Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tomorrow morning I have another MRI.
This one of my cervical spine.

I cannot adequately convey to you the deep peace I have.
Each one of you who have prayed for me have a part in it.

Your words have been heard and God is answering
your petitions in my behalf in an amazing way!
Thank you...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today was a great day!  I even "feel" healthy!!
So much to be grateful wonderful hubby and his
precious tenderness with me, each phone call, prayer,
card, sweet thought, and all the words of comfort.

My cup is so are so precious to me,
and to our Mighty God.

May He bless each one of you in a special way today,
and answer the prayer that is closest to your heart!


A few pics to share from BHG (Better Homes and Garden)

I am filled with joy as I watch birds!
Don't know why but they just delight my soul!
I just put a bird bath in my back yard and am having a
blast watching them flit about!!

Who wouldn't love to have lunch al fresco here?
I know there is a soothing fountain just out of sight...
and a light breeze wafting about the fragrant aroma of all of the
beautiful flowers...aaahhh I am so there!

My dream studio!!  A walk down a lovely garden path...
I feel inspired already! Just needs a little chippy paint!

Remember back when I said some changes were coming
here at Holiday in the Sun?  I am almost ready for the reveal!!

I am so giddy about it!  Hopefully this other junk won't interfere
too much!  I will post an announcement after the final details have
been completed.

Love you lots!
Be sure to SPLASH some joy around today!!


  1. Dear Becky, I hate all the suspense and not knowing if you are alright. I will try to be patient and pray for good things to report. It is good to read your positive post and to know you are trusting in the Lord to carry you through this time of concern. I love you and pray for your good health each day,
    Jeanne xoxoxo

  2. Aunt Becky, I was just reading your posts tonight and I will be praying for you! I'm so sorry that you are going through all this, and I hope things turn out alright. I'm glad the chiropractor is able to relieve some of your symptoms so you can at least enjoy life while waiting to find out what is going on. Love you! ~Jackie

  3. I will be praying for you. What a testimony you have of spreading joy even when your circumstances don't warrant it!
    You encouraged me this and I am praying for you just now~
    Blessings My Friend~

  4. Praying you will receive answers and peace.

  5. Your posts and pictures a wonderful.

  6. Isn't the peace of God so wonderful?
    I am praying for you. I'd love it if you'd email me and tell me how it goes today.
    Love you lots,

  7. I'm saying a prayer that everything will be just fine with you Becky. Hope you can feel the hugs I'm sending you. Keep the upbeat attitude. It's the only way to go.

    Can't wait to see what you have been up your sleeve dear. I know it will be wonderful!


  8. Your attitude and joy are soo contagious and I am inspired by you. Praying all goes well and they will be able to diagnose and treat soon. Lots of hugs coming your way....Debbie

  9. Praying that this is just a little bump in the road for you! Bless you, Becky!

  10. I'm so happy to hear you have that inner peace, that 'peace that surpasses all understanding', because I'm sure to a non-believer, they would not understand at all how you could be at peace.

    You are in my prayers and I will be stopping by here to see further results.
    God's Blessings!
    Love to you,

  11. What an inspiration you are to us all.

    And, I might say maybe a little dare devil as well. You were a mite bit close to those alligators.

    take care-

  12. My goodness, what a lot you have been going through. I read back a few posts to see what has been happening with you. I pray that the MRI reveals good results for you. I have had two MRI's. Both in the tube while lying down. They lasted about 30 minutes or so. I can't imagine having to be still for 75 minutes.

    Looks like you had a great time with your blogger buddies. Some great pictures there.

    Love the new header. New to me anyway. I am way behind visiting friends. Your request for prayers caught my eye as it should. I will be watching for an update from your MRI.

    Praying for you dear Becky.


  13. Sweet sister, I've not been on blogs as regularly as of late. I'm praying for you and I love you and I trust GOD is in the midst of everything with you!

  14. Dear Becky, Such a lovely post. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I prayed for you last night after I put Mary to bed and was just resting in my bed and thinking before I turned my bedside lamp off. Take care dear friend. Love, Elena

  15. Sweetie, I've been praying and will continue to lift you before the Throne, beseeching our Lord to restore your health completely. I pray for continued peace and wisdom in the days to come.
    Will talk to you later.

  16. Praying the MRI has gone fine and that you'll have peace waiting for results. The Lord has been bringing you to mind often.


  17. Hey Sweetie,
    Let me know how it went.
    GOD has you safe in the palm of His Mighty Hand!
    Splashing and smiling all the time... =)

  18. Still praying for you Becky. Keep your spirits up and it will all work out. I know it is difficult but all the worrying in the world won't do any good and I know you know that. Love the beautiful cottage and backyard pictures. Absolutely wonderful!!


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