Thursday, November 13, 2008

I saw that someone had made an inspiration journal online, and thought that would be a great thing to do, so here is the first page of mine. It's kind of like an ongoing book of favorite things, themes, colors, anything that inspires me in those times I might have a creative block. The beach is only 30 minutes from here and is a preferred destination of ours!!

A couple of closer views

Now something older. I showed this adorable little box in a previous post and these are pictures of what I keep in it. When each of our three older daughters were born, my Mom brought "a little something" to commemorate the day. The first is a chubby little bluebird of's my very favorite. (maybe why I have a chunky bird fetish now ;) The second is an Irish pig, because #2 was born on St. Patrick's day, and I used to collect piggies of all kinds. Third is a precious little fimo piglet in a diaper playing with it's toes. I love them all, and I am enjoying sharing them with you!!!
Also pictured are a fork and spoon that were mine as a child and a crocheted rose doily one of my hubby's relatives made. Precious memories!
Have a grand weekend!!


What is this you ask? Just what it looks like.
A mound of fabric softener sheets. After washing a load of sheets, I opened the dryer and saw a fabric sheet in with them. Then another...then another...there were dozens...and lots of little pieces of cardboard. Did my precious little 3 yr old granddaughter throw my new unopened box of dryers sheets in while I went to get the laundry??? Then where is the box? Nowhere to be found!!!!! Yes there were bits in the washer, but none with the label on it, which is bright green and orange. When questioned about our little confubble she got a quite no MISCHIEVIOUS, yes VERY SUSPICIOUS look on her face, but she ISN'T 'fessing up!! Could it have been perpetrated by me? Could I have knocked the box in when I put the sheets in? THEN WHERE IS THE BOX, I ASK?? I'll keep you updated on the news as it happens!! Stay tuned!!

Last night as I was tidying up for my hubby's return from a business trip, I lit some candles, and turned on some of our soft, mood/accent lighting. Do you have any mood lighting? It just warms up our home and looks so inviting. If nothing can light some candles, or you can throw little white lights inexpensively in or on almost anything. I put some in this tree for the holidays, but the fam liked it so much we left them there. I've even had company go plug in the tree. I'm always looking for ways to make our home a soothing sanctuary for all who live here and visit.

Do you have any ideas to share?


  1. Hi Becky! I saw your question about show and tell. You can read all about it here:
    There will be a new Mr. Linky posted late tonight if you would like to participate!

  2. I think your dryer sheets are multiplying by themselves! : )
    I have a funny share-my mom is here and I did some laundry for her as her dryer is broken. I quickly put the laundry in and came upstairs. An hour later, I went to put the clothes in the dry and there was an empty coke can in the washer! Mom tends to miss the trash can in her bedroom and the can must have went in the laundry basket and got buried in it. The washer is fine.
    I love mood lighting and have lights across my mantel year round.

  3. Hi Becky, I had to laugh when I read your post. Last week when I grabbed all the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I somehow grabbed the box of dryer sheets and I found the same surprise in my dryer. All our kids are grown up and gone so I couldn't blame anyone but me....I guess I did it, I don't remember doing it, but I guess I did! LOL

  4. Oh, that's funny, Becky! Sounds like you've found the culprit. You need to write it down in a journal for her!

  5. I love candles and have quite a few of them around the house, love the scent of them, etc. BUT was only lighting them when company would come over. What a mistake! I now take joy in lighting a candle during the day and letting the scent penetrate throughout the house. My husband especially loves to come home from a long hard week at work to the house smelling like fall! Enjoy your day!

  6. I'm here from the show n tell....

    Just the words 'Mood lighting' has me all for it. I love candles. And your mini-lights are perfect.

    About the dryer sheets...that's too funny. Those grandkids are adorable aren't they? Tho, mine are quite grown up now, I still remember their mischievous ways and how I loved capers like this you shared.

    My show n tell this week is all Thanksgiving ---come by if you can find time...won't you?

    Happy weekend!

  7. Wow ! that sounds like a crime story, "the mistery of the box", lol ! The worst thing I did was washing something red with the white laundry and had everything pink ! I had overlooked the red piece !

    I love the little piggies, they are cute !

  8. Your journal is beautiful. I keep wanting to do one of those...and your mood lighting is a great idea.

  9. Thank you for sharing today! Love your lit up tree, fabric softener mystery, a super cool grandma that buys a little something for the new mom, and your beach inspired notebook! Catch the calm-love it!

  10. thanks for sharing today! I loved everything. The two chairs overlooking the ocean on the journal cover, the three items your mom gave you when you had your kids, and ooo, even a good, juicy mystery!
    I've had the same thing happen here. It turned out my then 3 year old was trying to help me with laundry. To funny!

  11. Hi there...thanks for joining Show & Tell...great stuff! LOL on the dryer sheets!!!

    Warm wishes,

  12. I added myself to your list of followers. I have to find out what happened to the box! LOL. I have been married 29 years like you have. I think I found you on Rechelle's blog.

  13. I get to comment twice-lol
    I love your journal! Just the cover is relaxing to look at.
    Your little figurines are too cute!


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