Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love Me Some Old Homes!!


Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!!  We are!  We went to a new little farmer’s market around the corner and got some great deals on fresh baked goods and veggies!


A couple of weekends ago me and Maddy went for a drive, one of our favorite things to do, and I decided to snap a few pics to show you some of the neat older homes in our area.  These are just a few, and I will do another post showing some of the more “cottagey” older homes in a few weeks.IMG_0089


This one has always been one of my faves.  The Spanish tile is multi-colored and really adds a neat touch to the look. 


This one is located on a lake that is just beautiful, and is a place I always thought would be awesome to live.  Quite pricey, though!!  They gave this one a facelift several years ago, and added a bit more space. IMG_0096

I think we got the info sheet on this baby, and if I remember correctly it’s in the $600,000 price range!  It looks new, but was built in the 40’s, and is probably worth every penny of the asking price!IMG_0095

This is on the same lake as the previous one.  That upper deck is just dreamy and has a great view of the lake.IMG_0100 IMG_0091 IMG_0090

Hope you enjoyed these homes!

Have a delightful evening and Sunday!!
Love ya’ll!



  1. Becky, these homes are beautiful!

    But I have to say that asking price for that house of $600,000.00 would be a bargain in our area! That home would go for more like two million PLUS in the area we live in!

    Thanks for the tour! This is one of my favorite things to do!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Becky you are so sweet! I believe we are friends- kindred spirits! And I do consider you a new friend! Why! distance doesnt matter! we are like pen pals now! lol I love the houses you took pics of ..the are so grand! I always wonder who does live in these houses? lol I have a twelve old daughter and I like this idea of doing a girls club that teaches young ladies who they are in Christ! Are you useing something special to teach this study? We did a fashion show last May focusing on was great! love your blog too my new friend! Stephanie

  3. Those are beautiful homes! You live in a very pretty area with so many grand houses. I'm sure there is a lot of history there. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! Elena

  4. These homes are beautiful, Becky! Thanks for the tour! I didn't even break a sweat!;)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!


  5. Hello Dear Becky,
    I so loved these homes, my favorite is the one with the double decker porch, it reminds me of the one that I really wanted to build. I love the fact that you and Maddy did this together, it brought back wonderful memories of my daughter Susan and I we were not only mother and daughter but best buds for sure.Thank you for this wonderful memory.

    Maddy is a very fine and talented young lady, you have done well my friend, and while we are talking about you, I have so much admiration for you continuing with this club to teach young ladies the fine art of being a homemaker. You will never know the impact that you are making on them. And I thank God that He put it in your heart to do this.

    I have been so encouraged since blogging over this past year, finding women like you and others who love God and their families so passionately and want to share it with others.
    I am so sorry for going on like this but I just had to tell you. You have truly blessed me.
    Have a most blessed and happy weekend,

  6. do they do holiday tours of some those homes, would be so wonderful to see inside all decorated for the holidays. I know some of the house in our area do them.

  7. They are incredible~ my favorite is the one with the green lamp

    Have a blessed Sunday~~


  8. Those are gorgeous Becky! Now we just have to wait to win the Lottery! LOL!!! I bet if they decorate for Christmas they look even more FAB!!!! I love the one with the upper deck. Could you imagine sitting out there enjoy the breezes and being surrounded by YARN!!!! FAB!!!!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful dear!

  9. Evening Beck,
    Love those homes. I like to ride around and look at homes too, haven't done that in a long time. Scott and I did that all the time when we first moved here and didn't know anyone, and I was bored too death!! lol Old homes like that are just the neatest. It's fun
    to imagine what it might be like to live in a place like this or that! Maybe we will have to
    take a drive together someday.
    Love ya, Nellie

  10. Becky this is a great home tour. I'm so glad you thought to take us along with you. I would love to see inside these lovely homes--it's so fun to imagine living in them.

  11. Hi Becky and I do enjoy looking at older homes! Those are some beauties you've snapped!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What a nice tour you gave me! Love all the houses. I love riding around and taking a peek at some of the grander homes in the area!

