Friday, August 14, 2009

Sun, Sand, Surf!

Guess you know by now that I am a true blue,
bonafied, 100% through and through beach bum!!
There is just something about the beach...the warm
salt air, the sand between your toes, the waves greeting
the shore with a roar, people chillin' out and enjoying
a beautiful day, adorable little sandpipers trotting
around in search of a snack... is just so much better after a day at the
beach. Here's a little scenery from our day!!
I can't get enough of these little guys!!
Click photo for close-up

This guy is out here everytime we go to the beach.
He stands on this surfboard-like thingy and paddles
around beyond where the waves break. He must love

Kristina (left) and Maddy boogie boarding!! Normally
I am out there with them, but believe it or not the
water is a mere 70 degrees. A tad chilly to be in it for
too long!! Not for them of course!

Our grandy Emily having buckets of fun!!

Life just doesn't get any better than lunch
at the beach! A PBJ break for Em as she
munches and watches the other girls

I LOVE photos of little
children from the back, and
couldn't resist snapping this one.
Too cute, huh?
Gotta love that hat!!

Hope your weekend is just BEACHY!!

Feel free to grab the Life's A Beach graphic
at the
top if you'd like to!! I made it just for
Love ya'll,


  1. What a beautiful day! Warm beaches in Oregon just don't happen. We have that Alaskan current coming down to make everything cold. We do want to take Mary to the beach, I know she will love it. We will have to take a weekend, rent a hotel room on the beach and enjoy all the coast has to offer! I love Emily's hat too and I also love pictures of little ones from behind! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Elena

  2. How fun Becky!!! Brings back memories of years back! Back then we didn't care about chilly water. LOL!!!

    Little Emily is so adorable! She seems so happy just being in the sand doing her own thing. :)

    Have fun dear! Enjoy your great weather!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! :) I'm bringing my little Em (aka m&m) to play at the beach with your little Em. We were just talking yesterday about how we want to go to the beach. I miss it so much and they have never seen a beach.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I can just feel the warmth from your pictures! Some great summer memories there! (I like that shot from the rear, too!)

  5. Such a wonderful day you had. That little Emily is adorable!

    We do not have wonderful beaches up here Northern CA for being out in the sun. (Too foggy and cold by the water.) But all of my new friends from the east coast are making me think we have missed some great times.

    I am so fair that for me beaches have always been sunburns and sand in places I didn't know I had. Adding to that my lovely body in a bathing suit and you have drive by beach activities for me!

    Ha! Maybe I better reevaluate all that and enjoy it! Never too old to change my ways with such great recommendations as you have penned here!

    Love you, Beck...Bon!

  6. Reminds me of the many times I went down to visit my mom in Hudson, Fa. It even smells awesome.

    You have such a beautiful and pure and clean looking beach too...that in itself is incredible.

    Capturing a child on film is such a treasure even if it's only backs or cute little feet!

    blessings and hugs,


  7. Love living by the peaceful!!

  8. getting to see a beach is such a wonderful vacation for us stuck in the middle of the your pics.

  9. Now look Becky...that just ain't right. LOL.
    Looks like a great time at the beach. Someday I'm gonna make it there. I have a cousin that lives in Jacksonville that is beggin me to come for a visit. Next summer, hopefully. Gotta start a beach fund.
    Hugs from Texas. Have a blessed one!

  10. I'm so glad you posted this today! We're leaving for Florida early Sunday morning - I can't wait. We'll be in the Ft. Walton/Destin area until Thursday.

  11. me too! i have always been a beach bum my whole life! my family used to joke that as a baby i learned to swim before i could walk on dry land! i love the water. love the sand. love the sun! if i can't be on the beach, i'm just as happy at the pool but the beach is definitely # 1!!!

  12. Hi Beckster, ha
    Glad you had such a fun time at the beach.
    I agree the beach is the greatest, don't know why we don't go more often than once a year.
    There are weekends!! ha
    Things are good here, we just finished doing some more tiling. We are getting closer to being done with the side walls. Yippee!!
    I can hardly wait, I would love to be finished with the tiling by Sept. since we will
    start teaching Sunday School again, and we do
    a lot of prep on Sat.
    Am hoping to be able to do the dressing room area before the holidays, but we will see.
    I think about stripping wallpaper now, but I
    just don't want to make everything ugly at once!! ha Who knows we may wait till January,
    Hope not tho!!
    Meant to call Heather today and see how Bryson is, but had lots of stuff to do, bank, grocery store, making a card for someone, late lunch to make, no dinner tho because of it!!
    That's always good.
    I talked with her Mom last evening but she had
    not made it home yet. I will fill you in on
    that conversation later!!
    Take care sweetie,
    Love ya, Nellie

  13. Hi Becky! It's been forever since we were at the beach. But I have the beautiful mountains. John got laid off a couple of weeks ago and is looking for another job. It's a turning point. No more truck driving after 13 years on the road. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  14. Hi Sunshine!

    There's that little beauty again....OH MY GOSH...she should do some modeling. Just toooo darn cute. :-)

    We live about 3 hours from the beach.....but, it's the WASHINGTON beach.......usually it's pretty darn gray. I wonder why there's a spot called Grayland? :-) It does have a beautiful campground though.

    Everything looks so pretty. I wish I was there too!

    Hugs, sweet gal.......


  15. The beach looks stunning and so warm , us Brits tend to tolerate temperatures in water and on beach alot cooler , infact sometimes cold! laughs.....

    Thankyou for a smile xxxx

  16. I hear you! I'm a beachaholic too! Although a day in the sun really wears me out! I should force myself to leave after only a few hours but we spend hours and hours there!
    You got some great photos! And I don't think taking the back is strange at all! In one of my post I took a photo of the back of my granddaughter's head and admitted that I loved looking at the back of her head! I also love profiles of the little ones!

    Great post, Becky! I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Eileen

  17. what a fun day! i know you and i are so much alike - we need to get together one day :O). love you pictures - and your little beach bummette is too cute!

  18. Hey ! I truly am a mtn girl and God's moving me to the beach! (We have a showing tomorrow, Sunday, while we are at church!) My Sissy loves the beach. I do like the beach and love sunshine, so I am looking forward to our time there. You'll have to share your fav local beaches! The water is really only 70 degrees???

    I take pictures from the back too...and that hat is adorable on her.

  19. Hey!! What are you doing making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? You are a ray of sunshine from God. I kept wondering yesterday, when am I going to get to Florida and get a big old BFF hug? Better check those lucky lotto tickets I bought.

    Please forgive me, but I've tagged you. Come visit my blog!

    XOXOX Nancy

  20. The beach is our very favorite vacation! My husband and I are heading their mid-week for a few days and I absolutely cannot wait! I'm so glad you had a fun family time. Just looking at the pictures is relaxing!

  21. I love the beach!!! Here in Washington our beaches are COLD!! I experienced my first warm beach on my trip to Hawaii and even surfed!! (there is a picture over at my blog!!)I am Hooked!! Warm sea water, playing in the sand, and beachcombing - heaven on earth!!! I love my Washington shore - but oh - warm air - no cold wind - I may have to move!!!!


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