Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Birdy News and Spring Sensations!!

As of yesterday, there were still no more little birdy
sightings. I grabbed the bottom of the flower pocket on
my door, and carefully lowered it to look inside,
thinking I was going to remove the nest.

Guess what I saw??!!!

Three little eggs tucked deep inside!!
JOY of JOYS!!!

I quickly and VERY carefully rehung it on the door,
and went inside to get my camera and a chair so I could
snap a photo for Maddy to see.

We can't wait for the little chirps to make their debut!!

Thank you Lord, for this delightful blessing!!
You truly do take great pleasure in surprising us!!

Of course we will not be touching the flower pocket
anymore, although we had already touched it plenty
before she built her nest there.

Hopefully I will be announcing their arrival soon!!

Until then, take a look at these lovely,
fun spring decorations I found!
They are either from Martha or Better Homes and Gardens

This is one of my personal faves! So clever!!
Except it would melt in sunny Florida!!!

This is just so PERKY!! Makes me smile!!

Mmm...I'd like to be at this garden party!!

Another one of my faves!! Such a cute little guy!!

A nest...DUH!! Fave?? Of course!
Adorable way to decorate candles!

A charming and cheerful centerpiece!! Love it!
Hope you enjoyed these fresh spring ideas!!

I've got to get busy and perk up my nest for spring!!

Have a delightful day, Sweeties,

Hugs, Becky


  1. Hi Becky... I am just as excited as you about your little eggs. That is the best to see them hatch and chirp and grow. Lindsey and I will be looking for updates on them for sure. I also have to mention the last picture you have posted is my most favorite ever... My favorite color is yellow and that setting w/ the yellow striped plates. I can only wish I knew what kind they are... I would love to buy them. I always find myself buying yellow things for no reason.... I always end up w/ banana's lemons squash,,,, you name it. Something just draws me to yellow. Anyway. I am babbling. You and your family are in our hearts and prayers. Have a wonderful weekend. Much love Jaime

  2. All your spring ideas ---- cute and inspiring! I love the wheat grass scene ---- and those darling candles with the blades of grass on the sides.

    I hope your day is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Hello Becky,
    I know the feeling about the birdies, we girls are so nurturing!!! Please keep us posted!! All of the spring decorations I love just could not make my mind up which i like the best so I think I will take them all.I needed you to push me to get busy and do something around here.
    I e-mailed you last night did you get it? I am praying for you!!!

    Please help me pray for a family here in blogland who lost their eight
    month baby boy, I am so heartbroken for them and today have spent time in prayer for them.

  4. This is such exciting news that you are going to be a mama!- to the little birds-well..sorta;)
    Hopefully you'll be hearing some tweeting going on real soon!

    Ohhh- I just loved looking at all the pretty pictures!! I love them all:)

    {Sophia update:): Ben went out and bought a pacifier for her and it has changed their lives!- Were able to get some sleep at night Tues.nite for 1st time!! On the video they sound alot less stressed:)Bless their hearts- it's hard being 1st time parents:)}

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Becky! They just make my day:) The encouragement flows both ways my dear friend!! I just thank our Lord for your friendship:)

    Blessings and Hugs!

    Linda C

  5. Awww, I'm so glad you didn't have to remove the nest. I remember a nest being built in a grape-vine wreath on my porch at our previous home. So sweet. I too love the nest decoration. I love spring colors-so cheerful and fresh!
    Hope this finds all well in sunny Florida.
    You are a blessing. Yes indeed, God is good.

  6. Those were so pretty! :) So many ideas...I love the yellow tulips alot. Such a good picture of your birdie's little family. :)

  7. wow those are some pretty decorating ideas. i think i'll meet you at that garden party, lol!

  8. Those are wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing and I am like you I think those bunnies would melt in our sun too.. LOL

    Have a Great Day and thanks for your wonderful comments, they mean so much to me!!!

    Just A Gal...

    Oh and did I tell you that I love seeing your smiling face as your profile pic... :-)

  9. Great news about the eggs, Becky!

    I love all the inspiration photos!!

