Friday, May 29, 2009

St. Simons Island and A Surprise!!

As most of you know, me and my hunky hubby
went away a couple of weekends ago for a
little romantic getaway!!

What a great time we had!!
The first night we stayed on Jekyll Island
in southeast Georgia. It's our favorite place
for a getaway...well...maybe not...maybe it's
St. Simons Island!!!

We decided to not reserve hotel rooms and to
see if we could get a better rate as walk-ins.
So when we arrived on St. Simons, we started
looking for hotels.

This one made my heart skip a beat!!
But sadly no vacancies! A bit too rich for
our blood, too!! But oh so lovely!!

A close up of the fountain

We went just a little further up the road into
the area known as "The Village" and found
The Ocean Inn and Suites.
And guess what? They had one vacancy!!
As a walk-in our price was $139, and then
when we checked in, Abbie, a part owner,
upgraded us to a room that was just vacated
for the same price!!

God knew I'd love this one what with the
earth tones, Spanish tile roof, balconies and
wrought iron!!

This is our room. Notice the rich looking
teak floors. No wall-to-wall carpet anywhere!
Love that!

I took this photo to show these black and white
marble tiles. These are everywhere in the hotel.
They line the walls in the lobby, and the hallways.
Different...but they grew on me!!

They also have a salt water pool!! I thought that
was such a cool feature since chlorine isn't
that great for our bodies!! We didn't go in it
but maybe next time!!

While they were getting our room ready we
began to explore the area a bit.
Here we are...the happy thrilled to
be away by ourselves!! It was really windy
and I'm trying to not have my hair stick
to my lip!!!

Across the inlet is Jekyll Island where we
stayed the first night.

Had to take a pic of the steps to nowhere!!

I will have more to post from our time in
The Village in a day or so, but want to show you
the other souveniers I brought home.

I bought the starfish and the scallop shell
at an awesome shell shop on the main drag.
They are going on a shelf in my
spa/beach bathroom.

I also fell in love with this mug as soon as
I saw it!! It just screams beach to me, and
I knew how much I'd enjoy having my morning
coffee and remembering our wonderful
getaway. The next thing I knew it jumped
into a bag and made it's way home with me!!
YAY for me!! LOVE it!!

It is handmade and I think this thumbprint
at the base of the handle is so cool!!

OH MY!!! What is that on top of the conch??!!
It looks like a bracelet...yes...a bracelet...
made from paua shells and...
Swarovski crystals!!! Let's have a closer look!!

Here's the surprise!!

I design jewelry...and
you thought you knew all about me, huh?

Well, I've created my own designs for a few years
now and have given most of them away as gifts.
I have sold some, but haven't ever seriously
attempted to make a profit off of them.
ANYWHO....this is one of my absolute
favorites, and when we got back, I just knew
I had to share that island vibe with my
Sweeties, and...


So, you have a chance to own a look alike of
this FAVE of mine!
Good quality paua shells are awesome because
they change color and become irridescent
with movement and light!! These are so pretty!!
The camera just can't fully capture their beauty!
If they don't sparkle at a certain angle...
the Swarovskis will!!

Sooo...just leave a comment between today and
THURSDAY by 6:00p.m. EST and I will enter
your name in the drawing. I'll announce the winner
Thursday at 10:00 p.m. EST

Please don't advertise this giveaway on your blog.
This is for bloggin' sweeties who daily
brighten my world with your kindness, caring,
and prayers. Thank you so much!!
More on St. Simons on Sunday!!
Love and great big hugs,


  1. Hey Becky! What gorgeous photos! Looks like your trip was fabulous. A salt water pool? I've never heard of that before.

    Rich blessings to you my friend!

  2. What a wonderful trip, Becky! Looks like a great time, and I love the picture of your hubs and you! The bracelet is lovely, and you are a sweetie to put it in a giveaway!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hi Becky, We went to Tybee Island, GA last year. We had looked at St. Simons and it was too pricey for when we were going. You got a fantastic price and it looked wonderful there! I love that mug you got - I hope it brings back lots of great memories for you when you use it.

  4. I am so impressed with that room and I always thought Hotel 8 was nice. LOL! How cool is that mug!! It does say beach. Glad you got to get away. I don't think we will take a vacation this year. Have a great weekend!


  5. Hello Becky,
    What a beautiful place you all had for your getaway!! loved all of your pictures.I like the idea of a salt water pool though I had never heard of one, sounds better than a chlorine one. What a pleasant surprise to know that you design jewelry, and yes I think you should make it and sell, after all God has given you that talent. Take it from someone who doesn't have that gift like I see so many of my blogging friends, If I could I would make and share with others.The bracelet is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings.