    Thanks for the kind words on the video I posted on my blog. I saw it on Facebook and it just moved me. You don't see many celebrities out there having a voice for the unborn! Jess also left a message regarding the video.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Hey, I love the new header. I looks so good. It was fun visiting your blog. I glad you have had a great weekend. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the beautiful homes. Deb

  14. I love old houses too! Those are beautiful, Becky!

  15. I love older homes, too, Becky. These are all gorgeous!

  16. We live in an old home - not nearly as grand as these....but it's our style! How about arranging a Christmas INTERIOR tour for us? (Housewalks in old neighborhoods are one of our favorite forms of recreation!)

  17. I have a things for houses such the ones you showed! Thanks for sharing and for making me dream......
    Gracie at

  18. Good Morning Becky and Happy Monday,
    I love all the homes, but my favorite is the gray house the first one you showed us with the brick along side the walk way and flower planters. I think the house need shutters, silly me always wanting to change somethings.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Have a wonderful day and keep creating,

  19. Gorgeous older home...who wouldn't want to move right in?

  20. Becky, the houses are just beautiful. Just when I would think...this is my favorite...another would pop up! Thank you for showing us around Floria. I have never been there!

  21. What gorgeous places Becky, so beautiful! It is incredible to imagine the things these homes have seen and the families and people who have lived there and loved them. Thank you so much dear friend for your sweet words on my recent post - I am endeavouring to be much more regular in my posts, they somehow slipped away from me when I was busy paying attention to other things. With lots of love to you, and all who you love, Fiona x

  22. Hey girl, I'm behind but wanted to tell you I love these homes and am surprised they're in your area-I would have thought Lo.,GA, or MS.
    Love your posts as always.

  23. Hi, Wow those are some lovely homes! Now I seen many like them in GA and the Carolina's some here in Good ole Mississippi. Now I love the one shot from both views of the lake! A girl can still dream can't she. lol I live in a 100 year old Bungalow. That is really larger than my homes in the city. Nothing like freezing in an old house. lol Well maybe not where you live! Your girls club sounds wonderful! I loved working with the 4H kids, we had so much fun and they learned a lot of things that will take them through life. Have fun with the girls. I am on a count down, I go Thursday to finalize my surgery for Oct. 21 and hope he lets me go to a different hospital for an operation to have my pic line put in and transfer to the other hospital for surgery! I know it sounds crazy! But I want my pic line Doc to do mine again for I had six and do not want anyone else to do it. I hope I get my way, for I will be so upset if not! Say a tiny prayer for me Thursday, I go for test. See you in our Tree!

  24. I loved the home tour! Those houses are beautiful. When Jimmy was in school (and before we had children) we used to ride around and look at the pretty houses in fancy neighborhoods. We would pick out our favorites!
    I hope you have a great year with Keepers. We started in September too.
    Have a great week--love the fall background and header!

  25. Thank you for such a lovely home tour. Wow, they were all simply beautiful.

    I've enjoyed connecting with Christian women bloggers. Would love to "meet" some more. I'm hosting a giveaway and would love for you to hop over and mention it. I just know I could meet some special women that together we can all impact the kingdom through our blogs.


  26. Becky, I'm on a borrowed computer today, but I wanted to tell you that I was looking through some old blog posts, and I found one where you asked if we could get together. Forgive me, dear one, for not seeing that sooner. It was on a long post, and somehow I missed it the first time. But please know I would love nothing more than to meet you! :-)

    Please email me at my blog, and let's see if we could get together to do lunch or visit or pray or shop or all of the above! LOL!

    I am going to have my computer back next week (I hope), but I can borrow Adelaide's to check my email.


    Sheila (who loves that song... we used to sing it in Bible Study all the time!)

  27. Becky, I've looked unsuccessfully for your email address, but you can get me at mine. I'm at gmail. I'm thequintessentialmrsmagpie



    Sheila :-)

  28. Just noticed you stopped by and joined my following friends. WELCOME! to my world, a little piece of Texas.
    Loved the home tour and would love to wander the halls of these gems.
    I am always curious to know what path brought you to my door. And I do hope you come back soon ;-)

  29. wow! those are some magnificent homes!


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