Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten!!

Happy Thursday Sweet Friends!!

I have not forgotten about my giveaway!!

I will have at least part of it up by the end of the
day today or tomorrow!

Please come back and enter some more! 
The only rule is that each comment counts as
an entry, and you are allowed up to five!!

I really want some dried hydrangeas this color!!
(Sidenote**Christmas...only 7 weeks!  How can it 

be?  This year is the fastest by far!)

In my hunt for vintage treasures for my shop,
I came across two books that are so wonderful
I just have to share them with you!!

One is titled "Hilltop Verses and Prayers"
and the other is "Unleashing the Power of JOY"!

Don't they both sound yummy??

I will be sharing excerpts from the JOY one on
Monday Morning Cup of JOY,
and will share the other from time to time in
regular blog posts.

Here is the first verse of a poem called "SHEER JOY".
written by Ralph Spaulding Cushman

Oh the sheer joy of it!
  Living with Thee,
God of the universe,
  Lord of a tree,
Maker of mountains,
  Lover of me!

How precious!  More to come!
Have a joyful day!!

Blessings and Hugs, Becky


  1. Oh Becky I love that poem. Short and sweet ~ no doubt a great book. Hope all is well with you my busy friend. Have a wonderful day....OH, and this is my second entry, haha...HUGS, Deb

  2. Hello Dear Becky~

    Wishing you a cup of overflowing joy today!

    Love you,

  3. what a great poem. I love me some JOY!

    Happy Thursday to you too my friend!

  4. Hello Becky~
    I am catching up with you tonight.
    I am going to do some peeking around.
    YOU have a great evening!

  5. Thought of you yesterday as I was driving. "Don't Blink" came on the radio.

  6. Hi Becky, Love the photo of the hydrangas in the pitcher with the bowl(I'd love some too). I love the poem and both books sound incredible so girl I'm in today.
    Hugs and much love.

  7. Sweet poem, Becky!!
    And yes. WHERE does one find those gorgeous hydrangeas??? That aren't full of dust?
    Like the new blog look!!

  8. Hello my smiley friend another wonderful post. :):)
    Pop over to my clarecards blog, I have made a few things and would love your input :)

    Clare xx

  9. The hydrangas are beautiful. I love how they last so long after you dry them. The books sound really good. I look forward to hearing from them!

  10. I love the new look, Becky! If I still had my hydrangea bushes I'd send you as many of the dried flowers as I could since mine were that color.


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You're a blessing to me!