Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Fat Greek...SALAD!

There is a local restaurant that sells the most wonderful Greek salads.

They have, however, gotten to be very pricey!!  So I set about
making my own!!

I LOVE Greek salad and looked online for a recipe for the vinaigrette.
I knew what to put in it the salad, just needed a good dressing.

Well I found it and Sunday evening this was our dinner:

It was sooo wonderful!

We all like different things in ours,
so I put the lettuce, feta and salami in
each bowl and had the other ingredients
in separate bowls so we could make it
our way.

The basics of the Greek Salad we love are:

Shredded Boston lettuce
Good quality salami (I used DiLusso Genoa from WalMart. Better
flavor than Boar's Head and no MSG!)
(1/4" thick slices cut in 1" lengths)
Crumbled feta cheese
Kalamata olives (these were presliced)
Thinly sliced cucumber
Thinly sliced red (purple) onion

The vinaigrette recipe I used

1/2 c red wine vinegar
1 large clove minced garlic
2 T minced fresh parsley
1T dried oregano leaves
1/4 t salt (or to taste)
1/4 t cracked pepper
2/3 c Extra Virgin Olive Oil
I added:

2 T lemon juice
2 T sugar

Shake together all ingredients except olive
oil to blend.  Then add oil, shake til blended
and use to taste.

Use the dressing sparingly.  A little goes far!

I made garlic wedges from fresh "Everything" bread
and garnished my salad with freshly ground pepper.

Let me know if you try it!!

More giveaway later this evening!
Love you lots!!

Blessings and Hugs, Becky


  1. That sounds so yummy Becky! I'm going to have to try it one day. I know the girls will love it.


  2. G'morn, Becky ~ It looks deelish! but sadly I can't eat all the oil dressings.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. I'm another one who loves to eat Greek salads! This one you shared looks sooo very yummy! I will have to definately give it a try! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!


  4. Mmmm, looks so yummy! We eat salad pretty much every night for dinner so I am always looking for something new to change it up a little. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Hi sweetie, When you told me about this salad it made me hungry-so glad you posted your recipe!
    I too love Greek salads and the only other thing I'd add to mine was cherry tomatoes.
    Hugs today dear friend,

  6. Hi! Becky, please invite me the next time you do this! Ha:) this looked yummy, and I am a salad person, something I've never had. Have a great afternoon! Love & Hugs!:)

  7. Is it any wonder I am now craving Greek Salad?
    Yours looks so appetizing!

  8. Hi Beck,
    Wow, that does look delicious. We would have to use another meat like lean ham or something, but it sounds like something I would like to try,
    and the dressing sounds very good too!
    Hope you are having a good day hon. Don't think I am gonna be able to do anything Thursday nite tho, sorry, Dee is coming to do my hair!!
    If you get some time in the daytime let me know.
    Love ya, Nellie

  9. Becky that looks DELISH!
    You had me at Kalamata olives. ;)
    HELLO!! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
    I too will give this a go one day.
    Holykisses xoxo

  10. becky,

    this looks wonderful! i don't know if i like greek salad or not - but this looks great! i may have to try some :).

    i updated your store button in my sidebar :) thanks for the link. i hope your store is doing well. i check it out frequently. i love everything :)

    have a great week! alice

  11. It looks delicious. I'm a huge fan of Greek salads. My husband would love this, too. I'm positive of it.

  12. Wow, I need some of this!!! YUM YUM....

  13. That looks very yummy and very healthy!


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