  6. What a beautiful hotel. Looks like the two of you had a great time. The steps to nowhere is funny. :) Thanks for the giveaway dear. It's way to kind of you.

    Have a great day!

  7. Thank you for sharing St. Simon's with us-now I've got another place to put on my must-see list.
    I'm so amazed at the bracelet you made-it is so beautiful~I knew you were talented but all is can say is WOW. You inspire me Becky!
    Love you girl.

  8. What a great weekend!! You guys are so cute! And you do look like "the happy couple" :) How awesome that you got to stay in such a very nice hotel. Very impressive! Can't wait to see your new spa/bathroom! The bracelet is beautiful! I would so love to win that. : )

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm so glad you shared more pictures and details of your trip, Becky. What a great way to recharge.

    The bracelet is gorgeous--whoever wins it will have one good looking wrist☺

  10. Wow, you are a very talented gal! The bracelette is beautiful! I loved the room you got on your getaway. It looks so relaxing. What a beautiful place. Hugs, Elena

  11. Hey Becky!
    Wow...I am jealous. Looks like you all had a great getaway. Looks so relaxing and tranquil. My neice just put in a saltwater pool last week. I can't wait to take a dip. I hear they are so much easier to maintain.
    The braclet is gorgeous. I dibble and dabble in jewelry making also. It isn't always as easy as it looks, is it?
    I am so looking forward to summer vacation. Almost here for this school teacher! HUGS!

  12. Your vacation was an inspiration and your photos were such a tease~! Glad you had a chance to get away for a while.

  13. I just clicked over here from one of the garden blogs I follow. Feeling like I just got back from vacation after visiting your entry - FABULOUS!!! The room you all stayed in is wonderful and I LOVE THE ART work ( pottery / necklace) you brought home.

    Thank you for sharing and please stop by my garden sometime. It isn't quit a vacation but I do have some fun flowers to share.

    Great to meet you!

  14. Love the hotel you all stayed in. The other one looked pretty lavish- just try to stay there next time!!! ;) Love the ocean pics. Thanks for the showing!

  15. What a special and serene holiday! Your post was perfect --- I felt like I made the trip with you! I love the hotels, the water, your gifts (that mug is awesome!), and the beautiful bracelet! How awesome that you are gifted and talented --- and able to recreate it at home! Thank you for your encouraging, upbeat post! I loved it!


  16. Great bracelet! Love the eastern shore. We usually go to Emerald Isle,NC My brother lives near by. Arrived on you blog through a friends in Mississippi.

  17. wow, i love both of those places. i would sleep like a baby in that room of yours! what a beautiful place to visit. i love the stairs to nowhere, lol! your bracelet is gorgeous! i would love to enter your giveaway!

  18. wow- Thanks for the mini-vacation to the ocean again today!:) I am having such a great time!

    What a great get-away for you and your hubby- you two look so cute!!

    Looking forward to the rest:)

    Have a great Sunday!


  19. Hi Beck,
    Left a comment this morning but for some reason it wouldn't take it for some reason.
    Went to have breakfast and never got back.
    Anyway, nice post, the hotel is lovely, very
    posh looking, nice to have a balcony too.
    Salt water pools take the scare out of being in
    the ocean if you are a fraidy cat!! No sharks,
    stingrays or jellyfish to worry about. That would work nicely for me!! ha
    Very nice pic of you and Randy. You both look great. You can tell you were both having a good time.
    Loved the beautiful bracelet, wow, I am impressed girlie. You will have to show me more of your jewelry. Very nice.
    Well, have a nice Sunday,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  20. Love the bracelet! Would love to win this just mainly because you made it!!

    Love the pictures of the hotel! We stayed at the King and Prince. It was really nice and right on the ocean and the kids loved it! What I really like about your hotel are the wood floors! I have never seen that before and think how CLEAN is that??? I would walk barefoot on those floors! I don't like to walk barefoot on regular carpet in hotels. Weird, huh??

    Anyway, hope you're having a great weekend! Talk with you soon!

  21. That looks like a beautiful place to escape to. I love the hotel!

  22. Hey's me again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comments about my yard. We live in Queen City, which isn't far from Texarkana! How cool that you have family so close to me. I have a friend that lives in Hooks that I go see now and then. We also eat at Ramage Farms Steakhouse in Hooks when we are over that way sometimes. It is only about 30 minutes from where we live. We seem to have a lot in common. My sister just started making fused glass jewelry. She is retiring from teaching art for 26 years this year and is going to put some of it on Etsy (hopeflly). It is really pretty.

