Thursday, June 25, 2009

Move over Partridge Family...

As most of you know, my side of the family has a
week long family reunion every other year.
Well my awesome brother-in-law, Andy, has taken
on the task of loading all of my parents old slides
onto CD's and will be giving a full set to each of us
at reunion.
What a wonderful gift, Andy! Thank you so much
for your love and generosity in bringing these to us!
We also have a family website, and Andy has loaded
some of the pics on there. Here are some early years
photos of me and my sister (Andy's wife) and my
four brothers.
I'm the baby for awhile. The older boys are twins,
and my sis is just a little older than me.

Yeh, it seems that in several family photos I was
the one doing something tacky like sticking out my

Then along came Dougie!!
My brother Craig was the last born but isn't

And now...are you ready for this??

Wait for it...

Wait for it...



Are we cool or what???!!!!

I absolutely loved the bell bottoms I had on.
I bought them with babysitting money, and wore

the tar out of them!! Did you you some fave bells??

Well, fast forward a bit, and here we are at Family
Reunion with Mom and Dad.

This is the last
reunion where my Mom had the presence of
mind to really enjoy herself.

The reunion coming up next month is our 3rd
without our parents who passed away in 2004.

Here is the shirt we wore for the first one we
had without them.

Our family is growing by leaps and
many little ones will be there this year.

I know my parents would be so tickled to see
how much we all are anticipating reunion this
year. The painful grieving process has subsided,
and with all the youth, a freshness and
newness of life has been breathed into our
celebration of family!!




Thank you for sharing these fun memories with me!!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Love the pics Becky! Reminds me of when I was little. Weren't all those clothes great! I laugh now. I hope you guys have a great reunion!


  2. How much fun. I love reunions. I really loved the photo of you guys with the ole bell bottoms. Those were the days... sheesh. Now I know I'm old when I say things like that, lol. Family is great. Old photos are a blast. It's nice all of you are so close.


  3. I remember a previous post that referred to your reunion and how you and your sibs were keeping up the tradition. Love the pics and the cool clothes--they bring back some good fashion memories!

    I'm glad to hear that your brother is digitizing the slides for you; that's what I'm plugging away on now for family. It's so much fun.

    Hope you have a good day, Becky☺

  4. this is great, becky! i love the picture of all of you together and yes, you do look like the Partridge Family :O). i love it! the reunion should be fun - have a great time and bring back lots of photos!

  5. Your family pictures are just precious! Yes, I had a favorite pair of bell bottoms too! How fun to get together with all your family at once. Have a wonderful day dear friend! Hugs, Elena

  6. I used to wear bell bottoms too. Loved these pictures. I think it is great that your family is keeping up with the family reunions. One branch of my family used to do regular reunions. But now that my grandmother is gone, that has not happened except maybe a couple times. Kind of sad actually.

  7. HI Sweetie!!!! What wonderful photos-your family is so cute in the early photos....brings back many memories of bell bottoms. Have a wonderful, blessed reunion....I miss you.!
    I'll talk to you soon.
    Hugs. Nor

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  9. Oh Becky, the photos are priceless. I love the one when one of the twins has on that red outfit. Too cute and so funny looking back, aren't they? I hope you enjoy your time with your siblings and their kids. There is nothing quite like time with family and I seem to appreciate it more and more as we get older. I think I will post a little piece on our last reunion thanks for a great idea! You were such a cute little girl! Hey, you still are!!

  10. All the pictures are wonderful and just LOVE the one of cute little you sticking your tongue out!



  11. oh my goodness those outfits, lol! i can hear the brady bunch songs in my head now! i can't wait to see pics from this year!

  12. A lovely post, Becky. Your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful childhood. All your pictures are really special, but I love the 'teen' one best with all those bell bottoms and white belts! Those years rock!


  13. Becky, if you were here I would give you a big ole' hug for being so darn sweet! You are too much. Thanks for the b-day wishes dear!

    As far as the gifts, I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago. That's all I need. I'm not a foo-foo kind of gal. Simple.

    Have a great night!

  14. Oh many thoughts. That's wonderful to carry on the tradition. The pictures...just classic! I hope you all have a fantastic time together and I know you savour every moment of all being together again. A family friend of our had a classic photo like that and had it made for the cover of their family cookbook that they made and gave as gifts....just a little idea!

    Love, Hugs, and Smiles BFF!

  15. You guys are way better looking than the Partridge Family! So glad I'm related to ya'll. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! Love you! ~Jackie

  16. I love the pictures! What an awesome gift...the CD. The "Brady Bunch" one is my favorite!

  17. How nice!
    I have a annual reunion with all my cousins (and their families) usually around the last days of the year, we all enjoy it very much.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Gracie at

  18. Hello dear Becky, your post today was so wonderful. It brought to mind my own family reunions. There are six children in my family too. I will never forget our last reunion after my darling parents were gone. Our family too, is just huge. Over 100 just from my parents. We are a christian family and love each other dearly. Your family is beautiful. Are we blessed or what?

    I had a little cry just remembering all the wonderful family times we have had over the years. I think it is time for another family reunion. BIG smile.

    Love and hugs...Jeanne

  19. Beck,

    How wonderful to share such poignant photos.
    The white belts take the cake!!!
    And I especially love the design of your first reunion shirt after your parents' passing.
    Who designed it?
    By the way, I have a snippet of a photo from a video in 2004 that shows you sticking out your tongue. Shall I post it??? LOL
    Love you lots!

  20. All I've got say is "groovy"!:) These pics are priceless, Becky! Yes, I loved my bell bottoms,too!

    Family reunions are great- I hope that you have a wonderful time!
    You have a lovely family and such sweet memories with your parents... and now with all the little ones coming up- new memories to be made.

    Bless you dear friend,


  21. Becky, this is so neat. And yes, I had a fave pair of bells... low riders, burgundy cords, with HUGE bells. LOL! I think I weighed 100 pounds soaking wet in college. LOL!

    These are great pictures (cute family), and just think of the reunion we are all going to have one day when we're in heaven together. Awesome thought! Your reunion on earth looks like a fun time, and I wish you much fun and happiness. Be safe...


    Sheila :-)

  22. OK Girl...I'm in tears over the love your family shows and shares. It is beautiful...truly beautiful and I'm simply LOVED MY VISIT!

    God is soo good and faithful.


  23. Love the baby pictures. Adorable. We have 6 too. :) I have to smile looking at those pictures and "seeing" ours there. Wonderful family. Thanks for sharing.

  24. what groovy pictures;-) How sweet of your bil to put them together for all of you thats a great gift.

  25. Awww Becky~ Yall are DEFINITELY
    THEE coolest kids on the block! Those were some good ole days weren't they?!
    I'm so glad you kids are still getting together for your reunions! WHAT A BEEEAUTIFUL FAMILY!


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