Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exploring The Village on St. Simons Island

Hi Sweeties!! How are my girls??
This post is lengthy and concludes our photos
of our lovely island getaway.

I will be up at my sister's for about 5 days
beginning on Friday. I will miss you all
terribly, but will check in on some of you
while I'm gone!!
The Village on St. Simons is an absolutely charming
place. It is on the south end of the island, and is
is where the fun shopping and yummy restaurants
can be found. It is right on the water and we had
a great time wandering around and checking it out.
Here is a photo of part of the shared
terrace at our hotel.

This is the view of the lighthouse and the
Atlantic ocean beyond it from the terrace.

This is a view from the ocean side of the
light house. It was destroyed and then rebuilt
in 1917 if I remember correctly. Love the
little gazebo. I don't know why it looks crooked!

While they were preparing our room, we began
walking around to see the sights.
I saw these boots from outside and had to come
in and take a peek. #3 daughter would adore them!

They are cloth and machine embroidered, and
made such a fun display!!

A colorful souvenier shop AND fudge!!

I love old weathered wood and want this door!!

This is a neat little book store. They had a good
selection of local cookbooks and books about
the area.

This is the pier which was really
much busier than what I caught in the photo.
The lovely sea breeze makes shopping
in the heat bearable!

We always ask the locals where to eat when
we visit a new place, and everyone said we
had to go to Barbara Jean's...so we did!!

BJ's is well known throughout southeast Georgia
for their crab cakes and She Crab soup.
This is the al fresco dining area. Lovely, but we
ate inside.

This picture of the bar doesn't do it justice.
It's a rich, handsome area that is very

We sat in a comfy booth and I just love
having the street view through these wood shutters.
There were also live plants everywhere, and
I love that, too!! Very easy southern dining
just like the sign says!!

The original tin ceiling is still in tact, and
looking as charming as ever!!

I ordered Jambalaya, broccoli soup and squash
casserole. the jambalaya was mouth-watering,
the soup...the best broccoli soup I ever had,
and the squash casserole...mine is better!! HA!
There were actually about 7 shrimp on top but
I shared with hubby before snapping the pic!!
And just so you know, the She Crab soup and
the crab cakes were also the best we have had!!

We got dessert to take back to the hotel. Ran got
peach cobbler, and I got this key lime tart.
The cobbler was the best we've had, and the tart...

We woke up Sunday, and I needed my coffee!!
So we found this cute little shop and their coffee
is delish!!

We both LOVED this quaint little place! I would
love to own one like this! How fun would that be??

This is the little alley-way on the side of the
coffee shop. We would have sat right here,
but wanted to explore the north end of
the island before we had to head home.

When hubby was inside checking out, I was
wandering around outside taking it all in.
Then I heard singing coming from across
the street. It was one of my favorite choruses...
This is the day, this is the day that the Lord
has made, that the Lord has made. We will rejoice,
we will rejoice and be glad in it!!!
It continued on
and I had to find out from whence it cometh!!
We drove around and and found it!! It was people
gathered together close to the pier having church
outside!! How utterly delightful!! Worshipping
the Creator amidst His lovely creation!! Aaaahhh!!!
I could go for that!!

It was hard to leave The Village, but
it was time to head to the north part of
the island!!

We got to the country club area and this is
what the drive looks like all through it!!
A feast for my senses!!

Some of the homes in this area are gorgeous.
I snapped a few of our favorites.
I ADORE spanish architecture!!

This one took my breath away! If I could design
a home for us this size, this is what it would
look like!!! WOWZA!! The surrounding property
was also lovely!

We couldn't really see the home inside the gates
but I love this entry!! Don't you??

This is the view from the back of one of these
homes. The peaceful beauty of the marshes.
Well, my friends, as happens with all good things,
our romantic getaway had to come to an end. From
all of this beauty to I-95!! Oh Well!!

We bid farewell to the Golden Isle marshes of
Glynn! We will be back soon!!
Hope you enjoyed the sights!!
Praying that you all have a great week!

