Florida!!
Well, I got these great fall idea photos
from none other than Martha, of course!
Only she would come up with Pumpkin Praline
Pecan Pie, Harvest Minestrone, and fall leaves
dangling from the ceiling!! Martha and
Better Homes and Garden (http://www.bhg.com/)
always have such delightful ideas.
I'll show more as fall nears.
Hope this helps build your anticipa-a-tion!
Many of you will get the first snap of fall
while I'm out at the beach!!
(which is mighty fine with me!)
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
and know how much I appreciate the
loveliness each of you add to my days!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Your beautiful pictures look so inviting! Don't know if I am ready for Fall yet though - Summer seems to have flown by this year hasn't it? The seasons seems to go faster and faster each year - or is it just me....I guess I am showing my age - LOL!

    I LOVE the Fall here in Georgia. The colors of the trees are spectacular! I LOVE to decorate my house for the Fall too.
    Guess it really isn't TOO bad to have it just around the corner again!
    Take care my friend -
    Blessings to you,

  2. You are talking my favorite language! We have so many great pumpkin patches out here in Kansas. One "patch" is 35 acres to select a pumpkin. Another favorite spot is to drive to where the Amish live and buy one. The Amish farmer has all sorts of varieties at great prices. Last year Dan-the-Man and I found a new farm that had quite the selection, we almost had to put safety belts on them in teh back of the bug they were sooooo big. I am fortunate to have two oak trees that produce Acorns, and the high school nearby has the largest acorns I've ever seen. We walk up there so I can collect them off the ground. Wait until you see the pictures i will share with the gorgeous colors of the trees we have here in autumn. This year should be spectacular with all the rain we have had!

    Have a WONDERFUL day!

    Smiles, Nancy

  3. Well, your pictures do put me in the mind-set for Fall! But I'm a little sad here, because we had NO summer!
    We usually have pool parties every weekend, this year we've only been able to have one (either it's been too cool or it's rained every weekend!), now the weather is getting warmer when it should be getting cooler and lots of the bigger 'kids' are already headed back to college, so I feel we somehow missed summer this year!
    But I always welcome the Fall, it's my favorite time of year. I'm wondering what the foliage will be like this year with this weird summer weather we've had. In a few weeks it will be time to drive upstate to view the change of colors!

    Thanks so much for your generous comments to me, and for sharing a bit of your story with me too, I appreciate your kindness so much. I'm glad we found each other!

    Love, Eileen

  4. That is my favorite time of year. Autumn, fall, Thanksgiving, you name it, I love it. I'm with you, hurry up and get here!!! Enjoy your Wednesday as well!

  5. Morning Becky,
    You are such an inspiration. I just love the fall season. That's my favorite time of year. It's like I turn over a new leaf at that time every year. Most of my home is fall inspired, except my art room (it is very bright).
    Have a blessed one...HUGS!

  6. Morning Beck,
    Yes, I am in anticipation as well, I am already thinking about getting those fall decorations out. I am starting as soon as it turns Sept. if possible. That way I can enjoy them all the way till Dec.1s!
    For some reason Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, course, I think I say that about every season except summer!! Yet I love summer, just not like the other seasons.
    Well, so far my day has been better today.
    Jimmy got my washer fixed!! My Hero!!
    Hope you guys have a great time at Universal!!
    Love ya girl, Nellie

  7. Me too, Becky. Even with our fall like summer weather this year, I am excited about approaching autumn, since it is my favorite time of year.

  8. I just love autumn and now I am anticipating it too! Just these verbal and visual reminders were enough! Thanks, Becky. I ♥ the crisp air and the crunchy leaves underfoot, the colors...just everything about it. Can't wait for the cooler weather either. Time is flying by it will be here any minute!

  9. Wednesday Belssings to you my friend, Yes I can definitely feel fall and Autumn here in Colorado-so lovely. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Dear Becky, that is so wrong to tease someone with all the lovely fall pics when the person wants that to be here now! :) I'm waiting patiently too!

    Make sure you come by my blog and snag the pic for the blog award I gave you. I also tagged you for six random things. I'm making you work today! At least it's all good things. :)

    Have a wonderful super duper day!


  11. oh my gosh. i CAN'T wait either! i LOVE LOVE Love fall. i've already been telling Nathan all my fall ideas and plans i've been thinking of, lol!

  12. I love Autumn but since we only get a little over 50 sunny days a year here I am still delighting in soaking up the Vitamin D!!! I really enjoy cozying up and cooking more hearty meals(soup!! I love to make soup and bread!!) and changing my decor but I do tend to hang on to the last bits of summer because once the rains start here they don't stop until April or May!!! I must collect as much summer in my veins as possible to get me through!!! :0)

    Thanks for the pep talk - it does make me look forward to the next season with anticipation - I want to find that ministrone recipe :0)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  13. My burning bushes are turning red on top and other trees are acting like Fall! I love Autumn and it looks like I will be up here to enjoy it one more time. Girl, got news today that the housing market is fall WAY low in my area. Please pray for my family...we need discernment and wisdom. We know this move for God given, but there are bumps we need to drive across...big ones! So thankful He's along for the ride and guiding us.

  14. I was just telling Sara that we have seemed to skip summer altogether Becky, and moved right into autumn here in Northern Ireland!! I see from your blog that you'd fit in just fine here in County Armagh! I trust and pray that you are feeling full of the happiness and joy that shines out from your blog dearest Becky. Much love and prayers to you this evening x x

  15. Oh, I just love, love, love fall too. The pictures are great and makes me want fall to come even quicker. Have wonderful time at the beach:) Hugs, Elena

  16. fall is my favorite time of year love the colors and crispness in the air. my maple tree already has some red leaves on it and the geese have begun flying in.

    Pumpkin peacan pie huh that sounds like Martha. I had her baking book out yesterday too, looking at an apple pie recipe.

  17. Becky, your post really makes me smile. I too love fall. All the years we lived in Fl. I would anticipate fall with such yearning for just the slightest change of weather. Up here, the weather never did get real hot this year. However, it can still be a warm Sept. I am going to decorate big time this year. Last year I was recovering from a knee replacement,so very little fall cheer happened here. Now, I can't wait to start.

    We have company coming to sleep in our guest room. Our cabin is rented. I will be cleaning and baking today. It will be a very busy time. So Becky, have a wonderful weekend.


  18. i am ready to snuggle into fall...
    and i'm gonna have that song {anticipation} stuck in my head all day!!! {is that carly simon?}
    have a wonderful day becky!

  19. HI BECKY...




  20. Oh my goodness, it's coming, isn't it? I do need to run about in my garage and organized my decorations ~ the transition from summer sunflowers to fall pumpkins wreath will the the point in time I begin. Lovely pictures, I can almost taste the pecan pie

  21. I am so ready for fall...even if I do live in South Florida--'cuz the temperature will drop! I love decorating for Autumn and the upcoming holidays! I can almost taste the pumpkin bread and all things pumpkin-y!


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