Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Again, and A Surprise From God!!

Happy Friday Morning to You All!!
It is good to be home again, and back
visiting you my bloggy sweeties!! Of course
we had a great time! More on that in a
day or so!!

Isn't this hydrangea just dreamy?
It sure puts joy in my heart to see such
beautiful flowers that our loving
heavenly Father created for
us to enjoy!!

This beauty was in the side yard of my sister's
neighbor. Just had to snap it so I could bring
it home to share with YOU!!


This morning as I was ironing hubby's clothes
for work (yes I do this every morning, because
he likes me being up with him and I don't like
doing ironing all at once...ugh!) God just
put it on my heart to pray for the person/people
who assembled his shirt and pants.


You know, we can't all be missionaries in
foreign countries, but we can certainly do
our part right here, can't we??

A mentor of mine once said that we have
this guarantee...You can fire off prayer
to anywhere in the world and it will ALWAYS
hit it's target!!

So all morning I have been thinking about
whose hands sewed those garments, what
is going on in their lives, and what
God wants to accomplish in them.
What a privilege that He
saw fit to include me in it!!

This wonderful God we serve turned an
everyday chore into a spiritual adventure!!
Ironing will never be the same for me!!

God is so full of surprises!! Has He surprised
you lately? Please share if He has...I would
love to hear your story!!

May your day be filled with JOY!!


  1. love you, becky! you always remind me to stop and think a minute - and talking with God everyday is a blessing and honor. have a great weekend!

  2. Glad you're back and that you had a good time. I too have hydrangeas, they are so pretty!

  3. Glad your back! Been missing your daily posts and your lovely comments!! Never thought to pray for the person who made the garments I'm ironing. I do find myself praying for the people who will be wearing the garments when I'm ironing. And I like to iron all at once. Speaking of which, I have some to do!! Hopefully before hubby gets home, but I doubt it! Way too much going on today! Hope you had a great trip with your sister. The flower is big!! I would love for you to email me!! Here's the magic Have a great afternoon!!

  4. Welcome back my dear friend...I have sure missed you! I can't wait to hear about your trip and the fun you had with your sister.

    That hydrangea could not have been more perfect. Thank you Jesus for the beauty you provide for us everyday!

  5. Wow, what a cool thing to do!

    I iron my husband's clothes every morning too for the exact same reasons as you - but I really don't mind! Now I'll also be thinking of the people who made the clothes while I'm ironing.

    Beautiful hydrangea!


  6. I how I love this post! I will remember it each time I iron! How terrific!

    Your sister in Christ,

  7. welcome back. can't wait to hear all your stories!

  8. Hi Becky,
    So glad you are back and that you had a wonderful trip, I just couldn't find you in Florida this time, so may be next time!LOL
    What a great post, I have never thought of praying for those who made my clothes before, and I think this is an awesome idea. Now when I am ironing I will be thinking and praying for that certain someone. So good to hear from you. I can hardly wait to hear of your trip.

  9. That IS a beautiful flower. Subtle color, yet designed with intricate beauty. I like the "firing a prayer" quote. :) P.S. I LOVE the song you have. Great melody. :)

  10. Dear sweet Becky, I so glad you are back. What a neat prayer to do. That is awesome! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love, Eelna

  11. Hi Becky...
    I was so happy to see that you were back and had visited me! I missed you girl!
    I don't like to iron all at once either. I iron every morning...
    Tomorrow when I do so, I will have a new prayer in my heart and a thought of you!


  12. My first time here and it was so nice. I was intrigued by the title of today's post, since I did one on a surprise gift from God just a few days ago...isn't that a sweet coincidence??

    I LOVE the idea of praying for the people who make our things...think I will even pray about/for our exterminator (very recent post about a not so happy discovery)...thank you for enhancing even further my relationship with my Creawtor.

    blessings and prayers,


  13. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers - and the color is gorgeous. Makes me think happy, sunny thoughts. Have a blessed day!

  14. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your sister. And the hydrangea is beautiful. I have got to get some in my yard somewhere. :)

    I wish you could be here in Idaho in one of our hikes listening to the rivers also. That would be so darn fun! I'll keep taking lots of pics so you can enjoy too!

    Hugs dear! And have a beautiful weekend! :)

  15. Hi Becky...

    How wonderful is that? Now I'll be thinking about that when I'm ironing for my hubby! What a lovely idea to pray for the "builders of clothing"....

    I know to many people this is such a small thing....but it's so meaningful to me....I am always so grateful and blessed when I get a good parking place. As I've said, I have some trouble walking and it's such a sweet thing that God sends me right to a great parking place. It often makes me tear up....because I know He cares about the big things in my life, but HOW WONDERFUL that He cares about the little things.....I am blessed.