  10. Absolutely love all the centerpiece ideas-and of course can't wait to see the babies hatch. Have a joyous day.

  11. That is so cool that the little birdie on your door layed her eggs. They are such amazing little creatures. I loved the spring decorations ideas. On the one with the chocolate rabbits in the grass, you could use plastic bunnies that look like chocolate. I bought some yesterday at a craft store and Mary loves them. She isn't old enough to know they are usually chocolate that you eat:) She even named them. I will have to do a post about that in a few days. It was really funny. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. Love, Elena

  12. What a beautiful Spring time post especially those precious little eggs.

    Have A Fabulous Friday
    from Roberta Ann--the Raggedy Girl

  13. will have little *birdlets* soon, is that sweet or what...enjoyed your taste of spring pictures, Becky...and your new profile picture...

  14. Aww that is so sweet! I can't wait to see them.
    This afternoon I heard a bird singing so sweetly....and close! So I looked out and their was a pretty little bird sitting on my windchime...then another one flew up (I know now he was a male) and she opened her mouth and he fed her. Birds do that and I just think it is so sweet. Some the female sits on the eggs and the male feeds her...others the male sits and the female feeds him.
    We have a pair of doves that stay in the back of our shed. We moved here about 2 1/2 years ago and I am pretty sure it is the same pair. Anyway...they have started coming up to the deck. I think that deck is one of the (many) best things my husband has ever done.

    Happy weekend!

  15. I adore the tulips in the basket. What a sweet surprise in regards to your little feathered friend. And my brother will think it special that you keep him in your prayers. I know I do.
    Thanks Becky

  16. So happy about the birdie news.

    Those easter/spring displays are gorgeous.

  17. Morning friend..oh how exciting to have little birdies at your door! Love all those great inspiring Spring have a beautiful blog...loved visiting you...thanks for coming by my place...hope you & yours have a glorious weekend!

  18. Awww, that is wonderful news!! Of couse I also love the nest of flowers, adorable!!!

    You asked about the classes I attended with my hubby. It was a week of Taps (Transitioning Assistants Program System). All the things you need to know for your transition from the Navy life back to civilian life. Earl may or may not be getting out in August. He is waiting to see if he gets advanced some time in June. They taught how to transition military jargon into civilian for a resume, what benifits are out there and so much more that our heads were spinning!! He is looking for a job back on the East Coast.....he has expierence in engine work, air condition refrigeration, and boat outboard/inboard engines.....along with several others. Please keep us in your prayers!!
    It is all in the Lords hands!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs~ T

  19. What a lovely, uplifting blog!

  20. Becky~
    What beautiful Spring pictures! I love them all!!! And I'm so excited about your nest of eggs! HOW FUN!!!
    My package arrived and I am OVERWHELMED!!!!!!!!!
    I'm going to e-mail you and give you the details!
    Love to you!

  21. How neat - sweet little eggs! We've had birds nest in fern hanging baskets on our porch. So fun to watch mama and papa take care of those little birds and then to see them leave the nest.

    Love the Spring decorating ideas!

  22. How sweet the nest is with the eggs, I know your happy. I love all of these. There is wheat growing here, I told hubby to go in the fields and get me some to replant. I got to get on my tea party! Wonderful Ideas! I love them all. Hey! I got good news from my Doc. I am so happy and trying to do everything to get ready for my tea party. Hubby is sheet rocking the dining room! We are going to be cutting it close. My house is a wreck! I got to go back to painting and staining. So happy your little nest is going to have little ones with feathers!

  23. Oh my goodness....the hope of Spring right at your front door. The same hope offered to us each and every day, right at our feet. Thanks for sharing the nest, can't wait to see the little babies. And all the photos too...great inspiration for decorating.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  24. I am so glad your little nest is surviving! I know you wanted birds at your door. : )

    I love the jar with the eggs and flowers! too cute.


  25. How special that there are eggs in that nest! Loved seeing all of your spring items☺

  26. i can't wait to see your baby birds! what an exciting thing!

  27. Darling pictures! Loved them all, Becky!


    Sheila :-)


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