Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun With Bloggy Friends!

Happy Saturday Gals!
Hope your day has been wonderful!
I got some garage saling in and did some yard work
out front, so mine has been GOOD!

Thank you SO much for all of your prayers, love and support
with my brain MRI and stuff!!  It went VERY well!
If you ever have to have an MRI, let me say sitting and
watching TV is the way to do it!

I should get my results on Tuesday!  I'll let you know...
I think they did at least find that I HAVE a brain!!

NOW on to some fun with BLOGGY friends!!!

Remember my trip to north Florida to meet up with some
wonderful bloggy friends?

Well, Claudie and Julie from Canada were part of that
fun!!  I told them that I had an "adopted son" who is a
Captain that operates an airboat, and they couldn't resist
stopping in down here for a ride!!

They have all kinds of similar wildlife in Canada...
but NO gators!!  And Capt. Josh is not only a guide, but an avid
gator hunter!  So the hunt was on!
Shelley, a sweet bloggy friend...who is SO much fun
came along and we had a great time!!

He took us first up to Deleon Springs so we could see some manatees.
This is a little boat house we saw as we rounded the curve to the springs.

A very large manatee coming up for air

There were all types of wildlife.  Tons of these waterfowl...just don't
know what they are!

Capt. Josh pointed out these tree roots...let's go look over there

It was the home of a nest of baby gators.  Here is one of the larger ones.
It's about 3 feet long

If you look closely you can see the smaller ones.
They were only about 1 1/2 ' long.  They are too cute!

 This is an Osprey...often mistaken for a bald eagle.
So beautiful!  As you can see the weather was divine! 

Capt. Josh had to take a little break for a minute...if you know what
I mean, and Claudie decided she would jump out and make sure that the
boat didn't drift away!

Now on to the big ol' boys!!  We saw a couple of gators that were
well over 10 feet long!  He had his eyes on us for sure!

Julie is a photographer and was leaning down and forward to
get a good picture of a gator that was only about 5-6 feet away.
I don't know if this was the one...but he was at least this big!
(we're talking 11-12 feet long my friends)
He raised up and lunged forward to go into the water,
and gave Julie and Claudie quite a fright!!

The St John's river is so beautiful and serene.
This is another little boat house that just captures the whole
feel of life on the river.

A picture of my fellow adventurers!
Left to right: Julie, Claudie and Shelley!
A day we will always remember!

If you ever have the opportunity to meet up with some bloggy buddies
 I encourage you to go for it!  We had a great time!

Have a praise-filled Sunday, my friends!
Love ya bunches!


  1. I'm glad your MRI went well. And how nice to be able to watch TV. I've had two and the first one was terrible. Closed in, kept thinking how people larger than me fit in one of those tubes?? I was so squished in there and I'm VERY claustrophobic!!! Anyway, we did pray for you on Wednesday at church and I've been thinking and praying every day.

    The pictures look great! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!!

    Enjoy Sunday!!!

  2. Becky - glad that your MRI went well and am praying and believing that God has healed you mightily!

    My husband is Jimmie or Jimbo around here. He grew up Oak Grove, Louisiana, where we now live. There is a David Herring in his family, but he would be from around this area.

    Looking forward to hanging around here often. You have such a fabulous blog and I just love how I get such a lift from your posts.

  3. What a Great photos!
    Sounds like it was a picture perfect day!
    Blessings galore as Nellie would say!
    Love you,

  4. Hello dear Becky, I am anxious to hear all is well with your brain. I am glad the MRI was at least not too terrible. It has to be alright because you are so sweet. I am still praying for good news my dear friend.

    Your post on the air boat ride is awesome. What fun and I am imagining that gator scaring the girls half to death. I wish I could have come too. Your photos really capture the ride and the happy time you all had. I enlarged the gator photos and the baby gators are cute. I have seen baby gators in the everglades. A scary place to be sure. We went to the Everglades National Park and walked the boardwalk through the swamp. With all the big snakes they write about I would not go back.

    Have a wonderful Sunday Becky.
    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  5. Well how do you do Miss Becky? Great shots girlfriend. I'm not even there yet with my story! I'm doing my "birthday bash" next Sat. I'm taking baby steps. I want to enjoy every moment. I have soooooo much to brag about lol
    I think Julie is still dreaming Alligators. We had such fun didn't we? Just heard from Mrs. Magpie...she's still busy with all the workers. Poor thing. I wish I was there to help her.
    I'm sorry about all your symptoms. I had an MRI and it wasn't too bad. I made sure they put ear phones and tuned me into a cool station with the volume way up.
    They found out that Randy has Fibromyalgia. Unreal. It's been going on for nearly a year. Hard to diagnose, and I'm still in shock.
    I'm saying a prayer for you girlfriend.
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Love to your family.
    Love Claudie

  6. What are they looking for in that brain of yours? Brilliance - because I could have told them it was in there without putting you through the test :) Sincerely, I hope your worries aren't too great.
    That alligator really did scare me. Totally unexpected. I appreciated Josh mentioning that they don't jump into boats generally. Your pictures are lovely and I didn't know that was the St. John's river. Must have missed that on the tour.
    Thank you again for arranging such a great experience. Definitely something I never would have had the opportunity to do.

