Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Legacy of Love

Hello Sweeties!!

I have a very special person that I want to tell
you a little bit about.

Here she is!! Isn't she adorable??
Her name is Georganne Goble,

And she is my Mom!

She was born in Tennessee to an extremely
talented musician named Sammy, and
a lovely, wonderfully creative woman named Rose.

Here she is with her Mom and two brothers.

Who knew what this beautiful young lady
would contribute to the world?

Days faded into years, and she became
quite a winsome, poised, self-reliant woman.
She carried in her heart the dream of the man
she would some day marry and begin a
family with.

Little did she know that her youngest brother
who was in the Navy would be the one to introduce
her to the man she had been dreaming of.

It was his Navy buddy Woody, a bright, friendly,
confident, somewhat cocky young man
that would sweep her off her feet.

Woody finished out his time in the Navy,
married Jan, and went to
college at University of Florida to get his
degree in engineering.

By the time he graduated, their fourth child,
that being ME
was born!!

A few years later Mom gave birth to two
more boys for a total of six kids.

This woman, my Mom, was the best Mom a
child could have. She was always there for
us at home, tending to her household and family,
and spent the
rest of her time volunteering at our schools,
with scouts and our church. Everyone's
needs came before her own.
She lived a life of complete humility as a shining
example of sacrificial motherly love.

When she was 72 years old, the doctors came to
the conclusion that she had developed Alzheimer's.

Within 3 years it was evident she wouldn't be
with us much longer. She and I were very close
and those years were quite difficult.

The Mom we knew slowly slipped into the past, and so
did her memory of all whom she loved and served
so well.

Here she is at our daughter Sam's wedding

We said goodbye to her in June 2004. I had
the amazing blessing of being at her side when
she stepped into eternity with God.

There just simply aren't words to describe
the depth of my love for this amazing
mother of mine. She was my closest confidant,
my cheerleader, my earthly example of Christ's
unfailing, unconditional love
and embodied everything one could desire in
a Mom.

In the 90's she came up with the idea of
having family reunions so this family, that was
growing larger everyday, would stay close to
each other through the years.

She and Dad handled all the arrangements,
and chipped in for those who couldn't afford to
make the trip on their own.

This was the beginning of the Allen Family Reunion,
a week long event that takes place
every other year in the Smoky
Mountains of North Carolina.

Yes, yes, we are one of those nutty families that
makes up our own reunion t-shirts, and that
spends an entire morning taking photos in our
matching t-shirts. Dorky, huh??

We LOVE it!!

Here is a photo from the last reunion Mom could
actively participate in. It's a photo of Mom and Dad
and their six kids.

I'm next to my Dad, my sister is next to Mom
with the four boys in the back. this day I still call them "the boys"

Dad passed less than 5 months after Mom.

In July, we are having our 3rd reunion without
them. Our reunions will never be quite
the same, but my Dad asked us to commit to
carrying on with them after they were gone.

The six of us made that commitment to him.
We promised to continue the tradition,
and pass on to the future generations the
legacy of love
they left us.

If you are blessed to still have your Mom with you,
please be sure to contact her and do
something special to honor her this
Mother's Day.

It is a commandment from God, you know!!
You will be blessed!

Love and Joy to You!!


  1. What a sweet beginning and beauitful memories of a loving Mama~

    Dorky? Not at all. I like the matching shirts:-)


  2. Awww...what a precious post, such beautiful pictures of both your Mom and Dad!! I love that you have a family reunion too dorky shirts and all!!


  3. Becky, What a lovely tribute to your mother on this Mother's Day! I totally enjoyed reading your post and the memories that are so vivid and special to you. I still have my mother with me, and she happened to arrive tonight for a visit from out of state. We live 10 hrs apart. She's here to celebrate the baby dedication of my grandchild, her great grandchild. I will value her time her extra because of being reminded by your post that each day is precious when we get to spend it with our mother. Blessings... ~CC Catherine

  4. This is very sweet. I think it's wonderful how they insisted on the reunions and now you're carrying on the tradition--which doesn't sound dorky at all!!!

    ps I think you look like your grandma☺

  5. what a sweet post about your parents. the photos are wonderful. that's great you all are still having the family reunions. your dad is proud.

