Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out and About!

Hello Sweet Friends!!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in central Florida, so me and Maddy
headed out.  We had a couple of errands to run and then headed to a favorite
destination...a drive around Lake Monroe and a much slower drive
through the historic district nearby.

Everywhere we looked there were spring flowers laid out like a
magic carpet for us!!  What a delight after our coldest winter in
several decades!!

The lake is quite large and feeds into the St. John's River.  Today it
was glass-like and so very serene.

A bench overlooking the lake...won't you join me?

What is it about marinas?  I have loved them ever since I was a child.
Our family owned a 31 ft. sailboat and sailed often.
Maybe it's the fun memories!!  I think they also just imply
LEISURE; something most of us need more of!!

A little bit closer

More pretty blooms

Palm trees line the walkway next to the marina

A lovely knockout rose

And of course, we had to take in some historical homes!!!
Don't you love that window at the peak?  Oh and the brick roads???

I think I have shown this one before...must be a fave of mine!

Love the front screened porch on this craftsman!

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it is really this bright yellow!!
Any of you know??

Well, hope you enjoyed our daytrip!  We had a great time!

Tomorrow morning we are up and out of here early....
 Know where we're headed???

YEP!!! You guessed it...



Our first trip of the season!!

Don't worry!  I'll catch some rays for you, too!!!


Gotta boost that vitamin D!!

Have a blessed Good Friday!! 

Jesus did it all for you, you know?

Love you lots!!


  1. We had a wonderful sunny day here in Ohio actually made it into the 80's today!! Yippee! We grabbed lunch and took it to a local park....Mr. Wonderful washed the car and I made reservations for the Pod to arrive for packing.
    Your day looked wonderful and relaxing...I am so looking forward to being able to visit the beach again soon. Love ya girlie....have a wonderful day at the beach!! Blessings ~ Tami

  2. Becky --- what a sunny and beautiful blog post! I love the sunshine!

    Yes, I have a favorite granola recipe. It's called Stovetop Granola. You'll find the recipe on the My Cozy Kitchen blog of mine. I agree about all the additives in prepared food!

    Happy Easter!

  3. I love your post. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. A bright, sunny post.

  4. Hey, Becky! We have hit 80 degrees way up here for the past two days!! We can hardly believe it!!:)
    Thanks for those inspiring photos of all the beauty around you!! Makes me smile!!:)))

    Have a wonderful day at the beach and blessed Easter weekend dear friend!! He is Risen!!;)


  5. This is a smile captured in a picture.. xx

  6. Gorgeous scenery! and beautiful older homes. I dream of having a beautiful large older home. They have so much character. Have a blessed Easter. Jackie

  7. Happy Easter to you and your family from Italy!

  8. Becky,
    It is beautiful in your little corner of the world! I love your pictures. Oh, I can't wait for beach weather!
    Have a Blessed Good Friday my Dear Friend...


  9. Those flowers are beautiful and I love the old houses! Have fun at the beach!

  10. Good Morning Becky,
    Beautiful flowers you have shared, and I always enjoy seeing old homes. I am so glad that you are able to go to the beach and soak in that vitamin D. Our weather has broke too,though I don't live near the beach, (probably is a good thing as I would want to live there.) lol and like you we have had a very cold winter.

    I also enjoyed reading your post, on your trip with other bloggers, what a wonderful time you all had, and such great company too. Blogging has certainly given all of us such sweet friendships.
    I want to wish you and your family a most blessed and happy Resurrection Sunday.

  11. Hello friend!
    ALL of the pictures are beautiful! I especially love the flowers and the houses! Glad you and Maddy had a great day together. We are enjoying some upper 70, low 80's temps. here in MS and I am lovin' it!

    I pray you and your lovely family have a very blessed and happy Easter weekend. God surely has been good to us all. I'm thankful we serve a Risen Lord!

    Lots of love,

  12. Beautiful! Your photos made feel like I was there. Our Easter is turning out a little chilly. Loved the shots of the lake. Water is always so calming! Have a happy and blessed Easter dear friend!!

  13. Love love love the pics and what a great time you must've had!!! I look forward to little trips out like that with Karina when she is older. Although we had a fun day out shopping yesterday together. Even saw some baby chicks and got to play with them at her Nana's school! Well have a wonderful time at the beach. We went all day today and couldn't have had a better time. Love you and hug that little lady of yours for me!

  14. those flowers are gorgeous! and i want to live in one of those houses. lol. have fun on your adventure! i've been soaking up some vitamin D over here this week too. in fact i'm a little burnt. ok, maybe a lot burnt! yikes!


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