May you rejoice in this new day
that God has made and be glad in it!!
Love and Hugs,


  1. becky, i lived in this area when i was in 7th grade - for about 9 months. i loved it! and everytime i drive past there on the interstate i want to stop and look around - and do sometimes! love your pictures - they remind me of happy days :O) - (i have happy days now, too, just more grown up ones - lol!). seriously, thanks for sharing your visit - i loved it!

  2. Another vacation I got to take today!! I didn't have to pack or drive or anything! Thanks for taking me along and showing all these great photos, Becky!

    I'm so glad you and your hubby had theses beautiful surroundings for your get-away- fantastic!!

    Have fun at your sisters!! I love sister time:)

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend-


  3. Interesting trip. Glad you got to go! Personally, I think you should've got a pair of those sexy little custom boots! :) I love those!

  4. Beautiful pictures Becky.....makes me want to live there....nothing like being by the ocean.

    Have a great time at your sisters!!

  5. Becky, I have been to 39 states but Georgia is not one of them. I really want to go after seeing these photos. After some trauma during Katrina when our kids lived in Mississippi...we will wait until April or May sometime! Skipping that Hurricane season that started yesterday.

    Have a wonderful time with your sister!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful place. I loved seeing all your pictures! As far as my pictures being able to be enlarged I'm not sure why. I just load them up on blogger. The only thing I know is I have a standard minima template from blogger. So they must put that in the program for the photos to do that. Have a lovely time with your sister! Hugs, Elena

  7. Even though I have only been here one time, I so remember those trees lining the streets as we drove around. It was the middle of August when we went so our visit to the light house was a quick one. Way too hot. Seems like you went at the perfect time. And how great is that church service!!! Would love your recipe for the squash dish, especially if it's better than the restaurant. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who takes pictures of my food!! Will be missing you the next few days!!! Have a safe trip!

  8. What a stunning place. Your daughter popped by my blog and said hello.

    xxx clare

  9. Oh My Gosh Becky..that food made me hungry! I have never even heard of She Crab Soup...but I'm sure ready to try it.
    It's funny...the picture of the shops...you mentioned the fudge...with all the colorful things around...that is what caught my eye too!
    I bet all the ladies here noticed the fudge too.LOL
    When I saw the boots...the first person I thought of was my mother. She is a "Red Hat" lady and I can so see her in her purple dress, red hat and a pair of those boots. She's 79 years young.
    I would get stuck in the book store...I never have time to finish a book...but I just love book stores. Maybe it is all that creative energy...or maybe it is the smell of the books. It just puts me in a trance.
    What a cute little coffee shop...wouldn't that be just the perfect place to meet with your girlfriends and just talk and relax?
    Anyway...I am so glad you and Randy had such a good time. It is important for a man and wife to have alone time...to reconnect, relax and laugh together.
    Hope you have a fun visit with your sister.

  10. Oh, thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics!! One of my favorite books ever is a story about the lighthouse on St. Simons Island by Eugina Price. I've always wondered what the island looked like and that southern food!! Wow!! What a wonderful place - so very different from Washington!!

  11. i would love to go there some day. gorgeous! and those homes-wow is right!

  12. Your pictures are amazing Becky - they really set the mood of your trip. I love the pictures of the boots - so colourful and unusual!! Such a perfect trip away together and so many wonderful photos to remind you of it! I have been to GA twice - to Savannah both times - and love it. Your pictures transport me back!! Much love to you all sweet Becky, Fiona x

  13. Hi Beck, Great post. I finally had some time
    to read it. That little alley looked so comfy
    and inviting, bet it was hard not to stay.
    Loved the beauty of the drive to the other side
    of the island, gorgeous scenery and houses.
    Don't you just love seeing other scenery, it just lights up my heart, but sometimes I think I want to live here, and then I think if
    I did in a few months it would seem the same as where I live now. We get so used to things so easily!! Changes in scenery can be so seductive!! ha
    Have a great night,
    Blessing, Nellie
    Well, I am coming along nicely, only one more salad to make, and maybe another pan of brownies. Most of the cleaning done but the kitchen, I will leave that for after I finish cooking, maybe hubby will vacuum it for me, He is so good about that. It would sure be appreciated cause I am pooped.
    Have a great evening.

