Thursday, June 18, 2009

Author, Buddy and BLOGGER!!

Today I want to introduce you to a special friend
who is a gifted writer, author, teacher, speaker,
and now a BLOGGER, too!!!
Her name is Jessica, and she just started blogging
a few days ago. Please drop by her blog to say
"Hi" and to welcome her to blogland!!
Her blog is Jewels For The Journey and she has
already completed a few posts that are
definitely worth the read!!
NOW, let me tell you about the children's book
she wrote and self-published.
It is titled Grandpa's Magical Accordian, and is
absolutely delightful!! If you have young children or
grandys this would be a wonderful gift or addition
to Grandma's book basket!!

The charming illustrations were done by a local
artist in watercolor, and combined with the
wonderful accordian music CD, played by Jessica's
talented hubby, make this imaginative
story just leap off the pages!!!

The magic happens when the grandchildren
imagine travelling to different countries via
their Grandpa's accordian music. Such fun!

I own this book and highly recommend it!!
If you would like to listen to the music
and order the book, you can
visit her website

I hope you all have a great day!!
You add so much to mine!!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Thank you for introducing us to Jessica. I will have to check out her blog. Today is my granddaughter's birthday!! I did a post on it. Thank you for finally discovering my craft blog. I don't know you where that you didn't know about it. Probably under the rock like you said. LOL! I am glad you met Helmi. :-)

  2. I'll visit her after my dentist appt...How all the nice color.
    Did you get my email?

  3. I'll stop by, Becky! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Hi Beck,
    Thank you so much for sharing about my new blog and book. You are so precious and I always appreciate your thoughtful ways!
    Blessings forever! ;)

  5. I sure will stop by and I can't wait to see the book. I have many great nieces and nephews and it is sure nice to sit and read to them.

  6. looks like a wondrful book will have to check it out and her blog too.

    thanks for sharing.I love finding new blogging buddies:-)

  7. What a great friend you are and her book sounds delightful!



  8. That looks like such a great book ~ and I'm on my way to checking out Jessica's blog. :-)

  9. Hi Becky!! Sounds like a great book. My mother actually played the accordian in the first church my dad pastored many years ago!

    Check out my blog tomorrow for a special prayer request, please....

    Talk with you soon!

  10. Such a wonderful looking book!!

    The direct link to my show n tell is HERE It's all patriotic this time. Come by and join me if you can find time today. I'd love your company.

  11. Hey Beck, was gonna tell you if you don't like to sweet just sprinkle top lightly with sugar.
    You can also use a large can of fruit from a can.

  12. Hi Becky!
    I will be checking out her blog. The book looks delightful. I hope life is being super good to you these days!
    Love you!

  13. Becky, Thanks for your comments, it is always so fun to meet new people through blogland!

    I hope you will come and visit me often, and that I will have something of value.

    Warmest regards, Angela

  14. What a cute little book! I will have to check it out for the girls.

    I just read your last three posts. I had to catch up. :) I love that God laid it on your heart to pray for the people that made your hubby's clothes. That is very cool! I love that He uses us in the mundane and I thank you for sharing that we us.

    Hey you're entered, your entered! Twice even! LOL!

    Best wishes to you my friend!

  15. Thanks for sharing Becky. The book sounds wonderful. How wonderful to read about a story where children learn from their grandfather. Awesome!

    I wasn't sure if you had seen that I tagged you with an award the other day on my blog. Pop by and get it dear!


  16. Hi Becky,
    I am so glad that you stopped by to say hi! It is so nice to meet you! I love meeting other sister's in Christ and it sounds like we have a lot in common. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog!

    Thanks for all of the great advice about my dining room color dilemma. I appreciate your sweet comments so much!

    Looks like a great book - I am always on the lookout for great books for my grandbaby. Gotta create a love for learning early right? I see that you are a homeschool mom - I did it for years and LOVED IT! I long for those days now that they are gone. It was such an awesome experience to be able to share with my kids.

    I am off to check out your friends new blog -

    Blessings on your day today!

  17. The book is so cute! Sounds like you had a great time at your sisters. Sorry you hurt your foot! Glad you are praying for the clothes makers, for you do not need to have to climb the tree now! I could not push you, I am sick for several weeks, infection set in, test see why. I hope to feel better soon, but got a lot done the weeks I was doing better. I have a trip planned to a small town, going to take the back roads for 4 years not driving... Well there is a Walmart, antique store, and several thrift shops. It going to be Just Me! Freedom! Yes, I need to feel better soon! lol I called, you had left for your sisters. I got to find my note stack again. lol Check with you when I stronger! Have fun in the pool. Sure wish we had one! Next door has one, my family goes in. Not me. Visit Soon.

  18. Hey Sweetie - I will have to visit her. The book looks awesome!!! Thanks for introducing her and her book to all of us. Love you.


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