Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday!!!

Isn't this just simply lovely? This morning I stepped out front to see how chilly it was, and this little beauty greeted me, adorned with fine droplets of dew, announcing...It's a glorious new day!

Out my back door, the sun is peeking through the trees, illuminating the leaves...everything is so beautiful when backlit by the sun! The early morning...the most splendid time of day!!

Today we're beginning to get ready for our trip to Texas. We're all so excited. We haven't made this trip in years, and my 10 yr. old daughter hasn't ever been. First school, then getting out
suitcases, tidying up the house , and finishing up some laundry. We just LOVE roadtrips! This one will be 17 hours! I especially like hitting the road and just keeping on going!! In this "jet age" we find ourselves longing for the slower pace and desiring to take the scenic routes whenever we have the time.

Think about that for a minute...the scenic route...God has surrounded us with so much beauty. What a shame that we don't get to drink it all in more often. Let's be intentional today, and even in running our errands and doing our work and chores, look for the loveliness everywhere! Tell me what you find in your world!!

Have a joyful, thankful, blessed week!


  1. Have a safe trip! We have done a couple of road trips. We enjoyed them so much. Well, more than a couple I guess. But I would love to do more. There is something to be said for the slower pace of a road trip and chances to stop and see the beauty around you. Reading your post makes me want to take one now. LOL!

  2. Enjoy your trip...hope it's a safe one! Will you be doing all the driving straight through or stopping? I love road trips as long as we can stop! Love me a good hotel! Take care...thanks for visiting!

  3. We'll be making a road trip over there next week, God willin!


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