Saturday, March 14, 2009

YAY!! We Have a Winner!!!

Don't you just LOVE giveaways??? I mean the whole concept of just randomly winning something unexpected is such fabulous FUN!!

Well, I took down the names of everyone who had commented since I posted my giveaway; numbered each name; and put each number on a small piece of paper.

Placed those small pieces of paper in this pretty little crystal dish

And let my niece Kristina draw the winning number!!

She drew the number 25...


DANETTE!! At Hand Knits That Blossom!!!


If you all haven't visited Danette before...YOU NEED TO!!! She is a wonderfully warm and caring person, who is an amazing knitter!! I am so glad to be able to count her among my bloggy friends!! To visit her just click on the title to her blog above this pic!!

Hope you all are enjoying a splendid weekend!!

We celebrated the birthdays of our two oldest daughters tonight and we had such a great time!! I'll post pics soon!!!

OH, Danette, just email me at to give me your address and I will send your surprises to you on Monday!!

Love 'n Hugs,


  1. Congratulations to the winner..and thank you for having the giveaway

  2. Yay Dannette!!!

    I haven't been to Hand Knits That Blossom...but it sounds like my kind of blog... I am gonna check it out!

  3. Hi Becky, Congratulations to Dannette, and a very happy birthday to your daughters, I am so glad that you all can get together and celebrate!! Have a very blessed week-end

  4. Congrats to Danette! I guess I never entered your give away. That is what I get for falling behind on my bloggy reading. Oh well, live and learn. I have been working so much that I fall asleep trying to catch up on blogs. I was off last Saturday. Starting with last Sunday, where I have to get up for work or other things, I have 15 straight days before I can have a lazy day off. Ugh! That is too much. I think I am beginning to regret working on Saturdays even though it means extra money.

  5. Congrats to Danette! This was fun, Becky:) Thanks for hosting it.

    Have a blessed Sunday,

    Linda C

  6. May You Be Blessed This Day
    from Roberta Anne

  7. Congrats on your win! Danille
    Becky hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  8. Congratulations DANETTE
    and happy BIRTHDAY GIRLS!

  9. Congratulations Danette! And also to Becky for a lovely give-away! Looking forward to hearing what it was!! And hope you enjoyed the birthday fun - March birthday's are the best my daughter tells me!!!!

    Love, blessings and strength for the week ahead dear Becky!

    Fiona x

  10. Hi Becky
    I'm catching up this afternoon.

    Congratulations to Danette!

    We're heading to the lake tomorrow. Hope to get two weeks in this time. April, things begin to get busy there. We like to go when it's still quiet!
    Have a great week!

  11. I have chosen your blog for the
    Lemonade Award please come by my blog to pick it up..

  12. Congrats to Danette--I'll have to stop by and see her blog.

    Hope you had a nice weekend, Becky☺

  13. Congratulations Dannette,

    Clare xx

  14. Oh Becky!
    I'm sooooo excited!!! Here it is Monday afternoon and I'm just finding this! SORRY!!!
    It's been a hectic weekend. Gabby had her first bout with the stomach flu and her mommy had to work more than usual. There are a couple of extra tired grandparents around here.
    I went through the entire weekend without looking at the computer once! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    I don't intend to let that happen too often!
    I'll e-mail my address to you right now.
    Thanks so much!!!
    And happy birthday to your daughters!
    Much love,


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