Saturday, May 2, 2009

Springing Forth...In My Backyard

I don't have a whole lot to look at yet in my
backyard except green thanks to the
freezes this past winter. I've got to do some
planting. I planted out front, but need to get
busy out back!!

My lovely hibiscus plant froze completely, but
is blooming already. I just love these flowers!!
They are so big, colorful and tropical looking!!

I have never seen this little guy before.
He is an American Redstart Warbler, and I
had so much fun watching him hop all around
the tree. They fan their tail feathers to stir up
any bugs that are hanging out, so they can
have a little snack!! It's so cute!!

Who knows what kind of tree this is??

There is a famous cookie made from it's fruit!!

That little round bud is the beginning of the fruit.

Those of you that guessed FIG are correct!! We love
figs around here, and this little tree is just getting

I have so much work to do outside!! As I get it
done I will share it with you.

Remember my niche for my slate girl?
I painted it today and just love it!
I think I may post it for Susan's Metamorphosis
Monday Meme, so stay tuned!

Thank you for all of your color suggestions!!

Thank you to Nancy at Acorn Cottage
for suggesting terracotta
because it would add to that Tuscan feel I want.
I didn't use that color, but used some paint I
already no $$ spent!! Can't beat that!!
And it does give that Tuscan feel!! YAY!!

Have a joyful, praise-filled Sunday!!

I heard this saying many years ago:

The more you thank God for all you have,
the more you'll have to thank Him for

Please know that this isn't necessarily
referring to "things",
although "things" can definitely
be some of His blessings!!



  1. Oooooo.....I love your Hibiscus....beautiful!!

    Isn't wonderful when one of God's precious little creatures shows up so you can enjoy it!! We went to the birding center today and also so a new bird for us....I'll post in soon.

    May you have a very blesses Sunday!!

  2. That's sure a beautiful plant. It reminds me of the mountain laurel we see up here in NC (I love bright, cheerful colors in flowers!) Thanks for posting the "Thank God" memo. Good words to live by and a heads up. Really :)

  3. Your hibiscus is sooo pretty! I'm glad it came back for you. I love the quote......The more you thank God for what you have, the more you'll have to thank Him for......can I borrow that one? :-)

    Your little doll face on your header is going to be a ***STAR*** !!!


  4. gorgeous flower! my grandmother has fig trees too!

  5. Hi girlfriend, My mom and dad had hibiscus and it reminds me of the Islands. We have never been able to grow them..go figure. Can't wait to see your niche and what it looks like. Think I'll just pop over for some ice-tea and help you garden...don't I wish.
    Love you!

  6. I love the word Warbler! :) We don't get those in these parts of the south. He's very pretty. Your pretty good at capturing the wildlife. Seems like I always miss the shot.I need to put the camera in the backyard and leave it there.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  7. I enjoyed seeing the garden photos enjoyed the post before. Fun catching up with you, Becky!

  8. I guess a fig tree! I was right! I've had all kinds of plants but never a hibiscus. I might have to try that.

    John had a little 'spell' yesterday and did not look good at all. I'm going to try to go with him to his doctor appointment this week.

  9. Becky, how is your family? How is everyone doing? What side of town are y'all on? I wonder if we know some of the same peeps.

    God bless you this week. Have a good one. ((hugs))

  10. You hibiscus is so pretty! Can't wait to see what you'll have going on in your backyard.

    We had a beautiful day today- we decided to eat lunch outside on the deck- just a lovely day all around:)


  11. Hi, Lady Love the flower! The one's you buy here have to be brought in for winter, but my two older men Buddies say they have one that will stay out. I going back! lol I ran away from home this week, for 3 hours. I haven't drove in almost 4 years but a couple of times for 10 min. I road the back roads for about 30 miles. I started to go to my Daddy's on hour away, but when I got to the road leading there, I said a few dollars in my purse, no phone with me, and Hubby said the transmission is trying to out, I went the other road and only ran off the road once. I had the radio on and decided to stop and see my old buddies, Their yard has no grass just flowers, I need to go take a pic. They dug up me some flowers, I could not ask to use the phone for it was long distance to my house. I came home over 3 hours later. My Hubby was acting as he was asleep,and not worried, but The TV remote was by him with the screen blank, but on and the telephone beside him. I had enough stress around here and just left! I had a good old time!!! All by myself! lol I love figs. I have bought and bought figs trees and they die. So I rooted my neighbors figs and have 4 ready to plant, they are the old kind. So Shade or Sun. I should have already planted them, but scared they will die! Yours looks wonderful. I am off to get my sheep in the morning, I am so excited! It was bad weather today, and Hubby cooked crawfish from our pond Sat. So tomorrow I will be a proud owner of 1 ram, 3 adult ewe's and two lamb ewes! 6 in all, was going to wait after this year of surgery with our first crop of crawfish coming in and Hubby has so much to do. But who knows I better enjoy them now for Tomorrow is not promised. I go to Doc. Tuesday to plan out surgery, I praying! For I have gone backward since my accident, and hoping he gives me a little more time. For I do not want him to do the surgery that will make me loose my left arm and side movement. I feeling lots better, and working my arms and body hard! Can't wait to show what all I done building things, Hubby had to nail and screw them for the drill just spins with me. I went to the little store yesterday, no gas was in the truck, The lady had to come out and take the gas cap off, I was not strong enough! That was the awful! Then she had to pump my gas! My My never would I have ever dreamed that could be! lol yes I am laughing! Hubby had gave me $10 and I was picking up drinks and things. So thinking I may not make it home with an empty empty tank. I asked a guy I know how much should I buy, he said $5 will barely get you home, you better put $10. I get home and told Hubby he said $5.00 would take us to the city. Well, I have not been out in so long, how was I to know! lol I had more money, I call it my MAD money, so I made Hubby give it back! lol Now see why I am laughing! Wow I should have emailed this. lol


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