  16. Hey Becky, what an inspiring post! Just what I needed this morning! Also thanks so much for your visit! I was teaching all week and am completely exhausted chasing those little first graders around. I'm getting too old for this I do believe! One more year on my sub contract. I'll take your wonderful mesage to heart and and renew my attitude and spirit! have a blessed and wonderful weekend!! Love, Carolyn

  17. I read somewhere once that god doesn;t always send us away on missions sometimes he brings the mission right to our door- like the neighborhood kids who may hang around and need guidance and who drive us crazy. I have been telling myself this a lot latley. To look at them in another way they are gods children too and he brings them back for a reason.

    love your hydragnea never saw it in such a color before breathtaking

  18. Gorgeous hydrangea!!! I love them too!!! This is my first visit to your lovely site!!! I have had a wonderful vist!!! Thnk you so much for this inspirational post!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  19. Indeed God is full of many suprises..

  20. YOU are such an incredible blessing and I PRAY TO GOD I NEVER FORGET the lesson learned here today.

  21. The hydrangas are gorgeous this year. Isn't God good that way.
    Thanks for your post. God shows up in my day in many ways. Thanks for your inspiring reminders.

  22. Hi Becky,
    What a nice post, God is full of surprises isn't he. Now I will have to start praying for the cell phone people. We got 2 texts from
    Scott today. He said it was a cool day, nice for hiking, he was on top of a mountain when he rec'd all the texts we have sent him all week., he had good reception, but I think he only turns it on to text us and then shuts it off to preserve his power so that could be why too. He had a 10 mile hike today, all the way up a mountain and all the way down, I am so hoping he makes it to the next lean to before the sun goes down. He has some pretty rough terrain today, and of course, those steep ups and downs take more time. He sounded good, he is only about 10 miles. behind, he has more rain ahead tho. In fact,
    we checked the weather and the 10 day forecast said there was rain till 6/22(next Monday) and who knows after that. He should arrive in a town probably on Wed or Thurs. and is suppose to stay overnight, I am hoping he stays a few days and rests up and eats a few good meals before the next trek, or better yet, he decides he has had enough. ha!! Actually we are enjoying having the house to ourselves again! and working on this bathroom project
    was definitely the Lord's gracious timing, it
    has been a great distraction! I will be finally be painting my bathroom Robins egg blue tomorrow Lord Willing. I am so excited!!
    Glad you are back, I missed you.
    Glad you have had a nice Sunday, us too!
    Love ya, Nellie

  23. Becky,

    I enjoyed this so much. God uses anything--everything to touch our hearts and draw us into the prayerful awareness of others...

    I love HIM so!

    I appreciate your words of encouragement and love at my blog this morning. I'm blessed in your presence.

    Love you and may your week be awesome!

  24. Hi Becky,
    I dislike ironing very much,so I have found some great shirts through LLBean that don't need ironing for the hubby. I too love hydrangea's, my daughter used them for her wedding.
    Take care, welcome back and enjoy your day,

  25. Hi Miss Becky! I am sooo sorry to hear you hurt your foot! I hope it is minor and doesn't keep you down too much. This is an awesome post. I have to say that every once and a while I am moved the same way. It might be a checker at the store or maybe the older lady that always greets me at Wal Mart. We all need a little extra prayer sometimes and I think God knows that! :) So he rallies the Saints, with a little help from the Holy Spirit, of course.
    I think that is one of the wonderful things about being a Christian. We can help in so many ways that the unbeliever can't.

    I hope you enjoy your week. Don't scorch the shirts! :) hehehe

  26. HELP Becky!!!
    I posted my first entry in my new Blog, but it isn't intuitive for me. Please lend a hand.
    Jewels For The Journey is the name.

    Love you my friend.

  27. Hi Becky,

    So nice to meet you. Your daughter is just precious. Your blog is really nice.

    Loved your idea to pray while you are ironing. God can use all of our everyday experiences to make a difference for someone else.

    Thanks for sharing♥

  28. becky, you truly are a special friend. God has helped me find peace in my heart and has answered my prayers to find forgiveness in my situation. God is comforting me in the right moments. Now if I could just adjust to the time difference. ha ha. Hope you have a wonderful week you deserve all the best.

    Much Love Jaime

  29. Hi Becky~ What a neat post! I will remember to do this, as well as for the precious ones who are wearing them:)

    Whew! Amanda's graduation was last Friday and her party on Saturday in our backyard. House guests, food tent, party thankful for our big family and all the work they do to help!

    My last guests left yesterday morning, so slowly coming back to reality and catching up on some rest too!

    Have a wonderful week and welcome back- the hydrangea is just beautiful!!:)


  30. amWhat A Beautiful Hydrangea! I ma so glad you are back now..I enjoy your posts very much!

  31. Just as that comment was flying off I noticed some typing problems...sorry! B


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