  14. Glad you had a wonderful time! We are St. Simons and Jekyll Island natives! Please come again! We love it here!

  15. What a lovely and beautiful trip to a place I've never been. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you for sharing!


  16. I just came back from a short vacation (4 days) so I can understand very well your feelings, this morning I wanted to just stay in bed and dream.....
    Thanks for sharing your pics, mine will be up soon.
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  17. So nice of you to share your pictures. I feel like it's a part of the country I've never seen. The mature trees and moss, just lovely. Those homes are dreamy. Love all the places you went and I would have been going to the exact same places! Did you buy any local cookbooks? I wouldn't have been able to resist!

    Smiles, BFF Nancemeister

  18. What gorgeous pictures of a charming place. I've never been there, but I sure would love to go! Umm... she crab soup. Cass

  19. Happy day to you, Becky! Just stopping by to see if you have any sunny new thoughts for us. Nothing yet, so that means you are out making awesome memories! Just thinking of you and wishing you a most blessed day!


  20. What a great time you had, Becky, and I enjoyed all the pictures. I'm with you on that door...love it! And the boots, what fun! Have fun at your sister's!


    Sheila :-)

  21. I enjoyed this so much Becky! Beautiful photos!!

  22. This is almost like a staycation, lol! I really enjoyed it.

    Hope you have a fun time at your sister's, Becky☺

  23. I LOVE "Church on the Shore"....! How wonderful....everything was soooo beautiful. I can see why you had such a great time. You take great pix, by the way!


  24. Hi Becky,
    What a wonderful get-a-way you both had! I loved all of it, sight seeing, food and of course the shopping, I could not help but smile when you told of the boots; isn't that jut like a mother always thinking of her little chicks.you are something else girl! I am so glad to know you. you have the most loving and kindest spirit.

    It would have been great to have lunched, maybe next time!!I sure hope you enjoy your visit with your sister. my daughter said "mother bring your computer," so i will check in on you.
    hugs and much love,

  25. Goodness! What an amazing weekend you two shared! Gorgeous in everyway! Perfect! I so enjoyed every word.... I feel like i've been there! Your poctures are fantastic! And I love your sweet banner at the top of your blog!!!

  26. John's working around the house like crazy. See my latest blog. I'm still sick. Been in bed all day. Better get to bed.

  27. Hi Becky, Amazing photos. Thanks for your kind words. I will keep updates as they happen. Hopefully surgery will be later than sooner. We'll see. He is such a joy. Debbie

  28. St. Simons Island has beautiful trees and one of my favorite quilt shops in America. I wish I could have gone with you. I'm bored with Tampa. I miss Jacksonville and the area up there.

  29. BEAUTIFUL! Such a fun photo trip~ thank you for sharing...
    So glad you stopped by my blog & said hi!
    I will eventually put prints of my watercolors in my Etsy shop...I have to paint separate images from my licensing pieces. This summer should bring plenty of extra studio time & some nice pieces!
    Thanks so much for your interest & sweet note~

  30. Wow! Such a beautiful country we live in from sea to shining sea, isn't it. That key lime tart looks delish...I knew I liked you! Have a great weekend away. I'll try to get an email to you while you're gone! Big hugs

  31. what a beautiful place to go...oh..and all the splendid places to eat...and drink your coffee...just quaintness...I love things like that..and to taste that key lime tart...yummmmmo...I am glad you had such a great time.

  32. Just love the island! I know you had so much fun together! The dinner was fab! and shared! I loved your island getaway. I wanted the fudge! Bad! lol The tour was lovely! I may be in Destin,Fl soon. Hubby has the fever bad. He's talking in a few weeks or so. Love my stuff. I got to get pictures. I been trying so hard to get tons done, before July Doc appointment. Just in case! Hubby outside cooking Crawfish. I ran in for a bit on the computer. May I could talk him in to going on down into southern FL! I would love it! Google not wanting to let me leave a comment Lady Katherine

  33. What the deal with blogger! I hope it went through.


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