Friday, June 19, 2009

Cents Savvy Home Decor

When I was at my sister's a week ago, my niece
kept the kids one day so we could enjoy a day of
shopping; something we always do when I visit.
The Goodwill stores in Panama City just always
seem to have a better selection than ours
down here so we make sure we go there in our
search for bargains!!

Ladies, I won't spend even $.50 on something
I don't love, or can't make into something I'll love!

I did find some things I love!!!
First up...these charming brass plates!! As soon as
I saw them I knew I had to have them!! Mom had
two larger colonial looking ones that hung in our
home for as long as I can remember, so these
brought back good memories. Also, my three
favorite fruits in home decor are pineapples,
pears, and grapes!! These have all three!!
They are actually 8 1/2 inches across
Oh-Oh...and the best part is they were only
$.99 each!!!

Another thing I love is candlelight and AMBER!!
So imagine my joy when I spotted these two
little amber beauties!!

They are actually juice-sized vintage glasses,
but I knew right away that they would be tealight

Look at the starburst they cast on the table!
Gotta love it!! Their new home is on my bar
right behind my sink!! $.59 each!!!

I have some other Goodwill finds that are part
of a makeover I'll show next week!!
We also went to my favorite destination...
HOB LOB!!! Yep. Hobby Lobby!!



Ladies if you go into this store you better have a
padlock on your purse or incredible self-control!!
There is something for every type of decor and craft.


I am notorious for walking around with my
cart full of treasures and then...on my walk to
the cash register...I do my
I go through the items one by one and
if by chance I find that something has jumped
into my cart that I don't love...
it goes back to the shelf from whence it came.

My "routine" saves me countless trips to
return items I really don't want, and leaves
me with a clear conscience knowing my Lord
and my hubby will be pleased with my self control!


Here is my wonderful find from Hob-Lob!!
I bought two of these lovely fleur de lis
wall plaques! They measure 10 x 11 1/2

$5 each!!


Now...what on earth am I going to do with
this stuff? It's not fall yet...

In my next post I will show you the new homes
for my treasures, and you'll see
what I did with the things pictured above!!


Have a Sensational Saturday Sweeties!!

Love and Hugs!!!


  1. How can a woman not love Hobby Lobby and Goodwill for 'treasure hunting'??!
    Like you, I will put things in my cart and walk around with them, sometimes even at the grocery store and then decide at checkout time which things I REALLY want or need!
    You got some good things and super deals!



  2. Dear Becky,
    My sister and I also have the love it or leave it routine for unloading our cart...we start counting up the dollars and looking at must be a fairly common syndrome that most women seem to
    if I worked at hobby lobby I would never have a paycheck
    It was nice to visit with you
    Happy Fathers Day to the men in your life
    your daughter has a wonderful example for how to grow into that Proverbs 31 woman

  3. you spotted some great things! my countdown has begun until i can get to a Hobby Lobby, lol. I don't have any where I live so when I visit my inlaws in Texas I make sure I hit atleast 3 different ones nearby their area. I will land on Texas soil in 9 days, lol!hggghgtfgyn

  4. I walked away from my computer for 2 seconds to pick up the ringing phone and Ella took it upon herself to finish my comment above and POST it! LOL. she is responsible for the letters at the end that make no sense. sheesh!

  5. Hi Becky,
    We had brass plates in my home too growing up! I do the same the stuff we had as kids...funny, I didn't even notice it then.

    Glad you had so much fun...

  6. I think our moms had the same large brass plates--the "Early American" decor. We also had those gold libby glasses that you are showing. I know I garage-saled the plates, but I think I still have the brass "pitcher"--I don't think it sold at the garage sale. If you think it'll fit with your decor and I still have it, I'll snap a pic to let you see it in case you'd like it for your own☺

  7. Hi Becky... Sending hugs and love your way. I am in love with your tealight holders. Just amazing and mesmerizing... Love them. Hope you are having a great summer.

    ... ps i too love things to remind me of mom.

    Bless you dear friend.


  8. You got some beautiful bargains. I can't wait to see how you use them in your home. Have a blessed weekend. Love, Elena

  9. I love the candle glass holders, so soothing! I love the fluer de lis! I had to laugh about the cart full, I do the same thing! Hubby been once with me in Marshalls He said you are not buying all that! No, just holding on to it so someone does get it, before I make my mind up! I do it at garage sales, Hobby Lobby! Ect. Check out my little Tea Party Girls.

  10. Great finds! Can't wait to see how you do with the fruit. I love natural looking things! :)

  11. oh...I too won't buy..if there is any doubt...I have a goal of not buying something that will RETURN to a Goodwill day..
    this morning I had a great success at a local church who opened their property for a community yard sale...I had, 4 hours sleep...but my loving dh took me over for a bit..not long..then I came home and got some more grandsons are coming to spend the night and go to church with us in the morning..Praising the Lord for that...sorry..drinking coffeeeee...and raaaaambling....

  12. Becky, I lost your email address. Can you email me and give it to me??? Would like to keep you updated on my hubby. Thanks! Love the things you purchased!!!

  13. Becky, don't you just love bargain hunting? You did a great job. My mother had those brass plates too. I love it when I see something from the past.Out here in Ca there is this ritzy town near Palo Alto and I cannot remember the name of it. One day my daughter, Laura, and I went there to shop and she said I have to take you to GW. Well this town did not want to advertise a Goodwill so it was GW of Palo Alto (not the real name of the town). I thought that was so bizarre! It was like every other Goodwill on the inside but looked like a swanky place from the outside. Love all your pears but I am a pear lover and have tons of them too. You go, girl! Great stuff!

  14. Hey Becky! It looks like you had a great shopping day! Loving the fabulous bargains! And yes incredible self control at Hob Lob! :)

  15. What fun things to find~ Looks like you had a great time~ Cinnamon

  16. Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)

  17. your amber lights make a really cool reflection on your table! some great finds you have here :O).

  18. I love looking for new treasures! The glasses are beautiful all lit up with the tea lights. Have a wonderful upcoming week!
    P.s Our new fence is cedar.

  19. Hi Becky,
    You good little shopper you! What great buys!

    I LOVE goodwill - you can find so many "treasures" there. Hobby Lobby is another favorite. I can do serious damage in that store. I am like you - it takes me a while to shop in that store because I will put something in the cart and then take it out and stare at it in contemplation for the longest time. I am sooooo frugal and it is hard for me to justify buying something unless I REALLY need it. Sometimes I will put it down and go back and pick it up several times. Of course if I end up putting something back on the shelf sometimes it will "call me" after I go home and I will have to go back to get it! Pitiful huh? ~sigh~
    Can't wait to see where you put your new treasures!

  20. Oh, I love the way you shop!


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