    I send my love your way.


  7. Huggies Becky...

    Just waiting for the you're NOT, right? :-) Expecting everything to be great.


  8. Oh Becky I am soo glad that the MRI went well and that it is behind you. Still praying the results will be fine....

    That sure looked like a wonderful day. I can't tell you how different something like that would have been for me. Those gators are HUGE...but the little ones are "kind of" cute, haha...I do think getting together with blogging buddies would be soo fun. I'm glad you got to do it. ENJOY your Sunday sweet Becky. Love you, Deb

  9. Hi sweetie, Love the photos and so glad you had such a wonderful time when the ladies came to visit. Now, we will be waiting and praying for you continually that there is nothing wrong with that brain of yours.
    Hugs dear friend,

  10. I'm praying with you, Becky, as you await your results.
    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comments.

    And your boat adventure looks like so much fun! I think it's wonderful that you were able to get together with blog friends, and to do so much celebrating together! Joy for all!

    But I have to say, I am SO ENVIOUS of Claudie's hair! I love it! It's the EXACT color I want, that beautiful white head of hair! Oh, she is BLESSED!

    As we all are Blessed to have your blog, thank you so much for sharing so much of your life and your Faith with us!
    God Bless you, Becky!
    Love and Prayers,

  11. ya'll are crazy getting those close to the gators! what a fun trip though! I love Claudie's outfit! Glad you did good through the MRI. Praying for healing!

  12. Becky~ So glad to hear that your MRI went well! I've had a couple of those a few years back--quite confining, but what a wonderful technology to have available for searching inside us! Praying for you dear friend. I just know it's all okay, cause God has his arms all wrapped around you and will give you peace.

    Those are some great pictures!! Those gators are pretty scarey!!:)

    Thanks for your sweet words, you always make my day!:)


  13. HI Beck,
    Such an adventuresome post. That Claudie is a brave lady getting out of the boat, not this girl, with all those gators lurking about!! lol
    Very nice pics, love the boathouses, so fun and rustic. Glad yall had such a fun day and time!!
    They are all pretty ladies.
    Hope you had a great sunday sweetie!
    Hopefully we can talk tomorrow.
    Love ya, nellie

  14. Hi Beck,

    I am kinda a scaredy cat of both MRIs and Big critters that slink around in the water. I am glad you handled both experiences well.

    I am praying the results come out really well and that you are just fine. I keep a prayer in my heart for you everyday.

    On a lighter note, if I ever do come to Florida, I hope you won't take me on that excursion! Yikes. They have some big teeth!

    Love you so much. Get well. Let's turn this crazy year around for you with our prayers!!

    Hugs, Bon

  15. Hi Becky, if you need a good laugh come over. I have a story that just might brighten your day with a chuckle.

    I pray all is well my dear friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  16. Let us hear the results of the MRI but I am sure it will be fine. I am praying and sending good thoughts your way. How come your MRI took so long? I have had them done, back in 2001 when I had cochlear implant surgery and I don't remember it taking that long (but then it is entirely possible I have forgotten since then). That looks like such a fun trip out on the river. We have a similar outing in Jamaica on the Black river. A very relaxing way to spend a few hours ...

  17. What a lovely day day spent with friends! It reminded me of the time I got to float in an airplane around the river in Florida, We went close to the spring but I didn't get to see any of the animals! So glad you all did!
    Now, I haven't been visiting as much, but oh, what is going on? MRI! I going to pray that all with be OK! I love seeing you are doing better since your last surgery! Having a good time! MRI and TV? Wow, no such luck for me. lol Keep me posted!

  18. Thankful your MRI went ok, and will be checking in for the results.

    Thanks for sharing your bloggy buddy adventure, it was great to see and read about.


  19. Hi Becky,
    Glad you were able to handle the MRI and that they indeed did find a brain! Hoping the results will be what we are hoping for. I am so glad your friends were able to see the gators and the manatee. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  20. Wow, what a fun day in such a beautiful place. Loved the pictures of the gators. I am glad all went well with your MRI. I know they can be quite stressful. Blessing to you dear friend! Elena

  21. We did have a great time didn't we!! Claudie and Julie were a trip I hope they come down again(or we go up!LOL)!

  22. Hi Becky,
    What fun pictures, and looks like lots great fellowship.

    I can hardly comment on the blogging friends for being concerned about your situation with your head. I am so sorry ,I am praying for great results.

  23. Just stopping by to see how you're doing and if you have any results yet!!! Been thinking and praying for you!


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