Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fabric Art Love

Happy Sunday to you all!

Hope your day is full of praise, hope, and wonderfulness!!

I don't know about you, but I am constantly amazed
at the talented women I have
come across since entering the blogging world.

I sometimes tromp from blog to blog seeking inspiration,
and always find LOTS!  Simply wonderful and delicious!!
Lately I have become completely enamored with
fabric art collages!

There are sooo many styles and themes, and last night
I finally decided to try my hand at making one.

My theme is taken from an old hymnal, and is carried
through the piece with lots of vintage fabric and trim.

What do you think?  I am very pleased with the outcome!!
I will be putting it in my shop later on today.


These are so much fun because there are NO rules!!
Whatever is pleasing to your eye is what you do!!
In other is very difficult to mess up one of these!
No perfectly straight sewing, raggedy edges...


This piece has layers of vintage love, including 100-150
year old homespun linen, and about 75 year old eyelet fabric...

I find old fabric and trim to
be absolutely ENCHANTING!!

Only a few elements in this pieces are not vintage!

I also made these cards with vintage hymnal readings,
and vintage trim!  These are in my shop now.

I will be making a collection over the next several days
of inspirational fabric art and collage cards and tags!

Have a joyful week!

Remember that moment by moment joy is a choice!!

Love ya bunches!!

Blessings and Hugs, Becky


  1. these are beautiful, becky! i love them - a lot!

  2. Love love love your new vintage collage and cards, they are so adorable and elegant and love the words from hymns on them. What a delightful way to honor Gods words.
    It was so good to talk with you the other day, I feel like it has been ages and ages. let's try to get together this week if at all possible. All days are good for me this week accept Wednesday.
    Blessings my dear, Love ya, Nellie

  3. Oh, those are neat, Becky! I will be sure to check them out.



  4. These are stunning! A treasure to behold for sure. Keep up this wonderful, God filled work.

  5. These are so elegant and beautiful! Love them and love the messages. The cards would be perfect for Valentines Day!

  6. Hi Becky! I love the freedom in these...the sheer joy of creativity! They are truly beautiful...what lovely trims and the message is wonderful! I am itching to jump into fabric collage - thank you - you've insired me to take the plunge!

    I hope you'll be making more of these lovelies...I look forward to seeing them!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  7. Love your fabric art! You are quite a talent, girl! Blessings.

  8. Way cool and feminine too! LOVE IT!

  9. Simply gorgeous!

    I browsed through your shop the other day - what a treat that was for me!

  10. Becky, I am always so glad when you stop by Blue Skies!! Your name is in our hat...
    Your creations are lovely and I now have a fabulous song stuck in my head.

  11. Wow, those are lovely! Great job Becky!!

  12. Becky these are so lovely. You are so talented and you can see the care you take at every step. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Love you bunches, Bon


    I pray all is well in your neck of the woods. We have 7 inches, YES, 7 WHOLE INCHES of snow!
    But, we might be wearing short sleeves and headed to the beach this time next week; you just never know here in Mississippi! lol.

    Love the cards!

    Happy Tuesday to you and yours.


  14. Beautiful, creative and how much fun!! Blessings on your shop and continuing to cultivate your creativity.

  15. Hello dear Becky, haven't forgotten my favorite bloggers, I have been in Florida for two weeks all together. Christmas week and a week in January. Lot of busy times at Christmas and our grandson's wedding this past weekend. It is good to be back and catching up. I posted our grandson's wedding today. It was a wonderful event with lots of our loving family present. A true blessing.

    Your latest creation is beautiful. I love the theme from a hymn. Your lovely vintage trim just gave me an inspiration. I have so much of vintage lace and trim that is in the attic. I just couldn't throw it away. I would dearly love to send you a bunch of it for your creative ideas. Send me your address in an email and I will get it to you as soon as we can drive down our mountain again. We are snowed in here and it is still snowing. It is beautiful to see but very cold to walk our little Cheri'.

    I hope your shop is doing well Becky. It is a wonderful place to share your lovely creative ideas.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. I have missed you very much.
    Warm hugs and love, Jeanne

  16. Hi my sweet Becky!

    I am soooo impressed! LOVE it.... I keep thinking I'm going to do something like this but somehow time just keeps slipping away.. Good for you! You did a fab.u.lous job!

    Glad you're enjoying the cushie!


  17. It turned out beautifully. I never thought of using the old hymnal readings, but that's a great idea. I couldn't seem to access your shop though. I'd like to see all of your creations. I'll try back later.

  18. Love the name of this blog, it's just the way God works in our lives. Also love the fabric collages.

  19. Good morning Becky, I am so happy to hear you are interested in the vintage 'stuff' I have. I am going through it now and picking out things I think you can use and thrilled to give it to you. I think you will be pleased.
    Blessings and love sent to you today and always,


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