  23. My goodness,,,what an absolutely beautiful place. Your bedroom was gorgeous..WOW..

    Just wanted to say thank you SO much for your beautiful blessed comment you left me..((hugs)) Becky, it truly touched my heart.

  24. I adore those big black and white tiles and would love a bathroom just like that. What a fun trip. And your Give-A-Way is beautiful too!

    The Raggedy Girl

  25. You know my husband and I were talking about salt water pools just yesterday. It seems to be the thing now. It is supposed to fight algae and germs and the biggest harsh chemicals!

    WOW I just love all the pictures! And the hotels!!So romantic and the two of you look so happy, relaxed and in love. :)

  26. yay, becky! i'm so glad you had a great time. the hotel is amazing looking and i'd love to try out that salt water pool. i've never been in one. i love your shells - you and i, we think alike! please, please, please, enter me in your drawing for that gorgeous bracelet :), i love it and hope to own it as well! and, thanks for adding me to your blog roll :O)

  27. How absolutely gorgeous Becky - I love the beautiful colours in the bracelet - and Paua shells are something I have not seen anywhere in the world except in New Zealand!! You are super talented, you clearly have an amazing gift for making beautiful things. Hope you all have a very blessed week ahead sweet friend - full of busy productive days and inspirational afternoons and evenings!! Much love, Fiona x x

  28. Becky, I have been enjoying your posts on your get away with your hubby very much. They are making me look forward to one Jim and I are taking over the weekend of June 13-15 for our anniversary. We live on the opposite coast and are going to Sausalito, CA. We love the ocean although our beaches tend to be quite cold most of the time, it is so beautiful. I enjoyed seeing what jumped into your shopping bags as I am addicted to buying wonderful home enhancements, especially if they have the promise of remembering a great place or time attached to them.

    And your beautiful bracelet! I was oohing and awing over it when Jim passed by my computer and I was telling him it had jumped into your shopping bag and when I read a little further and saw you make! Impressive, Becky,and so beautiful. It reminds me of some gorgeous bracelets I saw in Venice last year. I think I will try to make some bracelets~they are so lovely and I know I would enjoy that.

  29. Oh the places look wonderful..and the whole get away by yourselves..just what one needs..woohoo
    I love that cup..looks like faux bois..
    Can't wait to see more pics.. Love the bracelet!!!

    smiles, Deena

  30. Those hotel pictures are lovely! A salt water pool? WOW! I would have bought a bathing suit to try that number out! So glad to see a picture of the happy couple. Romantic getaways are important! Looking forward to my nest one, although I have no idea when that will be. Your bracelet is beautiful!

    Smiles BFF in Kansas

  31. Beautiful pictures! I bet you had a wonderful time! What beautiful treasure that bracelet is!


  32. HI Becky !
    Love you vacation photos....that hotel looked like a 7 star ! I didn't know that you designed jewerly - so pretty ! Love that beach stuff and so great to get that coffee cup to remember it by...I came by to visit and I also tagged you on my blog (its a photo challenge)
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  33. Thanks for visiting today! I love your visits! Enjoy your trip! Post pictures!!!

  34. What a great vacation you had, can't wait to see and read about your trip to The Village. I had never heard of Paua Shells, but then I am from way up north and don't get south much..... The bracelet is beautiful and thank you for a chance to win it. Terry

  35. Enter me enter me lol... Keep smiling as its contageous.

  36. What a beautiful picture of you and your sweetheart!! Someday I will visit that part of the country (I aready have if books count :0)!!! I also have a beachy powder room - shells are such a fun was to decorate. I love to wear bracelets - an easy piece of jewlery with babies - doesn't hurt if pulled like earrings and easy to put on quickly - like when I'm running out the door to church :0)

  37. Oh wow, I dropped in at just the right time! I've been enjoying looking through the pictures of your adventures which I've missed, I'm glad you had such a wonderful season of refreshing with your husband.

  38. I'm so glad you got that upgrade...what an extra blessing for the birthday girl! The salt water pool sounds incredible, you'll have to go back (can I come in your suitcase?) and try it. We're talking about a Christmas trip to Florida and I'm more convinced than ever that we need to go for some sun and fun!

  39. So wonderful. Isn't it great to get away? I am needing a get has been way too busy lately!
    So glad you has such a delightful time!
    Blessings! Lilly


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