  6. oh becky, this is wonderful! my dad's side of the family used to do family reunions. now all that's left are a few of the grandkids. it's sad when it dwindles out to nothingness. keep doing yours as long as you can. it's a blessing to get together with family and catch up! i love the photos of your mom. the two of you favor each other. beautiful woman!

  7. Hi Becky,
    What a beautiful family, and what an awesome tribute to your mother.All of your photos tell of a beautiful family, what a handsome couple your parents made! I know that both your parents would be so proud that you all are continuing this tradition of having a family reunion, and what a legacy to leave for all of your children.
    Thank you for sharing this today, and I hope you have a most blessed Mother's Day with your loved ones.

  8. What a beautiful testimony of your mother's love!! I love the first baby picture, so adorable. So happy you have such treasured memories of your mother and your father as well! It's a legacy I can see you are already passing along to your children. My heart aches for you as you go through life without your parents but I'm so happy one day you will be reunited with them and you can introduce us on that glorious day!!! Hoping your day is going well!!

  9. Hi Becky,
    Beautifully written! It brought tears to my eyes. A love of a Mother is a very special thing in deed.

    Enjoy your day,

  10. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing that inspiring story. I love the fact that you have family reunions!

    I have to say you look EXACTLY like your grandmother in that picture - beautiful ladies!


  11. Hi Becky, Wonderful post; you were blessed to have such a wonderful mom and wonderful parents. You look just like your grandmother. Your reunion will be so fun. I know you miss your mom but she's looking down on you and smiling. Hugs to you my friend.

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. It made tears come to my eyes! What a wonderful legacy to have a mom that loved the Lord and her family so much. That is so cool that you have regular family reunions and are carrying on the tradtion that your folks started. Have a beautiful day sweet friend! Elena

  13. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, Becky. The pictures are just great. Your grandmother was a lovely woman also!

    We who have grown up in a Christian home are so blessed. The testimony of that goes on through the generations and makes up realize how important our day-to-day decisions are and how they affect our witness to our children and those around us.

    I do still have my mother and I am headed to order her some beautiful flowers right now:) I can't be with her this Sunday, but will be at our granson Sam's dedication at our son's church. A promise to help raise him up as a child of God. Another example of that Christian legacy:)

    I'm praying for you, dear friend. I know you especially miss you mom (and dad) on these special days.

    Great idea for family reunions and great family photo!!

    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day,


  14. Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful post. That has to be one of the most touching posts I have ever seen.... now you got me crying again. That was so touching, just beautiful.

    Love the music, lately we have been listening to Etta James while we clean during the day. Love the old music.

  15. I can't believe how much you look like your Grandmother! Your post was lovely Becky. I feel very fortunate that I get to fly and see my Mom this Mother's Day. She is 86 and I feel so blessed to be able to spend Mother's Day with her and my sisters!

    Hugs, Nancy

  16. Becky - What a wonderful post for Mother's Day. .... I now know where you get your lovely personality... Your mom has so much to be proud of. You have some pretty big shoes to fill. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Much love to you today Becky and I wish you the best Mother's Day filled with Joy and Love...

    Loving Thoughts... Jaime

  17. Hi Becky,

    What a beautiful post... such wonderful memories you have to cherish the time you had with your mother. She sounded like an amazing person. I am sure both of your parents would be honored that you are carrying the reunion tradition on. :) I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  18. I never knew my mother, except to meet on a couple of occasions early on. I admire those of you who loved yours and knew about their lives. Yours sounded like a very special woman. And your dad passing so quickly after her, proof that their love was everlasting.

  19. What an incredible story Becky, and a wonderful tribute to your Mum. You are a credit to her nature and her dedication to her family, because the same attributes shine out of you into your blog with every post you make. We have Mothering Sunday in March in the UK, but I will be sending special prayers to you and all your family this weekend, that you may all continue to feel and know the legacy of love that is so alive in your family. Blessings to you all sweet Becky x x

  20. Beautiful tribute to your beautiful Mom.

  21. What a lovely post heralding the coming Mother's Day ~ I noticed your Mom's radiant smile never changed despite the passing of the years. Hopefully we will eventually become one of those reunion families! What a wonderfully fun time for families to continue to celebrate each other.

