Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Treasures!!

Yesterday, my very talented 28 year old daughter, Sam, brought me this wonderful scarf she knitted for me!!    Aren’t the colors so rich and wonderful?? 


She asked me about colors and I said navy blue or brown and this has so many lovely shades of both in it!  And is SO soft!!  I really just want to have it on right now!!!


On Labor day, Maddy requested that we visit one of our fave local shops…Somewhere in Time.  Well she didn’t have to ask twice!!  We both found some new treasures there!  I already had the rooster plate and found the lovely hen and just couldn’t resist it!  Don’t they look great together?  I think I need a little rooster lamp to go next to them!!   The hen is  a Susan Winget design, and I love her stuff!!


It’s even signed by her on the back…too cool!


I also found the small version of the Antinori fish bottle that I love so much, and had to get it too!!  I have no idea why I love these bottles so much, but I do!!  Do you think I should age the label?  The other one came like that.


Well that’s my show and tell for now!!

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!  I was sick for a few days, but am almost 100% again so I’m ready for a great weekend!!  Thanks so much to those of you who prayed for me!!

Love and hugs,



  1. wow! Becky, you found some great stuff- and I love,love the fish bottle- just makes me smile!:)

    Love the scarf too- you are a lucky duck!!

    I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better:) Have a great weekend, dear friend!


  2. Love that scarf ... beautiful colors. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. That's a great scarf Becky. My mom knits beautifully and she's always whipping up little creations like that for me and my girls! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. LOVELY scarf!!! I'm so proud of Sam!! Love that yarn too! Love your finds and I have that same fish bottle but in a very light sea green. :) Love you and miss you guys! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!

  5. Oh and I just made mom a really nice neck warmer I'll have to take a picture of her in and send to you! Gave it to her for her birthday and she LOVED it!!

  6. you found some cool items on your shopping trip :). i love your chicken plates - the lamp would definitely be a good addition! have a great weekend, becky :O)

  7. I love that scarf!!! My little guy was standing here looking at the pictures and suddenly said "Hey!! Grandma has that only brown" - He was refering to your fish bottles - my mom has a VERY old antique fish bottle. I love them too. Great find on your chicken plate - so pretty!! Have a wonderful day!!

  8. Are you ready for Autumn or what with your new header and all. You should be up here where it is chilly and leaves ARE turning! Ok, love the chicken plates...have some of my own. : ) Fish bottle label seems to go with the wall color?

    So glad you're feeling better...I am a bit better, but not out of the woods yet.

  9. The scarf is great plus it's a gift from your daughter, so what's better?
    I hate to tell you but......I had some of those fish bottles from my father-in-law cellar, but when he died (and considering the wine date on the bottles) we thrown them away......don't kill me, please!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Gracie at

  10. LOVE the scarf. And I love the rooster plates even more! Just like my kitchen! And how great is it that Maddie asked to go shopping!!! Beautiful finds!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I so enjoyed this! Love that beautiful scarf!!!

  12. what a lovely scarf it looks so soft and cozy, what a sweet daughter to make it for you.

    I love the plates my aunts kitchen is in chickens and she would love those.

    how great you two love to shop together it is so nice to have fun and cherished time with those we love.

    who is singing the song on your site , I love it. she sounds familiar.very jazzy beat, gives a little peppy cheer,nice.

  13. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Your daughter did a lovely job on the scarf. I love making scraves and receiving them too! Love your plates and fish bottles. You have them arranged so great! Have wonderful weekend sweetie:) Elena

  14. love love love that scarf! i'd wear it anyways, lol! it's so rainy and cold here today- 60 degrees- brrr! lol. i went to walmart this morning in jeans & my winter (water proof) boots because it was pouring!!!! it still is pouring!!!! i can't believe i have jeans on for the first time since last winter/early spring, let alone winter boots! love the roosters too!

  15. What a blessed Mummy you are Becky! Love the scarf knitted for you! It's gorgeous... bet you dooo want to wear it now!
    Maddy loves to go to the thrifts? CAN I JUST BORROW HER? LOL It was just not on our son's list of things to do together. heehee Ohwell.
    You know what, I have NEVER seen those fishy bottles! I can definitely see your love for them! How UNIQUE! Love the color too! Isn't colored glass awesome? I have a friend who sent me real seaglass and I absolutely love it. Keep it in a jar of water in my windowsill.
    Love your bottles and your grapes theme... really pretty! I have a feelin we'd get in a lot of trouble together. heehee
    Have an awesome day!
    Happy Junkin n thriftin,

  16. Beautiful finds, Becky! I love the fish bottles!

  17. Oops! I forgot to mention how beautiful the scarf is! I crochet...I don't knit. Wish I knew how!

  18. Good morning Becky. Happy Sunday morning. I am rushing around like crazy and it is only a few minutes before 8:00. Our church is having a big deal this am and we have to be there at 10:00am for a singing group, then service. THEN, potluck and I am making potato puff. A cheesy mashed oven kind of thing. LOL. I have never made it before. I pray it is good. I'll post it if it is, otherwise not!!!

    I love your post of the most delightful things. I love hens and roosters so your plates are divine. The fish bottles look great with the grape vignette. My other love. This winter the scarf will come in handy and it is lovely. Lucky you.

    You are entered in my giveaway and I am wishing you good luck.

    I better get cooking!!!

    Blessings to you and I am glad you are feeling better. I hate feeling ill. But who doesn't???

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  19. Hi Becky!

    I just love your chickens and your fish bottles! It is so much fun to build on your accessories to keep giving that special personal touch to our homes, isn't it? I am always on a treasure hunt for the perfect new touch! Drives my hubby crazy...I think I will be nesting my whole life if I haven't stopped by now! LOL.

  20. Hi Becky,
    What a lovely scarf and so special because your daughter made it for you, I love it.
    I am so glad you are feeling better.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  21. I love the scarf, as I knit! It so pretty! Now the roosters and bottles I adore! You have one plate like mine! I knew we were rubbing off on each other in the tree! lol


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