Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I have been missing each of you so very much!!

Sending you all...

((((((((((BIG SQUISHY HUGS))))))))))

AND SMILES!!!!  ;o)

{photos from Country Living}

Thank you for sharing in the joy of having my girl Sam
and her family back home!  It was a beautiful, safe trip
and they are beginning to get nestled in to enjoy this


I get a bit melancholy at this time of the year ever since my
parents passed away, but at the same time, I get so filled
up with JOY for the blessing of knowing the wonderful,
mighty Christ whose birth we celebrate at every year's end.

What an amazing gift God gave to us!  Pondering what this
season is really all about always gives me renewed joy,
renewed sense of purpose, and a vision that will carry me
into the new year ready to impact the world for HIM.

I read a quote the other day that said this:

Be careful what you do today...

Because you will be spending a
day of your life doing it!

Such wisdom!  I can't remember where I read it, but
I love it, and I want to make my days count for something
that will last!!!  You know...

to infinity eternity and beyond!!!
{couldn't resist!}

I am more determined than I ever have been to further
deepen my walk with my Lord, and to let His love flow
freely through me to all I come in contact with.

"Stuff" is continually diminishing in importance to me, and
I am finding  unbelieveable contentment in abiding in His
presence, and focusing on things that really matter to Him.

I still have so very much to learn about this amazing
God and His plan for my life.  So as I enjoy the fun
and festivities of this 2010 Christmas season,

deep inside

I am feeling a calling...
a compelling....

to be intentional and fill the days of
2011 with thanksgiving, praise, prayer,
and worship to my Lord,
and to walk joyfully, and confidently, by faith
wherever He may lead.  Amen and amen.

Sending love across the miles to you!!!
Know that you are always close in thought
even if I can't get around to visit with you!

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Blessings and Hugs, Becky


  1. Good to hear from you!!! Have a great day.

  2. Sweet Becky,

    I am sorry I have been a bit absent lately. It has been a trying time with Hazel being so sick and Christmas things to do and planning a trip to Utah next week that I haven't been visiting as much as I usually do. But please know how thrilled I am for you that Sam and her family have returned. This is such wonderful news! Congrats and now you have a beautiful new sibling for Emily coming and you can be right there! Fantastic!

    Have a beautiful Christmas, Becky! I know you will because you are one person I know will be focused on the right things!

    Love you, Bon

  3. I am so glad to hear from you Becky!!! I love your "eternity and beyond"!! My little man tells me he loves me "to infinity and beyond" every night when I tuck him in - it warms my heart and reminds me that my Father in heaven loves me that way!!! Have a blessed day dear friend!!!


  4. So amazing - this post just spoke to my heart Becky! I, too am finding myself more satisfied in Him and not worrying about all the stuff that just piles up in meaningless jumbles! He is enough!

  5. Ahhh..... My sweet Becky....

    As always, an uplifting and thoughtful post. I love visiting you for that very reason... It's hard sometimes to stay focused when everything is in a frenzy around.... I just want to be certain that my thoughts are spent focusing on Him...


  6. Hi! Becky, so good to hear from you! I knew you were getting ready for family! But Girl! I so miss you when you don't show up for a while! but anyway want to wish you and Your Family a Merry Christmas and Mighty Blessings in the coming year! Love and Blessings from my Heart to yours!

  7. Amen to your post! Beautiful pictures! I am so glad your daughter and her family are there. Have a blessed day dear sister. Hugs, Elena

  8. Hi Becky,
    Such a sweet post! A very Merry Christmas to you and your dear family..and continued blessings in the New Year.
    Very big hugs, Elizabeth

  9. Hey Beck~
    I could use a squishy HUG in person! LOL
    Oh, I have a friend making the cutest embellished T-shirts...can she start an etsy shop? We're just wondering.

    Christmas Blessings to you and yours!
    Love, me

  10. Ah, Becky!! How joyful you are...I love it. Our local Christian radio station has been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving and it has been aMAZing!!! Such beautiful, worshipful songs. Who knew Joy To The World could be so great?!!! Of course, Michael W. Smith is always my favorite!
    Enjoy every minute with your girlies, and I'm hoping the time with them eases missing your parents so much.

  11. Your photos are great, hope you have a very happy Christmas with your dear family, Hugs Barbara

  12. Your words ring so true to my heart this morning...thanks so much...intentional, and what I do with my day
    Yea for your family being there...enjoy!!!

  13. Wonderful thoughts to glean from this post, dear Becky. Many thanks for your prayers and my wish is that you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your family and reminisce about your parents to keep their memories alive.

    Hugs and love from Heidi

  14. Becky,
    I couldn't figure out how to email a response to your comment, so I'll do it here.
    YES. It would be a blast to share decaf...
    There is nothing better than the beach in the fall and winter. I think they are some of the most spectacular months. Enjoy each and every moment...something tells me you will!

  15. with family around you I don't now how you managle to pull yourself away and do any blogging at all! I for one would certainely understand if you dissapeared for a while until after everyone left...I have so much to do before the Christmas day arrives, and feel overwhelmed sometimes. I need to remember and refelct on what is really important and take a deep breath....then panic LOL have a wonderful visit with your kids... hugs and smiles..

  16. Your post's are always such a warm blessing to my heart! I'm glad your daughter and family are home and getting settled in...what a grand gift for you! And I love that word 'Intentional'! Think I'll do that as well!

    Have a very Merry Saturday!

    Much love,

  17. More and more and more of Jesus...my desire.

    Becky, I'm thankful all is well. Enjoy the LORD and your family dear one!

    Christmas blessings!

  18. Ohh Becky...
    You fill me with Joy! What a blessing it is to count you as a friend and an even BIGGER BLESSING to count you as a sister in Christ.

    xxxxxx Clare


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