  22. This was a very enjoyable post about your mother. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  23. What a sweet tribute to such a beautiful mother!

    My mommy's name is Rose too!

  24. Becky, this post brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute and how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful heritage with beautiful memories of your mom. She certainly was a lovely lady, and it is clearly evident that she passed on many of her Godly characteristics to her fourth child. You radiate His love and compassion, too, you know, and I am so blessed to call you friend.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet friend!



  26. Becky,

    You have presented this post so beautifully. Your mom was such a beautiful child, then a woman..

    Have a blessed day, sweet lady!


  27. Ahh Becky that was so sweet. There is nobody like a mom. I sure miss mine.
    I will be speaking at a women's retreat this weekend. Please keep that in your prayers.
    It is on the legacy of my mom and Cindy too.

  28. Love the pictures with the story. I can see a remarkable resemblance in your grandmother and you. She was a beautiful lady. So was your mother. :)

  29. What wonderful memories you must have. I am thankful everyday that I still have my mother. What a great tribute you made to yours. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for visiting my blog and you are welcomed anytime. Debbie

  30. Thankyou so much for sharing this, may many more memories be made at your reunions. xxx

  31. What a lovely tribute to your mother, Becky. She was a beautiful lady! My mother passed away the first of July, same year --- we passed through that season together. It is a passage, for sure.


  32. Dear Becky,
    Your post is a beautiful and moving tribute to your beloved Mom -- and also to your Dad. But the best tribute they could have is the wonderful family they raised -- evident in the devotion you have to one another. It is wonderful.

    My Mom also has Alzheimer's. She is 88 and in a special faciility, as she can no longer be cared for at home. It breaks my heart, as I "miss" her so very much. She began this long slow process about 7 years ago. It's especially tough to watch my Dad cope with her condition.

    On a happier note, my 2 older brothers are in their 60s and my sister and I STILL call them "the boys!"

    Thank you so much for your kind sympathy on the loss of our dear little dog Connie. I'm glad we had the chance to know and love her; she was very special.
    Thanks -- and Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

  33. Oh Becky,
    She was beautiful! Like Mother, like daughter.
    TRUE STORY! Feeling that "ache" of missing my own Angel Mother, your tribute touched my heart in a very deep way.
    Thank you for honoring and sharing your own angel Mother.
    God bless you Becky, and may you too have a wonderful Mother's day.

  34. Becky, I am so pleased to meet you. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I read this beautiful post about your mom and I just wept because it reminded me of my sweet mom too. She died in 2003 after a long illness and I miss her more each Mother's Day it seems.

    No one can take their places, the beauty they taught us and gave to us. What a sacred trust to become a mom and follow in their footsteps.

    I am glad you like my picture on my profile. Thanks again for coming by!

  35. Dear Sweet Becky,
    I know your Mom must have been a special person...She raised you. You are one of the kindest people I have met in this beautiful "land of blog"...
    And the fact that you have become a great mother and grandmother is a testament to your Mom as well...
    Blessings to you sweet girl,

  36. Happy, happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  37. Oh Becky, what beautiful parents....I am sure you miss them dearly. I also lost both of my parents and things have not been the same since.

    I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day and many more.

    Visiting your blog is so wonderful, I still wish I could express myself like you do.

  38. Happy Mothers day to you. I enjoyed your post and also posted today about my Mom and Alz too. I know that both our Moms (and Dads) are sitting on our shoulders guiding us every day.

  39. Oh, Becky What a lovely story of your Mother,Dad and family! You do look like your Mother. I so sorry you lost her, I know its hard. The month you lost her I had my first surgery on June 20, 2004.My Dad 83 not doing well, he lives an hour away. I do not get to see him much, since my illness. Yes, things are so different without our Mothers. My Daddy divorce, my Mother back in 1978, My Mother lived with me, for a while. Daddy remarried, oh I think 6 or 7 times. He been with his wife now a long time, but there never the time, you get one on one. For his wife children and grandchildren and great grandchild live with him also. I miss that. You did a lovely post honoring your Mother, she would be so proud of you!

  40. I wonder if it could be possible our Dads knew each other in the Navy?


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