Thursday, January 27, 2011

It’s Easy Being Green!

Those of us who have a love for all things used, rusty,
timeworn, tarnished, and tattered find it
ooh so very
easy to be green! 

We see beauty and purpose in cast off things…

What about this old gate?


Can you see it as a headboard,  or wall art, or a hanging pot rack?  I can!!

I have to say that the delight I used to experience when I
walked into a fresh seasonally stocked retail store has vanished!

I have fallen head over heels in love with things that

***have a story to tell

***are part of days gone by

***show their age

***and have signs of being well-used and loved!!


We junkers rescue items from friends who just can’t
seem to love them like we do, from trash piles, thrift shops, 
from garage and estate sales… you name it,
and  we help to reduce land fills in the process!!

IMG_0885 copy

It’s a win-win for sure!!

My other love is for things that are handmade!

Especially lovingly handmade things that have vintage
or cast off components!!

I love incorporating vintage trims, lace and fabric into the
things I create.  They just add character like nothing else can!

I also feel so great when I buy American made things, and support a cottage business rather than the huge
retailers that are jam packed with foreign merchandise!

Just gives me the warm fuzzies, ya know?

Won’t you come join the “new green” revolution!!

Look around your own home, and before you
say good-bye to something you already own…
ask yourself if you could repurpose it or break it
down and make something entirely new out of it!!

You will also save money!!  Another plus!

But if you must, go ahead and donate it
or sell it, and one of us junkers will
find something to do with it!!

After all…it’s what we do!! {smile}

Hope you have a fab Friday and weekend!

I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you
over this weekend!!  Sure have missed you!!!


  1. I could have written this post! I rarely shop in "regular" stores these days!

    Good to hear from you!

  2. Hi! Becky, I so heart these kind of things! And so happy to hear from you and those pics are beautiful!! Have a fun:) wk-end!

  3. hahaa Becky this was a cute bubbly post! well done!

  4. Well, I think the following describes ME:
    I have a story to tell,
    Many of days have gone by,
    I often show my age
    and I showsigns of being well-used and loved!!

    Maybe that's why you like me!!! =)

  5. I am lovin' that old gate! I could see it as a headboard and I want it! Ha!

  6. I love the gate!! I could think of a million uses for it! Some people think of the best uses to repurpose items, I think you are one of them!!!

  7. Becky, you are speaking my language. I love going into thrift and vintage shops!! I have a new favorite here named "forget-me-nots." I walk in there "ooo-ing" and "aahh-ing" all through the shop. If we lived closer, Becky, I would take you in there.
    One of my favorites to look for is glassware or ladies' handkerchiefs(they make me think of my grandmother who always had one in her pocketbook). A glassware I have been hunting for is a yellow Jergen's lotion dispenser (one use to sit on my grandmother's vanity).
    Hmmm... I might have to make some visits to some of my favorite shops today :)
    Sweet hugs

  8. You have such a gift of taking something old and forgotten and turning into something to treasure and love....Me? Not so much, haha...I do LOVE the way it looks when I go into antique stores, and discover vintage looks etc., but can't ever seem to "work it into" my house. I DO love things with stories and history though. Like my grandmother's dishes, and the cedar chest that belonged to my great grandmother, old lace tablecloths etc. Have a wonderful week-end Becky!! Hope everything is going well with you. Love!! Debbie

  9. Becky,
    I can't find your email, so I'll respond to your comment here!
    Tell me when you make your hearts, I would very much like to see what you do with them!

  10. Hi Becky...I agree 100%, reusing, or redoing old pieces is the way to add character to your home and garden.
    Love your post!

  11. I'm SO "green", too! Is the gate in your possession? Where DID you find it?

  12. So very true! I love thrift stores and garage sales. I love things with a story behind them too:)

  13. These pics are some sweet eye candy! Love the gate!

  14. I love today's post! I remember when we were sorting things for our auction in preparation fr full-time travel, I choose many things to keep simply for the story value attached. Some things were of no monitary value but the stories they told were priceless. It's refreshing to read posts like yours that spotlight the value of the charm.

  15. so, becky, what did you end up doing with the gate? haha! it would be beautiful in a home somewhere, for sure! i love things like that also, but have no sense of style at all. i wish i had the gift! love you! have a great weekend! alice

  16. Hello dear friend! Becky, it just seems like ages since I've "talked" with you!!

    Hope you are doing well. You must be keeping busy with homeschooling, enjoying the grandgirl and your etsy shop!
    I have been a little down and out lately with neck pain/headache, but am MUCH better now and hope to jump back on the blogging horsey and get with it in visiting the dear bloggy friends, including you sweet girl!!:)

    Your rescued vintage items in the pics- love the gate - can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Happy Sunday!


  17. You know how much I love old things! We are sisters where that is concerned in addition to the Lord! :-)

    Hope you will pop over to see me if you are up St. Augustine way. I will be away the next week or so, but I should be back before Valentine's Day, I hope. Give me a shout when you think you might be coming. We can do lunch!


    Sheila :-)


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